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  1. Well, the Cup race was exactly as I expected it to be. Turdotas stinking up everything and Truex leading the entire field by a whole lap just as last year. It was almost an exact copy of last year and it was just as boring.

    The only thing that I liked was Larson was really giving them hell for awhile until he used up his tires, again. The Turdotas definitely have an advantage over the rest in this. I suspect that they are using a setup that none of the others are allowed (probably inside info from Goodyear with a *wink* *wink* from NA$CRAP) just as with the hole under the radiator support mod that they were exclusively allowed to have last year over Chevy and Ford.

    The worst part of my time at Ky. was no beer was sold in the Indiana Tower at all. NONE.
    I had to walk down 6 flights of steps to ground level and then almost a quarter mile to the side to find a vendor that even had any regular Bud. No Rocket Man vendors ever set a toe in the Indiana Tower. PERIOD. I wish they would change the liquor law here and allow us to bring in our own like most of the other tracks in other states?
    Great seats for viewing in the Indiana tower but piss poor service there for alcohol and food.

    I also wish that they would have this race here in a cooler month! The air was thick and miserable! I spent the bucks and ran my RV AC this year. Had to have an escape from the extreme humidity for the 2nd and 3rd days. I can take the heat, but not when my sweat won’t even evaporate even when standing in front of a fan!

    It was still better time than being at work.

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      1. I would have had more on site reports, but there was no available cell phone bandwidth once the crowds had showed up.
        Even the Sprint cell phone users had a hard time there for once!
        My AT&T did better than theirs did for a change!

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          1. I had an idea for a “roving drunken reporter cam” of me walking around in the infield camping area whooping it up party style with the neighbor campers? No way to upload the video from there because of no available bandwidth?
            Plus it was just too danged hot and humid all day long and I was pretty much zapped for energy to do much intense partying into the night and so were most of the neighbors. I was up alone up until 2:30 AM each night drinking Yuengling beer and listening to good ol’ southern rock, country and bluegrass music on the stereo as only a few others walked by my campsite cheering in approval of my music selection.
            Like Hank Jr. said; “All my rowdy friends have settled down” while I have maintained “A Family Tradition”. 😛

            But I still managed to maintain the tradition once again for yet another season at that race!
            Not too many left anymore to carry on that torch in my walk of life. The gang have all gotten older, many have departed from this world and others and have gone their separate ways with their own families.

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    1. Happy to get rid of the Wrestling Match Announcer but not happy to see Steve (Chatter Box) Letarte back in the booth… Jr & Jeff wont get a word in edge-wise, hard to believe anyone can out talk Burton though … Not a Letarte fan here but better than Loud Mouth Rick pretending he’s at a wrestling match ….

      BTW For those like me that get bored to tears with Train Racing and endless Commercials…. one of the best movies ever “13 Hours”….. the true story of what happened in Benghazi is on FXX/HD, channel 842 on Comcast xFinity…..

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  2. Little Gator has a ” work in progress ” unit tonight… Started P2, kept Cry Baby behind for a few but that didn’t last long… P7 at the end of Stage 1 Looks like a slow night for the 7 Team bummer

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    1. Crew chief @jmburdett calls @J_Allgaier and the @WhiskyRiverNMB Chevy down pit road for four tires, fuel and an adjustment under the stage-ending caution.

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    2. Little Gator really gave it hell!
      His tires just couldn’t hold up long enough to close the deal. I was pulling for him and he has nothing to be ashamed of there.

      Glibbs has something going on (cheat) that is easy on their tires.

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      1. Thanks RULEZ….. I stopped watching at the end of stage 1, thinking it was going to be another Cry Baby Race … So happy to find Justin in the lead towards the end of Stage 3 and Cry Baby permanently relegated back to P4. I didn’t know why Justin faded so bad. The booth seems not to give Justin his due but would rather praise the JGR/Penski drivers, or anyone but HMS/Jr, So, thanks for that….

        I don’t like how Justin is covered by the booth …. and now that Junior is there I have to think the booth is a lot more scripted than I expected…. I get how the booth loves all the young guns in Xfinity and their constant praise of JGR/Penski Team players but its as if Justin (Currently #1 & has two wins) is not even on the track….. I don’t get that and especially so with Junior in the Booth…

        But then now it seems the entire booth are all in competition as to who can talk the most and say nothing …. It just a constant barrage of chatter between all three now that Steve has been outed in the booth by Junior (Payback is a bitch, especially when served COLD) ….. just saying)

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  3. For those that missed it…. Little Rickie Stenhouse walked over to Cry Baby’s car, Cry Baby seated still in helmet after Round 2 Qualifying.. Ricky proceeded to tell Kyle if he has a problem come talk to him face to face, stop running his mouth to the garage and social media…. Little Rick y did not mix his words….

    Obviously, Ricky was not impressed…Ricky let him know in no uncertain terms …… I got to see it live and they did not turn the cameras off but no sound so couldn’t really hear what was said…. Cry Baby had no reaction, stayed occupied with his puter after second round qualifying …… I loved it

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        1. UMM they kinda frown on breaking out the grill inside the apartment, and not allowed out on the grounds… hell, we cant even sit on the front steps , Fire Marshall says we blocking the exit…. I’m thinking our Fire Marshall is a government employee…. prolly in Congress just saying

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  4. Reporting live from the infield camping area of Kentucky Speedway, this is JUNIOR88RULEZ. Louisville hometown favorite Ben Rhodes wins the “Buckle Up Your Truck 225” race!
    I was at victory lane and got plenty of pictues too. I’m glad that he’s in a Ford instead of the Turdota that he drove last year.
    Infield is quiet right now. Only a few night owls like me are still up. A neighbor across from me at the entrance of the infamous turn 3 is smoking ribs and the air is awesome! Cool night, won’t need the AC in the RV tonight!

    Wish you all were here!

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    1. I hope you have a really good time RULEZ….. Party Party Party….. If you overindulge….no problem… BBB will come to your rescue … He told me he would, honest…… (hehehehe)

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  5. Sad to say I enjoyed all the wreckin’ and such last weekend…it kept me awake for a change.

    Reading about the “Roval” I have one hope…that it is on a par with the 2-lap tire race at Indy….last race before the stinkin’ chase on an unraced hybrid track…A$$holes…pray nobody gets hurt.

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  6. Greetings! Just coming in to say hi to my friends of almost 10 years now. I hope all is well and I’m happy to see that this place is being used as a place to stay in touch, post Dale Jr. era. 🙂

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