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  1. Kryle stunk up another one.

    Too much sickening manlove from the fox talking heads.


    DW and Jeff had better wipe their faces off.

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      1. Isn’t it amazing how big money can turn so many loyal people into whores that will say or do anything for it?

        Jeff and DW both were Chevy all the way once upon a time. You’d never believe it now.


    1. Knew Krylie was the chosen winner as soon as the telecast started and the were slobbering all over him….well at least I did not miss “Wicked Tuna” for that travesty of a competition.

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      1. That’s why lately I have grown to like the Indy 500 and Indycar, they haven’t changed anything but the cars. No preferential treatment of car engine makes or teams and zero changes to their traditions especially for corporate money. What you see is what you get genuine as very little is scripted.
        King Brian scrapped most all of the old traditions that most loved and pimped/whored out NA$CAR to corporations and political correctness/ progressivism.


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    1. I happened to be watching when it aired live.. Sherry was so pretty standing in her white summer dress, with Martin in his dark suite.. Have to say; both of them made me proud to be a race fan…. POTUS was gracious and also spoke to Sherry’s battle with Cancer. He commended her for how she has help raise awareness for Ovarian Cancer….. Only thing negative for me was POTUS acknowledging Brain France as a good friend …. That was disappointing……sad actually

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    1. Red flagged for rain with 82 of 110 laps completed.

      I’m going to be at the Indy 500 tomorrow.
      I hope that it’s not as muggy as today or has the threat of rain?

      I’m getting soft by having an indoor job and just having another birthday.
      I just turned the double nickel. Getting old sucks!

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    1. Seen one on FaceBook … the baby asleep on Amy’s shoulder, few days out of hospital…
      (would have said her name but no clue how to pronounce it, so didn’t)

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  3. sorry for not being around so much but tired of the one car show ,now i know why tony changed to ford , they told him just do it and we;ll make you millions . 7 wins in 12 races and harvick is just eating it up . they[nascar] told chevy just set back and shut up you ,ve won enough to last you , when jimmy cant get a top ten something is wrong… and larson is pushing the limits so hard hes gonna get hurt . mark my word … talk to ya during the race tomorrow night guyes

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    1. OMG… Obviously, no real country guys at that shop……. If I was there I would have run to the door to catch her…. Takes a bit for them to calm down but if you handle her with slow motion, she calms down and becomes more curious about you, not in a mean way…. Black snakes are good… no Copperheads in the area for sure ……….

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  5. Anyone have any thoughts about the race ? I didn’t see a whole lot of improvement…more passing in the pack but same cars still out front waiting for the 4 to pass them for the win.Still looking for the fans who screamed “cheater” every time the 48 won .

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  6. An oldie with some addition.

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    The third, fourth, fifth and sixth floors have never been visited.

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  7. Just stopping in to say hi! I actually am so out of touch that I forgot the All Star race. Raining here for a week. I can hide in my lawn grass. Hoping for some sun today! Hope you all have some sun and a great week. Looks like Harvick is on a roll. BBB must be nut.

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  8. KevinHarvick wins the allstar race.
    I could have dealt with that when he was driving Chevrolets.
    But now, it’s just as obnoxious as a Gibbs Turdota driver winning anymore.
    Glad that I didn’t bother to even watch the race.

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  9. hey guyes im watching tonight , one of the best races so far ,this year .come on jimmy,,, almondslinger was getting it done till he hit the wall larson is fast of course harvick is fast . but the chevys are doing well tonight come on bowties …..

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  10. Now NOL has a headline “What Rowdy will do to win the All Star Race”.

    As if anyone other than a small handful of Kryle fans out there really gives a shit?

    They act like the fix is already in? It probably is!

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    1. Oh and all you guys and gals, you want a laugh?

      NA$CRAP has emailed me an invitation to be on their fan council.
      And I accepted. LOL!

      I found that they only want a survey answered with nothing but check boxes with their predetermined questions. No way for me to make any statements or comments of my own about how they have ruined the sport and drove away most of the fans.

      So they only want their fabricated “truth” responded to and not hear the real facts of the matter.

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  11. This “all star” race will have the fewest number of stars in a long time since the most popular are now in retirement.


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      Oh, and Larson’s team got penalized for an unapproved back window bracket.
      NA$CRAP can’t have another uppity Chevrolet team and driver doing well?
      Just like how they had co-incidentally busted that new guy Spencer Gallagher for drugs right after daring to win that Xfinity race a couple of weeks ago?

      Can’t have anyone but NA$CRAP’s pre-selected/favored/bought and paid for non Chevy teams winning races now?

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  13. One has to realize ” all NASCAR broadcast these days ” are in fact , a major SALES PITCH to whoever the suitor du-jour is …… if any are really there …. Just saying… The booth has been coached

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      1. They are the same ones who are the Ford fans and Chevy haters. Now that Fords or Turdotas are dominating they have shut their crybaby pieholes about HMS and Chevy dominating.

        I suspect that many of those internet Chevy haters on the message boards are paid by Turdota and Ford to troll the message boards and NA$CRAP buys into it all.

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  14. Kyle Larson has been dominating tonight!
    Great run for at least one Chevy?
    WTF on the HMS teams and JJ?
    JJ is down two frikkin’ laps!
    Did NA$CRAP order him and HMS to stand down this year?

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      1. Blaney said that he drove it in too hard.
        Admitted it was his fault.
        Larson can’t catch a frikkin break.
        When he’s about to win, someone always seems to wreck him?


  15. Listening to nascrap radio and TV I am beginning to think I am the crazy one….they keep pushing how great the racing is and we fans who complain do not know what we are talking about….kinda the “deplorables” of sports….guess I am not watching right.

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    1. They are trying to talk and woo us into buying their shit sandwich. Connie.

      They know fully well that it is indeed a shit sandwich, but they think that they can lie and spin and sell it to us anyhow by telling us how yummy that it is all the time.

      Now the sons of bitches are so damned arrogant that they actually belittle and insult us as if they are going to shame us into loving their shit sandwich?

      Those arrogant pricks need and deserve a giant sized ass whoopin’.

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  16. My wife has these days when she wants us to “talk about things”.

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  17. A fifteen-year-old Amish boy and his father were in a mall. They were amazed by almost everything they saw, but especially by two shiny, silver walls that could move apart and then slide back together again.

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    1. All of that makes sense, if you get the France Family Lunatics out of the picture….Seems to me, there has to be some ISC concessions included…. ISC is publicly owned….. not part of the deal…… Why own the franchise if you don’t have committed venue to race on ???

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    2. He’s right on about the grass roots, but not in his approach with small tracks and new locations.

      The grass roots are the original blue collar working fans, not sucking up to corporate ass and greed like King Brian has turned the sport into.

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    George Phillips, an elderly man from Walled Lake, Michigan, was going up to bed when his wife told him that he’d left the light on in the garden shed, which she could see from the bedroom window. George opened the back door to go turn off the light but saw that there were people in the shed stealing things.

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    Don’t mess with old people

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    1. Then they probably arrested the home owner for filing a false police report and lying to 911?

      A judge has ruled decades ago that it’s perfectly alright for the police to lie to you, but not the other way around.

      There was a show on A&E a few years ago with Louisville police detectives (here where I live) telling a suspect a plethora of lies to manipulate a confession of of him and it had worked. Then the suspect was super pissed that he had trusted the detectives and was deliberately lied to. Then after the detectives bragged to him that it was perfectly legal for them to do so and tough luck. That showed what low life lying scumbags that some police can be and are. The ends do not always justify the means. They prosecute people for lying to them but are immune from the same when they lie to us. Reminds me of most politicians.

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      1. I would agree, George prolly got arrested but I would love to be in that court room when the judge gets this one in front of him/her….. Bet the cops wont do that again…lol.. Most judges are sensitive to seniors in matters of home safety….. The sheriff here in Hanover County hold classes one a year for senior safety and tell them to make sue the burglars is inside before one shoots them, also don’t just wound them, as that leads to future liability suites against their estate…. just saying

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  19. Dale Earnhardt Jr.

    I just told @EarnhardtKelley the other day that I would love to own a car and attempt to make the Daytona 500 just once as an owner. But fulltime ownership isn’t in our current plans.


      1. So… bye bye miss American pie…
        Drove my Chevy to the levy but King Brian’s corporate greed bled it dry…
        And good ol’ boys were drinking whiskey and rye…
        Singing this will be day the racing died…
        This will be the day the racing died…

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    1. OK, So .. we form a consortium and we buy NASCAR, and we get the Yugo, Lock Stock & Barrel …Yes ??

      I’m thinking NHRA might be a suitor…… Suspect the France Family will end up paying someone to take it…..

      When Pigs fly ……

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      1. We pick up Yugo and run everything showroom stock powertrains. Only modifications can be exhaust simplification, roll bars, and glass removal and add a fire suppression system. Yugo would become a USA brand and Turdoda goes away. Ford will bring back the Fairlane, Chevrolet the Biscayne and Chrysler will enter the Plymouth Belvedere.

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  20. well dover race , fords suck ,, didnt even blink an eye at the race didnt go to the track and waste my hard earned money , to watch and so called race of fords turds. chevy will never be the same for at least another year . seeya

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  21. The races are so boring to me anymore I can hardly stay awake….the final lap at Dega was one of the last nails in nascar’s coffin.

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  22. Wonder if Chase and family still feel good about signing with HMS…. maybe not so much… huh???
    Next will be Alan G goes to the 88, Greg Goes to the 9 car …..


    1. I suspect that NA$CAR designed the rules to purposely keep HMS and Chevrolet from doing as well as the Turdotas and Fords.

      There were many whiners on social media for the last few years that complained that NA$CAR favored HMS and Chevrolet too much and they were winning too much and they didn’t want to watch the races anymore, hence why NA$CRAP allowed Turdota to have the special vent hole modification under the radiator support that they didn’t allow the other two makes to have until this year.

      Never mind that the whiners were most likely paid professional trolls paid by Turdota to get NA$CRAP to change the rules to their favor, again. Yes, there are lots of paid internet trolls out there who are hired by crooked government agencies as well as crooked corporations to manipulate public opinion through propaganda.

      What you read on twitter, facebook and other such forums aren’t always ordinary people like us.
      In fact most of them are fake, made up trolls.


      1. UUM FYI …. in Internet lingo the ” trolls ” your speaking to are called ” Bots “.. These Bots are computer programs designed to flood tweeter and Instagram to a given cause…

        I typically tweet 6-8 tweets every morning speaking to both Cancer and Political Issues I feel need to stay topical… Tweeter constantly asking me to join their ” Broadcast Function ” at $99. per month…… Point is ,,,, Tweeter an Instagram both promote this kind of ” lobbyist ” sales tactic, Its gotten to be a pretty good home job for those that have the means to be effective…. For Tweeter and Instagram, its just business as usual…..


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