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  1. Well as predicted, Kryle was handed the championship again.
    Only this time he raced all of the races for the season.

    There were not many people there at the track and there sure weren’t many cheering for ole jug head after he had won and been handed his trophy nor were many cheering for Truex or Dimmy Hamster either.

    The sport is finito, done. Gibbs, Turdota and the France family ruined it with their constant meddling to manufacture the outcome in favor of Turdota because of money.

    The thrill is gone and it ain’t ever coming back.

    Fake racing.

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  2. Glad Crafton won the truck championship…I always root for the old guys ! Chevy won Xfin trophy , a good thing ! Cup ? I do not give a flying you know what ! Hope Saint Joe’s 3 wreck each other and the oldest guy wins…even though I do not like Harvick either !

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  3. What a fugly lineup for the championship.

    No chevys or chevy drivers.

    Harvick, Truex, Kyle and Dimmy Hamster.


    Chase got wrecked. Done.

    Glad I didn’t watch it, again.

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  4. NOL claims that the grandstand seats for Phoenix are sold out.

    Yeah, after how many thousands that they had removed?

    More of their usual pathetic manipulative Jedi mind tricks for the weak minded fans that they believe that we are?

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  5. Roger Penske just bought the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Indy Car both!

    I hope that he keeps their traditions alive and unchanged!

    No hyped up BS like NA$CAR selling us a shit sandwich and always telling/selling us how yummy that it is? No rap music! No R&B music! No extra marketing to the”urban” or millennial types that disrespects the long time fans!

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  6. The blue oval dominated today.
    I guess that’s better than the two looped toilet bowl stain rings of Turdota?

    Best finishing Chevy (top 10) was Alex Bowman and next was Kurt Busch then Austin Dillon.

    The rest of the HMS and Chevy teams didn’t finish worth a crap.

    JJ was in the last car running to finish.

    Glad that I didn’t waste my time watching it.

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  7. Dale Earnhardt Jr. Retweeted
    ‏ @Basso488
    18h18 hours ago

    16 years ago today, Dale Earnhardt, Jr. won the 2003 Checker Auto Parts 500 @ Phoenix.

    Earnhardt was not penalized for saying the same word he was penalized for saying the next year @ Talladega.

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    1. The “Ackerman steering” idea is pretty neat and quite interesting to me.

      I had to do a search on it and watch several youtube videos about it.

      I wonder how much NA$CAR utilizes Ackerman steering in their race cars?

      Maybe Kryle has more of it in his car, hence why they seem to steer around the turns so much better than most others?

      He is a good driver, but he ain’t THAT good. There’s something to his setups that gives him the advantage.


      1. I agree with one exception, I live in the desert but I have trees that drop leaves and I hate to use the leaf blower and rake. I bought one of those blowers that vacuums and chops, but when you use it you look like some sort of mulch monster in two minutes.I should have kept the property in Joshua Tree, those trees have no leaves.


        1. I run over my leaves multiple times with the riding mower and grind them all into the lawn or into the flower beds.

          My brother uses a leaf blower/vac to gather up some and he bags them to use on the garden as mulch come spring time.

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  8. Glad that I did not try to watch or listen to the race because Truex won it.

    Fuck JRG and Turdota and Truex too. I’ve been done with him for a good while now. Nice guy or not, I don’t like any fuckin’ Turdota drivers and I especially HATE all JGR drivers!

    The only HMS car to do worth a shit was Byron in the 24 car. The rest of the HMS cars were 30th and below. Disgraceful. They must have all gotten ran over is what I figure?

    Only other Chevys that ran worth a crap were Kurt Busch and Kyle Larson.

    I sure do miss the good ole days, y’all. When this used to be so much fun?

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    1. Mr. Penske is a very astute businessman and has been a great force in Auto racing for many years. I don’t know enough about his history to understand the connection to a freedom medal, I don’t see any history of military service or any government service.

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      1. One of my cousins who is a diesel mechanic is the manager of a Penske truck repair terminal here in Kentucky.
        He’s made a good living working for Roger Penske and has met him in person and had dinner with him several times. He has nothing but good things to say about him.

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        1. I have always thought Roger Penske was a nice guy for such a big entrepreneur. The only thing he has ever done that I question was having Rusty and No Neck Newman for drivers. I was not questioning his being honored just the name of the medal. I guess free enterprise deserves it.

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    1. Don’t laugh but I never watch any more, I usually go to and look at the results but seldom even read any of the articles. That almost sounds like a variation of the old I only buy Playboy for the articles excuse, but this time it’s true.

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      1. I wouldn’t laugh at that as I do the same thing.

        I dropped pay/cable TV 3 years ago and I don’t miss it at all after having it for almost 40 years.
        I don’t read their articles much anymore and I haven’t really for a long time because of their anti-Junior and pro-Kryle Bouche biases.

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  9. Hi sweet friends. I, too, have had Nascar fade from my mind. Until the other day when I video of haulers bringing hay to farmers (America sharing) and they were blowing the horns for the children……and I remembered how I loved those hauler parades. Read some tweet about Amy wanted Junior to watch his language around the little girl. I am fine and have been dealing with house stuff which is new to me: alarms going off, sump pumps (eewww) and furnaces. All that stuff scares me but I am trying to stay sane. Everyone seems OK from the tweets. Buckshot is stick kicking and active on social media about political stuff. Robbob is happy and in love and seems good. Love to you all, you good, good people.

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    1. It’s just a legal mumbo jumbo legal formality.
      The France family already owns and controls the ISC tracks and always has.

      I suspect that they just had it this way before to get around (circumvent/thwart) the tax anti-trust laws and stock market regulations so that they can make more $$$$$ and cut liability?

      That’s what the super rich get to do because such loopholes were all purposely designed and written into those laws by other super rich people/politicians to suit themselves, while the rest of us lowly commoners aren’t allowed any such write offs and the laws are deliberately designed to keep us all out of their super rich club.

      We are forced to pay our taxes while these super rich pay NONE. In fact, we commoners subsidize and pay the way for the super rich for everything that they do in the form of corporate welfare. My former boss/employer used to openly brag about it and rub our noses in it. He bragged that he pays ZERO taxes and receives well over a million every year in tax money subsidies because he “provides jobs for us little people” so he’s entitled.

      The sheriff of Nottingham would be ecstatic.

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    I live only a shirt distance away from the Captain’s Quarters, been there dozens of times.

    Lonnie Troxell used to have a yacht at the Louisville boat club too (I think?) docked near my former bosses yacht? The yacht club is just right up the river only a short distance away.

    Sad. He was a really nice guy I’ve been told?

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    1. I never knew or met Mr. Troxell, but I’ve known others here who have and one man who had been an employee of his for both his house building company and his NASCAR truck racing team. He had nothing but good things to say about him. Small world.
      I’ve noticed that Mr. Troxell used to post on Junior’s twitter account too?

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  11. The Chevys didn’t fare too well, Ford and Turdota did.
    Ford P1,2,4 & 5. Turdota P3.

    Best finishes was Austin Dillon P6 and Chase P8. The rest of HMS were blow 33rd.

    Glad that I didn’t try to watch on NOL streaming and glad that I don’t have cable TV as it would have been a freaking waste of time and money to watch.

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      1. I’m really missing the “good ole days” when we all used to look forward to these races and watch Junior dominate them with the greatest of ease.

        Now these clowns leftover (after this best drivers except JJ have all gone) cannot even finish a plate race without causing huge wrecks taking out half of the field.
        They don’t pull this crap at any shorter tracks? Just these? These idiots believe at just Dega and Tona that they can just magically drive right though other cars and win? The stupid is strong in these millennial and Gen X drivers. They must have all flunked basic physics?


      1. The 14 car was also pushing Logano into Bowman, so that SOB is also to blame. The commentator (Jeff Burton I think?) was blaming Bowman for blocking. Fuck him too!

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  12. Kyle Larson wins at Dover!

    I didn’t/couldn’t watch the race, but I’m VERY HAPPY to hear that Larson had won with his CHEVY!

    Any weekend that Gibbs and Tordota loses is a good weekend! 😀

    And it’s the BEST weekend when a CHEVY WINS IT!

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  13. The traveling Viet Nam Memorial Wall is at my VFW post this weekend. It sits on the most beautiful piece of property in Ocean View,DE, right on the Indian River Bay and Inlet. Went Wed. night for a sneak peek……that same feeling of sadness that overwhelmed me when I saw the hole in the Pentagon walls came over me again.

    I am going back to see if I can find my childhood friend’s name….he didn’t die in country , he died fighting Agent Orange…a bullet would have been more merciful.

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    1. Such a sad reminder, the toll of that war goes well beyond the heroes honored on the wall.
      I have never been able to bring myself to visit the wall, just like movies about that war it brings out emotions that have never been repressed all that well.
      Thank you Connie for visiting many friends, all are heroes.

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  14. Did anybody watch Bubba throw water in Bowman’s face while he was being attended to by medical personnel ? Bowman tapped him twice . he didn’t move so Bowman turned him.

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    1. It’s about freakin’ time that HMS made a good showing again?

      Maybe NA$CRAP has finally removed their shackles since the fans have stopped showing up to the races?

      It’s like closing the barn door long after all of the horses have escaped.

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      1. Really is too late to capture some like me. I only looked at the results after seeing a headline on some website saying that Chase had won. Plus there is a 50th Anniversary marathon of Monty Python on a local PBS station running today, so no depressing news or phony playoff races stand a chance with me today.

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  15. Turned the race off when the cheater cars were running 1-2-3-4 with Krybaby in the lead…got really nauseous(?)….Truex winning scant reward. Lots of comments on Yahoo about the Toyota advantage bestowed by nascrap.

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            1. An NA$CAR believes that this will restore their credibility to the fans?
              That they are not biased in favor of Turdota and their big bucks?


              That ship has sailed long ago and it ain’t ever coming back.

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  16. Finally emptying the storage unit in Florida and heading back to California, had to change plans to avoid the floods on I 10. I had forgotten how much fun hurricane tracking can be. Response will be slow for a while, depending on hotel wireless.

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      1. That is not as farfetched as it sounds.
        There have been numerous reports of typhoid from the plethora of mentally ill homeless bums defecating in the streets there in the big cities as well as a few cases of the bubonic plague in LA.
        Our country is whacked with way too much progtarded thinking and control.

        We’re starting to see this same shit happening here in my city lately too.

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      2. Thanks all for thinking of my welfare
        .Back in the desert with a truckload of junk, most of which I haven’t missed in the year plus that I have not seen it. Makes me wonder why I didn’t just leave it there.
        A strange route, had to head North to I-40 because of the storm flooding parts of Texas,
        that on its own made it longer and add the one missed road sign that wasn’t picked up on until Atlanta showed up on the mileage signs with less than a hundred miles away , about a three hour correction of course at the end of the day driving into rain. In all the trip worked in spite of the rental truck that wouldn’t get out of its own way. Budget was cheap for a one way coast to coast rental, I think they just wanted to move that F350 West to junk it.
        P.S. Giant Book Sale in Palm Springs, come one come all. LOL

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          1. Early in that video made me feel a little bit better because at least I didn’t have to deal with I-5. That truck may not have been able to deal with the hills North of LA on the 5. It had trouble with the elevations on I-40. I have decided Budget is not the choice for long distance rental trucks, always had good luck with Penske but the price was way up there. After calculating the cost of gas, hotels and drinks each night to get over the days frustrations, it would not have been much more to pack a pod thing and let someone else move it then fly back here.

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      1. That is my goal, keep them guessing. Back in the SoCal Desert but expect to be gone before it hits the high temps next year, the damn AC costs are brutal. That “its a dry heat” stuff is BS 115 is hot with or without humidity.


    1. I used to like Big Macs too, until a decade ago until they started using the “pink slime” and different cheaper types of meat to make them.

      They don’t taste anything like they used to back before the 90’s, not nearly as good.

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        1. I think they had stopped using the pink slime meat shortly afterwards due to so many complaints. They used to put silicone rubber in the McNuggets too until people found out about it. It’s the same silicone rubber added to most bread sold in stores.. never intended for food. It’s a material used to make yoga mats. Look it up. I make sure that bread that I buy does not have that chemical in it and it’s hard to find any bread that doesn’t have it. They also call it “dough conditioner” to fool people about the chemical being in it still.

          Micky D’s used to be about high quality up until Ray Crock died. Now it’s about selling the cheapest quality crap for the biggest profits and who cares about anyones health or safety?

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  17. Kryle Bouche throwing a hissy fit in his post race interview (attempt) after the Vegas race on Sunday:

    What a crybaby whiney pouty little bitch!

    Definitely not what anyone would call a “sportsman” by any means.

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    1. “I’m just here so I don’t get fined”.
      “It was the 52 car, get it right.”

      And he still wonders why nobody likes him?


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    2. Kryle ran into the back of the 52 car and blames the guy he hit from behind.

      Typical asshole Kryle. He cannot pass with this package and cries about it.
      I’m glad that they finally made a setup change that he cannot race well with.
      My oh my has the worm turned? LOL!

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  18. Hers/His

    HER DIARY : Tonight I thought my boyfriend was acting weird. We had made plans to meet at a bar to have a drink. I was shopping with my friends all day long, so I thought he was upset at the fact that I was a bit late, but he made no comment on it. Conversation wasn’t flowing, so I suggested that we go somewhere quiet so we could talk. He agreed, but he didn’t say much.. I asked him what was wrong; he said, “Nothing.” I asked him if it was my fault that he was upset. He said he wasn’t upset, that it had nothing to do with me, and not to worry about it. On the way home, I told him that I loved him. He smiled slightly, and kept driving. I can’t explain his behavior. I don’t know why he didn’t say, “I love you, too.” When we got home I felt as if I had lost him completely, as if he wanted nothing to do with me anymore. He just sat there quietly and watched TV. He continued to seem distant and absent.
    Finally, with silence all around us, I decided to go to bed. About 15 minutes later he came to bed. To my surprise he responded to my caress, and we made love. But I still felt that he was distracted, and his thoughts were somewhere else. He fell asleep – I cried. I don’t know what to do. I’m almost sure that his thoughts are with someone else.
    My life is a disaster.

    HIS DIARY: I lost a street race to a Honda today, but at least I got laid.

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