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  1. Welp, all of the alternative news outlets were wrong.
    We are SOOOO SCREWED now.
    Everything Trump did will be quickly undone.
    Now they will come after our guns, our money, our free speech and then us.
    I will not go quietly.



    Two good videos to watch.

    I have done my homework on all of this for years. The deep state is going down. Trump will remain as our president. It will be partial martial law for us for awhile. There will be mass arrests of the congress, senate, state and local government officials, all of mainstream media, billionaires, corporate heads and more. They will all go to GITMO. This will happen fast and in a matter of days.

    Buy enough groceries and essentials for 2 to 3 weeks. Do it now!
    Keep your fuel tanks of your cars filled to the top. Keep enough cash on hand as the credit card machines and electrical power in places may be out temporarily. The internet may even be down for awhile too.

    This is going to be a great thing when it’s all done. America will be free again and so will much of the world!
    No more national debt either. The cost of living will go down.

    Of course unless I have been duped on all of this, but I believe that I am not.

    Say your prayers for president Trump and the white hats within our government.


  3. So Sleazy Uncle Joe and his VP Commiela Harris play the race card and brand all whites as racist supremacists…so much for unity. Protesters get close to politicians and they cannot get the National Guard in there fast enough they are so terrified ! A shame they did not provide the same protection to the thousands of American citizens who were killed , hurt , burnt down and terrorized by BLM/Antifa riots all summer .

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  4. Was hoping 2021 would be better but watching my country being destroyed by the commie democrats , the megalomaniacs of big tech and the bad actors of the mainstream media makes me want to pull the covers over my head and stay there till it all goes away .

    I am sad and angry that we no longer have a voice in this country .

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    1. I definitely think there was more to the fiasco at the U.S. Capitol then meets the eye. Nancy Pelosi could let all this comotion die down while Trump rides off into the sunset but she want’s to keep stiring the pot with talk of another impeachment. I am afraid that a lot of Americans are are in for a shock beginning January 20th but when it happens all I can say is they ask for it.

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      1. Trump has the goods on them and they are scared to death of him and want him out ASAP because he’s about to drop the hammer on all of these traitors. Trump enacted an executive order back on Sept 2018 that will seize all assets of anyone who participated in foreign interference in our election, Every member of congress and senate except for 7 who did not vote to certify the fraudulent electors will all face arrest. Every big tech company and media talking head all face arrest, their property and money seized and sent to gitmo. Facebook, twitter, instagram, all big tech corporate people like Bill Gates will all face military court.


    2. The election was stolen by China and other foreign countries with the help of traitors here in all levels of government. The courts are all corrupted and every member of congress on federal and state levels who voted to certify these fraudulent electors have all committed treason. They will be arrested if Trump prevails.
      Without legitimate vote counting we have nothing left as a country or a free people because we no longer are.
      All of the news media are complicit and all are lying all of the time. I cannot even stand to watch any TV news at all, not even the local news. The riot on the capitol was staged by Antifa to blame on the MAGA people. For 2 years BLM and Antifa have burned, looted, assaulted, murdered, burned our cities and the media calls them “mostly peaceful” as the police are ordered to stand down and let them pull us out of our cars and beat us. Yet a bunch of leftists clearly disguised as MAGA stop the steal protestors runs inside of the capitol building then the same government people who had no problem with the BLM and Antifa paid terrorists to get away with it now want to arrest and jail all Trump supporters. There has never been anything like this in history, folks. Stock up on essentials, guns and ammo if you can find any. This next month will be ugly and martial law is coming within days.
      Good news sources are:,,,,,, but it is a bit tabloidish and sensationalist.

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    1. Happy New Year !!

      I tried leaving a reply last night but for some reason I couldn’t get logged in on my cellphone. The Anonymous reply below is mine also. With that being said I hope everyone enjoys their holiday weekend & I hope this year is better then last.

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  5. Merry Christmas to all my friends here. I miss the good old days and all the conversation but I admit I pay no attention to Nascar. I really want each of you to have a great 2021. At least peaceful and plenty. I work to be grateful for what I DO have in my life which includes food and shelter. I do see real WV people suffering.
    I love you all. Even Curmudgeon!

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    1. Merry Christmas to you too Connie!

      Ditto on missing the discussions.

      I miss when we had good honest genuine real racing without NA$CAR rigging and staging everything, trying to brainwash the fans with propaganda and pushing their “woke” “PC” and everything Turdota agendas and driving out all of the good ole boys and girls from the sport as fans and as drivers,

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    1. I wish the same right back at ya, Mule!
      This past year has been an ordeal for sure. Never before in history and hopefully never again in the future!


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