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  1. Bubba just keeps on stepping on his own you-know-what.

    What does he mean by “new fans’?
    Those new fans that NASCAR wants meaning no southerners, rural or blue collar types?
    Now he’s lamenting that the police won’t tear gas the pro-confederate flag protestors like they do the rioting misbehaving criminal BLM protestors.

    Could that be because the pro-Confederate flag protestors aren’t misbehaving? Breaking stuff? setting fires? Beating up and killing people like your beloved BLM terrorist protesters are?



    1. Bubba is a racist and a BIGOT.

      He has confirmed everything that I have been saying about NA$CAR deliberately driving off the old original loyal fans, US!


      1. I just read more updates about the alleged “noose”.

        It has been said on the various social media outlets that it was a crewman of the team that was in that stall last October that had tied that noose, not because of any racism at all, but because it was Halloween! Imagine that?

        Leave it to all of the knee jerk PC types like NA$CAR’s newest president and yankee banker/carpetbagger Steve Phelps himself to make it into a racism issue when none existed. Phelps knows nothing about racing and never has raced in his life. He’s just a hired bean counter overflowing with political correctness and white guilt. just they guy to finish off NA$CAR and to see it into irreversible final ruin.


    2. I read that some sponsors were leaving him before. I also read he didn’t have a ride for next year. I don’t know what is true except that no one knew him and now he is “known” internationally. I also heard him say he could now see himself as an “activist”.

      THE ONLY THING THAT HAS NEVER BEEN ADDRESSED is that a community of people was accused of something they did NOT do. No apology. Just like Jussie accused “maga hat wearers”. No one deals with the falsely accused !!

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      1. You are 100% CORRECT!

        NA$CAR’s president was the one who helped to concoct this hoax to discredit those parading the Confederate flag around outside of Talladega. He was wrong and did it on purpose. When caught with the facts from the FBI the president Steve Phelps and Bubba bot dug in their heels. No admission of being wrong or any apology whatsoever. That’s all because they did this ON PURPOSE! So they would not be sorry for any of it.
        If they had backed down and admitted their mistakes, then it would not have been any big deal, but it wasn’t a mistake. This was planned, all intentional!

        It has blown up right in their lying faces too! People/fans won’t be forgetting this and being dissed by NA$CAR. Again, they will NEVER see another cent from me ever again!
        They hate people like me and many others too that do not share their bullshit PC bigoted views.

        I just hate them right back!

        I also hate that these assholes have taken from me something that I had like/loved. I also hate that they have driven a wedge between so many of us too who were once good friends and still would be if not for their manipulative underhanded dishonest shit!


    1. He’s made it so much worse by digging in and insisting something that was not any hate crime.
      Pathetic is what it is.


  2. You know who makes me the most angry? It’s all of the white people. Yes, the white people. The ones bowing down on their knees kissing ass and apologizing for their race when none of us ever had a thing to do with any of this, or slavery or bad cops wrongfully killing black people. The same goes for all the butt hurt protestors tearing down statues and trashing the Confederacy again all had zero to do with any of this crap.
    People are ignorant as hell. They forget that the Civil war was never over slavery. It was over the Morril tariff. Look it up! They forget that it was the north who started the slave trade business in this country. They had all of the shipping ports and slave auction centers where all slaves that were imported were sold or the escapees were rendered from. They forget that the KKK was founded by democrats in the northern state of Indiana in South Bend (irony) which is as far north as it gets!

    Again, none of this shit has a damned thing to do with a few bad cops wrongfully killing people! People by the way that were not angels, saints or entirely innocent!


    1. And most of all, none of this has a damned thing to do with NA$CAR until NA$CAR had decided to make it so by delving into political correctness and virtue signaling!
      Get woke, go broke!

      Bubba Wallace was shown more on TV this season than any other driver and he wasn’t ever running up front either! Denny Hamlin, you’ve been replaced in this department!


    1. I never dreamed anyone could hurt NASCAR ‘s image more then Brian France did. Somehow though Steve O’Donnell managed to drive off more fans in 30 minutes then Brian France drove off in a lifetime.

      I may be wrong but his PR stunt backfired,

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      1. I had predicted that this was the case. BTW, the “anonymous” post below was mine.

        My bet is that NA$CAR had cooked this up and made or tricked Bubba go along with it.

        They wanted to give all of the pro-confederate flag protestors outside and the plane that towed the “defund NASCAR” confederate flag banner a black eye by creating a false flag (attack) of their own to blame them for.
        That’s what NA$CAR does folks. They are manipulators and fabricators of lies against conservatives and good old boys from the south. This is why I am no longer a fan. They manipulated their races the same way to favor Turdota. Faked cautions, faked champions and now faked racial attacks. They are SCUM.

        I went through my many garage tour pics that I had taken myself when I toured the Dega garages. If you all remember I used to post many of them here back in the day.
        Almost every one of those garage doors there had a loop tied in their pull ropes and every door had a pull rope on it. Bubba’s was NOT the only one to have a noose tied in it. He is a LIAR and so is the NA$CAR president. I used to like Bubba, but now he and NA$CAR can kiss my southern good ole boy white ass!


    1. We used to have so much fun back in those days! Before NA$CAR began rigging everything and Junior was on top of the game!


  3. So, has Bubba Wallace pulled a Jussie Smollet to get sympathy and preferential treatement since his contract expires this year and nobody wanting to sign him so far? I have lost a lot of respect for him delving into politics and virtue signaling.


      1. It turns out this is exactly a Smollet episode, all done by NASCAR president Steve Phelps and his minions to give the pro-Confederate flag protestors outside of Dega a black eye..


      1. It has circled the drain and gone down for the last time.
        None of my friends or myself even watch it anymore, especially since they went all stupid political.

        BTW, I read an article that Dale Jarrett has the covid19 virus. I hope that he gets over it without any problem. I met him a few times at Kentucky Speedway at the garage area right next to where I camped in the infield. He is a really super nice man in person and will stop and take time to talk to the fans and is not put out by it at all. I wish him all the best as I do everyone here on this site!

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  4. Have been away from site having some medical stuff – ALL turned out okay but once you get started with these tests and all, it never ends. Tests to see if I can have the tests. As far as I know all is well and it is over. Just old.
    Hope all of you are well.

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