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      1. Lack of NA$CAR and their teams paying the drivers any decent amount of $$$$$ for risking their lives every weekend to empty grandstand seats, no sponsors and no real TV air time/publicity tends to result in one wanting to spend more time with the family instead. Blue collar American economics 101.

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  1. NA$CAR is having their “Champions Week” in Nashville?
    WTF is up with that?

    No Waldorf Hysteria hotel in NY with all of the city slickers who loathe NA$CAR or most any auto racing? Are they going to have the unfunny Jay Mohr-on again as their usual MC?

    No Las Vegas this time again?

    Nashville has a small track, but no sanctioned Cup races ever happen there?

    Did NA$CAR do this to keep the budget on the down low since they are practically going broke from the loss of fans?

    And the WWE with their fake wrestling gives a fake award to the fake Champion Kryle Bouche?

    The WWE is supposed to be in Memphis I always thought?

    It sure looks like that NA$CAR is making a pathetic desperate attempt to try to regain the rural good ole boy country music redneck fans that they have deliberately driven off for their desired/preferred “diverse” minority and “urban” fan base that they’ve never won over because they’ve never liked NA$CAR in the first place.

    Too little too late, NA$CAR and France family.

    Us/those fans don’t have short memories, such low self respect/esteem or are we that fucking stupid, shameless or desperate to forgive and forget your taking us all for granted, deliberately shitting all over us as a group/demographic, disrespecting all of our (southern/rural) culture and traditions.







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      1. I think that renting out Chuck E. Cheese’s for their banquet would also be too good for NA$CAR at this point?

        Kryle would be there racing against the kiddies in the bumper cars and nerfing them all off of the track so he can feel like a really big man like he does when he pees in the kiddie pools of the Xfinity and Gander series.

        Kryle would also hog up the pizza buffet, the bounce house and ball pit and make the other kids cry from not being let in to play?

        King Brian would show up drunk there and toss the plastic Bozo the clown/NA$CAR championship ring at Kryle and keep walking away back to the bar like he did with Truex.

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          1. Go back to their roots? WTF?

            NA$CAR had all of the frikkin’ stumps and roots ground away, so there are no roots left to go back to!
            They CHOSE to drive away their old traditional fans to attract the “urban” types instead that they felt are more desirable. No more country but rap and R&B music instead. Going to all city slicker born and raised drivers too? No more good ole boys building their own race cars anymore in their own garages and racing them, only big the high multi-millionaire race teams are allowed in anymore. Nobody is left that any of us can identify with.

            This is pretty much what I said that they were attempting by going to Nashville with the country musicians gimmick?

            It’s like closing the barn door after all of the horses have already escaped, trying to draw back the original traditional fans which ain’t gonna work because NA$CAR purposely kicked out and dissed us in the name of “diversity”, political correctness and of course greed/lust corporate sponsor money instead of ours that they took for granted because they see us as stupid lemmings that they can manipulate like puppets anytime and way they please.

            Read the few comments at the bottom of the article. They’re a hoot!
            Looks like it isn’t just us who feel this way about NA$CAR?

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  2. Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving Day and will enjoy this Holiday Time. I thought I was super busy but it is really just that everything takes longer for me to do! And no more night driving unless I must! Took another single person in the development for dinner for Thanksgiving. He is a Vet, my age, with PTSD and we have made it a tradition. Best thing is NO DISHES and he gets to be home in time for football.

    I like JJ and he was the only one left I cared about, like Connie. I perk up a little when I hear Nascar news but can’t get excited. I still get sales emails from Junior and Hendrick and Pooh. I will look up pics of their children once in a while but that’s it. Gave Robbob an out in case he wants to stop but he seems willing to continue so good for us!

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    1. Happy Thanksgiving , Chandrika….guess I will watch one more year rooting for JJ but nascar has definitely killed my passion for racing…best thing about nascar is it gave all of you on here to me and I really value our connections.

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  3. Anyone notice that JJ’s retirement announcement has knocked Jughead Kryle’s championship win right out of the headlines on NOL as well as with all of the other sports news websites?

    Thanks for timing it just right JJ and stealing the publicity away from Jughead! 😀

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    1. NO WAY!
      NA$CAR isn’t favoring Turdota and Gibbs!

      Just because NA$CAR prefers that their corporate master’s own fox to guard the chicken house as their preferred “winner” to determine and build their prototype of their next COT doesn’t mean that the sport is biased towards Turdota?


      Again, my past rants about NA$CAR rigging the game against Chevy and for Turdota have been once again proven to be dead on correct all along.

      NA$CAR is also talking again about bringing in Nissan and Honda.

      Probably because Chevy and Ford are getting tired of being played for suckers.

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        1. Just a pipe dream but if Junior and Poo let their broadcast contracts die out (no sense including Burton, he has sold his soul to Toyota already), and then Penske,Hendricks, and Ganassi pulled out of the series at the same time I bet Nascar could be bought for chump change within a year. Even Toyota fans won’t want to watch or attend a three hour Turdoda commercial.

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          1. I doubt if anyone within their right mind would ever want to buy NA$CAR since it’s been driven right into the ground with all of the corporate ass kissing and political correctness bullshit?

            Roger Penske bought Indycar, but I can’t see him ever wanting to buy NA$CAR even on the cheap?

            Penske is too smart and not PC to ever fall for that crap.
            NA$CAR is not even worth buying now because it has been ruined beyond repair. The fans have all gone and are not coming back. They were deliberately driven away and they are both pissed and disgusted.

            Penske knows how to properly run a business and make it work without kowtowing to all of the PC “diversity” and greenie weenie activist groups out there who always threaten to sue everyone to force their PC crap upon everyone.

            My workplace has kowtowed to these groups so much that most at work have become very demoralized by it and hate it with a passion. These PC groups are being brought in to teach us that there will no accountability for one’s actions or in-actions for anything, well unless one dares to utter a syllable critical these worthless employees over race or “sexual identity”.

            My boss cannot even say a word to one of our most worthless employees because he’s a minority and is gay. Instead, the entire group gets blamed for his sabotaging of everything and playing mean pranks against his co-workers to get his jollies and feel like he’s above us. My boss said she was told by HR that our group/peers are supposed to deal with him (instead of her) by teaching the defective cog in our machine how to do his job right (we already have but he thinks he knows better than all of us as he fails everyday and messes up everything we left). Yet when we do say something to this dipshit, he says “you are not the boss of this room” and when we suggest ways that he stop making his deliberate mistakes he says “you are harassing me and making me uncomfortable” and runs whining back to HR with his complaints and they take his side.

            So, these stupid insane PC practices are all doomed for failure and this country is going to fail because of it. It is destroying all morale of all of the good workers who do their jobs everywhere. This shit is going on in all businesses and schools. It must be stopped before we have no country left.

            Sorry for the rant, but this rotten bullshit is going on everywhere else besides just NA$CAR, the NFL, etc.

            It won’t end well.

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    1. I wish that JJ could say what he really thinks about NA$CAR and how they have literally ruined the sport and stacked the deck to favor Turdota? He isn’t the type to bite the hand that fed him as he does have much class. He wouldn’t date say that King Brian has no clothes.

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  4. Cannot really root for any of the new drivers…only watched this year wishing for JJ to win.Get 8,JJ!!!!

    The last 2 races were the MOST boring of a boring year…cannot imagine many fans sticking with such non-competitive racing .They particularly destroyed short-track racing with all the changes , tweaks and stupidity !

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    1. I was really pulling for Chase or Larson. But of course both are hobbled because they drive Chevys and NA$CAR makes sure they don’t get to have cars that win as much or it would anger their money God Turdota.

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    1. Yep. JJ is done.
      He knows that Chevy won’t be allowed to win anymore championships by NA$CAR, hence why SHR had switched over to Ford.
      So now Jughead Kryle can win as many races and championships now as he likes. Nobody cares.

      I have never seen Homestead as empty as it was this time.

      The sport is done. No more real true greats are left in it now.

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      1. I read there are 6 fewer days between Thanksgiving and Christmas so beware. It could get crazy. Some of my QVC gift orders are already taking 3 weeks! Every once in a while I catch a Robbob post on Facebook and he seems to be happy. Maybe I will check on him and our funds. I would like this to keep going even just to stay in touch.

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