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        1. Found a simple olive oil, Bacon, garlic, and parsley, over pasta recipe, I didn’t feel much like cooking but that was a simple way to celebrate the day. Olive oil is healthy, right?
          My cardiologist may be gunning for me after that one.


  1. Wow!
    Junior just revealed one of his best kept side drafting techniques. He side drafts each car beside him to slow them down, then pulls to the side so they don’t side draft him back. Then he moves ahead and repeats this one car at a time until he’s up front and leading.
    I call it “The Jacob’s Ladder” draft. LOL

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    1. I eat Snickers bars almost every other day. Today one was my breakfast.

      By the way, Dega will be on real broadcast TV today!
      We can all get to see tge wreckfests today!
      Here’s hoping for all of the Turdota front runners being collected in an early “big one” with nobody getting injured.
      I would have said “nobody getting hurt” but that might be taken as nobody getting butthurt? Because I’d love to see the Turdota drivers all get butthurt (emotionally) especiallly the Gibbs drivers.


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    1. I mowed about 2 acres on my farm land today with a walk behind brush mower.
      Does that count?

      My storage building has been taken over by a swarm of yellow jackets too about 5 to 10,000 of them. I left them alone for another day to deal with since its turning cold.
      I have never seen that many at once ever? I don’t have to worry about any burglars breaking in in the mean time? Lol.

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