Race Weekend Chat: March 1 – 4, 2018



Las Vegas Motor Speedway


Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series

NASCAR Xfinity Series

NASCAR Camping World Truck Series

On-Track/TV Schedule:


2 p.m.: Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series practice at Las Vegas, FS1
3 p.m.: NASCAR Xfinity Series practice at Las Vegas, FS1
4 p.m.: NASCAR Race Hub: Weekend Edition, FS1
5 p.m.: NASCAR Xfinity Series final practice at Las Vegas, FS1
6 p.m.: NASCAR Camping World Truck Series qualifying at Las Vegas, FS1
7 p.m.: Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series qualifying at Las Vegas, FS1
8:30 p.m.: NASCAR RaceDay: Camping World Truck Series at Las Vegas, FS1
9 p.m.: NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Stratosphere 200 at Las Vegas, FS1


12 p.m.: Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series practice at Las Vegas, FS1
1 p.m.: NASCAR Xfinity Series qualifying at Las Vegas, FS1
2 p.m.: NASCAR Race Hub: Weekend Edition, FS1
2:30 p.m.: Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series final practice at Las Vegas, FS1
3:30 p.m.: NASCAR Race Day: Xfinity Series, FS1
4 p.m.: NASCAR Xfinity Series Boyd Gaming 300 at Las Vegas, FS1


2 p.m.: NASCAR RaceDay: Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series, FS1
3 p.m.: Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Pre-Race Show, FOX
3:30 p.m.: Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Pennzoil 400 presented by Jiffy Lube at Las Vegas, FOX



117 comments on “Race Weekend Chat: March 1 – 4, 2018”

    1. WOW,,, I had no idea Prince Harry and Brian France are related, just never once dawned on me….. that’s a shocker, for true……. πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

      Speaking of brainfarts, What if Kevin Harvick won virtually every race in the Cup Series this year… How pathetic would that be….. and deservedly so for DickHead France ….. IMO

      ( this is the age thing kicking in LOLOLOLOL)


  1. So Junior is now officially a Brainfart lover/enabler……throws all the teams who failed inspection under the bus as he kisses n-ass-car’s butt !

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    1. Oh, Junior has always been “a company man”. He won’t bite the corporate hands that feed him.

      That’s the only thing that I do like about Fat Tony Stewart is he’d say what he thought when calling out NA$CAR on their stupid shit.

      Junior knows that he’s their main money man and so do they so they make him tow the company line or else no more big bucks.

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        1. True that, but when ur brainless any dialogue is a challenge … even Bugs Bunny would be a challenge to DickTard France … just saying

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    2. The is the bigggest difference in Dale Sr & Dale Jr to me. Dale Sr didn’t care who he pissed off while Jr has always tried not rocking the boat.


      1. True Point GM…. that was in the when Sr had Bill Jr ear in the office and no one got fined for speaking their mind… Racing was a Pure Sport …


    1. I’ll bet that it will be cringe worthy just like her massacre of the national anthem that time!

      I’m just not a fan of hers or Goodman? Not any TV sitcoms amuse me anymore.
      The only one that I can tolerate anymore is “Big Bang Theory”.
      But the newer ones of those aren’t as good as their first ones.
      They are all bent on their couples relationships now instead of getting into trouble situations like with the earlier shows. Boring.

      I love me some Penny and Bernadette though! :p

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  2. Hi guys. I don’t plan on making a weekly thread anymore, I don’t see the point in it. I’m just going to create one big discussion thread. I’ll let you know when it’s posted

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  3. what no pheinox thread.. sorry i didnt post this weekend , getting tire of seein g the fords dominate the tracks , last years turds run a muck , no its fords turn , im glad nascar gave chevy something different to driver but not thing to race with ,


  4. And especially for BBB….Harvick told the story in an interview when asked the scariest thing he had ever done was when he signed on with RCR….he wanted to drive with his hero, Dale Earnhardt…..and so he had to buy out his old contract and to do that he took a second loan on this house for $200,000 and they lived off of Delana’s credit cards for 3 months.

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    1. Let me get this straight…. Happy Harvick had to buy out his own contract to make himself available to RCR’s offer. Obviously, Delana was not involved in that one… Then he gets screwed over by nepotism when RC ops to put all his marbles in the Dillons, putting Harvick in second rate cars…. He had ever right to be pissed, We, on the outside had no visibility into this bur you have to know Harvick did and that made him angry…

      I’m glad to see this devoted family man find a competent home SHR to show case his talent…. It’s a shame SHR went to Ford, but it coulda been worse… You have to think Toyota made a bid for Toney Stewart’s attention….


  5. Probably a good race but I am tired of the same cast of characters…….looks like JJ got the R&D car this year…”give it to the old guy , he’s on his last legs” !!!! Youth must be served .

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  6. WOW.

    There are a shitload of empty seats there today!

    It’s the worst that I have EVER seen it there!

    I’d say that it’s only a third of capacity or less?

    They have all of the seats in turn #1 covered up to a third back to the start finish line!


    1. That’s the seats in turn 2!
      They have half of them covered up!
      The rest of the grandstand seats are only a quarter to a third full!

      Looks like we’re not the only ones who have jumped ship?


  7. Thanks to the rain delay, they switched TV coverage over to FS1, which I don’t have.
    Just my luck?
    Thanks for nothing again, NA$CAR and Fox!


  8. JRMotorsports
    Checkered flag on Stage One. Congrats @J_Allgaier!

    P1: @J_Allgaier
    P16: @MichaelAnnett
    P17: @TylerReddick
    P20: @Elliott_Sadler


    1. NASCAR penalizes Kevin Harvick for illegal Las Vegas race-winning car
      5 days ago – NASCAR penalizes Kevin Harvick for illegal Vegas-winning car. … The Las Vegas win stands, but Harvick lost the seven playoff points that went with it, while Childers was fined $50,000 and car chief Robert Smith was suspended for two races.

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    2. Yet he gets to keep the win but gets no extra points for it.
      NA$CAR won’t call it an “encumbered” win because the owners cried to make them remove that term.


    3. Looks like “Happy” won’t be very happy about that?
      If he were driving a Turdota instead, NA$CAR probably wouldn’t have done or said shit about it!


  9. UMM…. If memory serves….. Freaky-Fast Harvick is pretty good at Phoenix which happens to be this coming weekend….

    Still say Xfinity is lots more fun to watch…. if only the Cup guys would stop stinking up the party, including Larson…. its all about the $$ for these Cup guys, not the learning curve B/S the booth keeps trying to sell us fans…

    But too no one here wants to chat (post) during the Xfinity Race….I don’t get that. O’Well……

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    1. If others are like myself, we don’t have FS1 or FS2, NBCSN etc. to watch the Xifinity races on?
      So not many will be able to post about them since we can’t watch them anymore?

      Plus I was working during the last one and I did not renew Raceview, so I couldn’t follow it. I do have satellite radio still, but it won’t work inside of the concrete building.


      1. Thanks RULES, I appreciate your feedback. Just gets to me at times…. Others comment on the race so I assumed they watched yet no one post… makes me think I’m the problem ..
        Now, today RobBob post new instructions for future post that I dont get at all ??? is he changing things???
        no biggie……. thanks


  10. Krylie took the lead in the truck race and I turned it off….Harvick had a 3.5 second lead and I flipped over to golf and watched my other favorite Phil in the whole world WIN in a playoff over one of the best young’uns …first win in 4 years !!! Best golf since the 1986 Masters !!

    Who will fine NASCAR for all the faulty guns ? Since Vegas was boring also maybe it is not just me ?

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  11. What a boring assed race!

    Harvick lead about every lap in the race and the HMS cars all sucked!

    Larson finished 3rd for Chevy.


  12. Alex Bowman sure isn’t doing very well either?

    Junior has been vindicated in my opinion.

    JJ last car on the lead lap now.

    Our only Chevy hope right now is Larson.


    1. The lower rear height took away a lot of downforce and the taller spoiler didn’t make up for it and it made these cars get aero loose around other cars getting close to the rear of car ahead of them.


  13. Now that NA$CRAP issues all of the air guns, just look at how many are having a lot of trouble out of them? NA$CRAP has a reverse Midas touch! Everything that they touch turns to shit!

    JJ is now down 2 laps!


  14. well it looks like anther sub par showing for hms this weekend again . i see the rcr amd ecr chevys are ding better then hms i guess chevy wants them to have all the right stuff and left hms out to dry fords have got what they need , harvick put jimmy down a lap in 40 laps of the race . with a long way to go .. shammmmee


  15. NA$CAR must be paying all of the celebritards to show up and pretend/act like they like NA$CAR racing?

    When Mikey interviewed them, they were totally lost, didn’t know what to say at all.

    The only one in the bunch that actually likes and knows NA$CAR was Carrot Top.

    The actors were completely clueless.


  16. JR Motorsports
    Unofficial results from @LVMotorSpeedway:

    P3: @J_Allgaier
    P5: @Elliott_Sadler
    P8: @TylerReddick
    P13: @MichaelAnnett

    Larson wins going away… at least its a chevy …..

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  17. 12 Laps to go. after caution

    Reddick Larson Bell Blaney Allgaier Sadler Custer Hemric ADillon Tifft BJones.


  18. 31 Laps remain
    Larson now up to a 1 second lead over Blaney. Allgiaer to 3rd, then Bell Custer Sadler and Reddick.


  19. Now 35 laps remain:

    P3: @J_Allgaier
    P6: @Elliott_Sadler
    P7: @TylerReddick
    P16: @MichaelAnnett

    .@J_Allgaier saying he can’t carry center corner speed through Turns 3 and 4 like he needs to.


  20. CAUTION: @AustinCindric loses control out of Turn 2 and slams the inside wall.

    Lap 136/200
    Custer is off pit road first. Then Blaney Allgaier Bell Reddick BJones Sadler Larson Hemric ADillon Busch Reed


  21. All JRM cars in top 10. Green flag is out for the final stage:

    P5: @Elliott_Sadler
    P7: @TylerReddick
    P8: @J_Allgaier
    P9: @MichaelAnnett


  22. JRMotorsports
    That’s a wrap on Stage Two. Lap 90:

    P3: @J_Allgaier
    P5: @TylerReddick
    P6: @Elliott_Sadler
    P11: @MichaelAnnett


  23. JRMotorsports

    15 laps into Stage Two, Lap 62:

    P3: @TylerReddick
    P4: @J_Allgaier
    P7: @Elliott_Sadler
    P11: @MichaelAnnett


  24. Getter-Done Little- Gatore….. Getter-done……
    JRM rundown under this caution:

    P6: @Elliott_Sadler
    P8: @TylerReddick
    P10: @J_Allgaier
    P22: @MichaelAnnett


  25. Wish it was my generous and loving nature but I had trouble with my wifi …that’s why I was late today !!! And may I join everyone in thanking Robbob for being such a good social director for our little club !!

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  26. POLE…… Thank you connie….. I know you were here, I can always tell….

    and as always Thank you to Mr Wonderful…. RobBob…..
    (who has no idea how hard that is to say to a youngin…….as G.B.Shaw once said: “Its a shame youth is wasted on the young” just saying πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜› )


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