Race Weekend Chat: February 23 – 25, 2018



Atlanta Motor Speedway


MENCS logo

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On-Track Schedule:


11:30 a.m., Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series practice at Atlanta, FS1
1 p.m., NASCAR Xfinity Series practice at Atlanta, FS1
2 p.m., Camping World Truck Series practice at Atlanta, FS1
3 p.m.: NASCAR Xfinity Series final practice at Atlanta, FS1
4 p.m., Camping World Truck Series final practice at Atlanta, FS1
5 p.m., Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Qualifying at Atlanta, FS1


9 a.m., NASCAR Xfinity Series Qualifying at Atlanta, FS1
10:30 a.m., NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Qualifying at Atlanta, FS1
Noon, Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series final practice at Atlanta, FS1
1:30 p.m., NASCAR RaceDay: Xfinity, FS1
2 p.m., NASCAR Xfinity Series Rinnai 250 at Atlanta, FS1
4:30 p.m., NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Active Pest Control 200 at Atlanta, FS1
6:30 p.m., NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Post-Race Show, FS1


2 p.m., Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series: Folds of Honor Quik Trip 500 at Atlanta,




34 comments on “Race Weekend Chat: February 23 – 25, 2018”

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  2. Guess I am not the only one bored by NASCAR….ratings are atrocious….not even 10 million people watched Daytona ,Atlanta had about 5 million . Same complaints in the comments….cookie cutter cars,stages,the chase and too many rules.

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  3. Obviously, I am not interested in Nascar these days but just thinking of you folks. Here is my contribution for the day.
    A guy from Mississippi owned a large furniture store and wanted to expand his furniture line. He heard the largest show in the world was in Paris and decided to go.
    He was quite impressed with the selections and styles and settled on new line of furniture. At the end of a long day, he decided to stop in a little cafe for a glass of wine to celebrate his purchase. The cafe was packed leaving only one empty chair, it being at his table.

    A very striking lady came over and said something to him in a language he did not understand but he gathered she wanted to know if she could sit there. He nodded yes, she sat and he studied her for a moment then took a napkin and drew a picture of a glass of wine and showed it to her. She nodded yes, so he ordered a glass of wine for her. After about 30 minutes, he took another napkin and drew a picture of a plate of food and showed it to her, she nodded yes so they got up and found a nice restaurant where they had dinner. At the end of the meal, he drew a picture of two people dancing and she nodded yes and they went to a night club and danced into the early morning hours.
    As they sat at their table, she took a napkin and drew a picture of a four poster bed.
    And do you know, to this day, that guy has never figured out the lady knew he was in the furniture business.

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    1. absolutely not going there, I’m not,,, nope…no, no, no, no, not going to ask……..nope,,, ain’t gonna happen……………………………….


      OK Ill bite…. How did she know??

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  4. Curious to know what you all thought of the racing itself…..I did not think it was very good but I am not sure how much of my boredom is because Junior is not competing .The new Camaro looks dreadful…no one seems to get the most out of it yet ……if a 7 time champ cannot drive it who can?


    1. IMHO When one car is that dominant, there is an unethical gentleman in the lumber business….I don’t get it and I’m indifferent to why that can happen. This year marks yet again another aero package… and HMS/JRM didn’t bothered to show up at Atlanta…. Truth is I’m loosing interest


  5. hey guyes and gals thought id just drop in to say hi ,,, looks like a piss pour showing by hms team . the fords got them by the balls , all driver a lap down or worse , they say that its all about getting the car or to learn what the cars want . i say its all about what nascar will give them to race with , , but anywho . still not impressed in the racing so far this year . denny denny denny hamturd, sounds like a brokin record ..

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  6. Wow. Very low crowd turnout at Atlanta? Only half of the seats are filled if that much?
    Kind of a boring race so far for Chevy fans.
    Been outside all day fixing my buried water pipes that broke last night just before we had torrential downpours.
    AAAAARGH! Digging in the cold and mud SUCKS!

    We are flooded here in my area and state. The Ohio river is out if it’s banks and so are most creeks. Glad that I live on a big hill!
    But at my job it’s been a nightmare this week with all the rain and flooding.
    I am worn out!


  7. Best ever truck race…..Bonehead Baby Busch leaves pit road too soon loses tire at end of pit road !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best laugh I have had in a long time .”..what a maroon” in the words of Bugs Bunny !

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  8. Shocker: Dale Earnhardt Jr. was NASCAR’s Highest Earner in 2017
    Byline: CALEB JACOBSView Caleb Jacobs’s Articles twitter.com/calebjacobs0611

    While NASCAR drivers may not fetch the astronomical salary figures of Formula 1’s biggest stars, there’s no question that they do alright for themselves. In fact, according to Forbes, the top 12 earners in America’s largest spectator sport accounted for a total of $155 million this past year. That list is comprised of a healthy mix of veterans and newcomers, but it can only be topped by one man: Dale Earnhardt Jr.

    That announcement may not come as a surprise; however, the fact that Junior pulled in a healthy $22 million in 2017 is nonetheless respectable. After all, this is the age of endorsements for athletes, many of whom make more from sponsorships than they do team contracts. Earnhardt’s income was reported to be a decent amount of both with his salary and winnings totaling $14 million in addition to other outside earnings.

    The now-retired driver was able to eclipse Jimmie Johnson’s 2017 total of $19.2 million. While that monstrous figure was good enough to slot Johnson in second, it’s likely that he will take over first place at the end of the year with Earnhardt out. The top five is then finished out by Kyle Busch ($14.7 million), Denny Hamlin ($14.6 million), and Kevin Harvick ($13.8 million).

    Earnhardt’s new role as a NASCAR analyst with NBCwill undoubtedly pay less, but that shouldn’t be a concern given Junior’s other revenue. He’s currently the team owner of JR Motorsports alongside several unique business ventures including the restaurant business and his own line of sunglasses with NY Eye.



  9. Ralph Dale Earnhardt Jr. Retweeted
    Bob Pockrass
    Bob Pockrass
    Wallace said he hasn’t gotten any response to texts from Hamlin (and doesn’t expect to), said he’s been told he’s out of the Hamlin golf league and he already had removed himself from the Hamlin basketball league.


    So, Dimmy dipshit is still throwing a hissy fit and is mad that Bubba beat his punk ass out at Tona?

    So, he’s kicking him outta his secret clubs? Taking his ball and going home? Thinks that Bubba is a big poopyhead now?

    So, everything was all fine and dandy so long as Dimmy wins and Bubba and the other super secret Dimmy club members don’t dare to defeat the Hamster or give him a run for the money?

    We all knew that Dimmy was a childish shit before, but this shows how much of a REALLY childish shit that he really is!

    Just like Kryle in every way! Wants to always be the big fish in the little pond!

    Reminds me of this Twilight Zone classic:


  10. New drinking game….a shot of VO or Jack or whatever is your preference every time DW says DENNYHAMLIN…..figure I will finish at least 2 fifths of liquor before the second stage !!!!!!

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    1. All of the talking heads say DennyHamlinDennyHamlinDennyHamlin over and over now.

      I’d be dead of alcohol poisoning then with that game! 😛

      Substitute the whiskey for Ky. bourbon too!

      Angel’s Envy, Eagle Rare, Michter’s, Makers 46, Woodford Reserve, which are all great sippin’ bourbon whiskey that are great straight! Very little burn and the first two are sorta sweet because they’re aged in port wine casks. My co-worker got me started on the finer bourbon whiskeys.

      They cost just a little more but I highly recommend them!


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