Race Weekend Chat: Speedweeks 2018



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On-Track Schedule:

Saturday, February 10
10:30 a.m., Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Practice, FS1
12 p.m., NASCAR Race Hub: Weekend Edition, FS1
1 p.m., Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Practice, FS1
2 p.m., NASCAR Race Hub: Weekend Edition, FS1
3 p.m., Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Practice, FS1
4 p.m., NASCAR Race Hub: Weekend Edition, FS1

Sunday, February 11
5 a.m., Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Practice (re-air), FS1
6 a.m., Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Practice (re-air), FS1
12 p.m., Daytona 500 Qualifying, FOX
2 p.m., NASCAR RaceDay, FS1
3 p.m., Advance Auto Parts Clash, FS1
8 p.m., Advance Auto Parts Clash (re-air), FS2
11:30 p.m., Daytona 500 Qualifying (re-air), FS1




84 comments on “Race Weekend Chat: Speedweeks 2018”

  1. sorry my second family , was out trying to buy a new car , just wasnt what i wanted the payments to be , ill give them a day to think about it , just got in to watch blaney win the first one , sorry to hear jimmy wrecked out again , but it looks like greg is at his old tricks 88 starts out fast but wont race for shit . typical right …


    1. Would not be surprised to see the principals put together a consortium to do just that…. with the right management, NASCAR can be salvaged IMO… Junior did express interest in the Charlotte basketball team recently…. Lots to ponder there…..

      What if Kelley became CEO of NASCAR.. whooo-whooo…….


    2. HA HA!

      King Brian screwed the pooch and his family’s business up so bad that he’s selling it off?

      Who saw that one coming?

      That’s what you get when you turn over a racing enterprise to a drunken loser who never humself raced and is nothing but a bean counter who is so far out of touch with the fans. All he knows is what his hired consultants and propagandists tell him and even then he ignores them and listens to the corporations who give him the most money? His own greed consumed everything.


  2. After commenting about the attendance at Daytona during “The Clash” Sunday I sent Jayski a tweet on Monday wondering about attendance figures. I received a prompt reply from Jayski stating NASCAR hasn’t released attendance numbers since 2012 at any track. I then asked Jayski and I quote “Since you were at the track yesterday during The Clash do you think attendance was down compared to past seasons?” As of today I have not received any type of reply back to the 2nd part of my question from Jayski which leads me to believe that the true attendance figures were as bad as it looked on TV. I think King Brian has crippled this sport combining that with the departure of Dale Jr & Jr Nation I look for more empty seats to follow.

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    1. I hear ya GM and here we are: Numbnuts playing his fiddle (dumbing down racing) while Rome Burns to the ground. Numbnuts just lost his best ever Brand Builder and yet he continues to play his fiddle hoping….. Go Figure.

      I once had the privilege of working for Taft Broadcasting Corp out of Cincinnati… Taft Broadcasting was always No 1-2 in the Nation each quarter in broadcast revenue… always Taft Corp lived by keeping their Corp Brand quiet and most people never knew they existed

      Everyone knew their properties….Kings Island, Kings Dominion, Carowinds in Charlotte, MarineLand in South LA, 21 broadcast stations including WKRC in Cincinnati (bases for WKRP
      in Cincinnati, Les Nessman, bla,bla bla) and several major movie studios in Hollywood…. Several times I would heard Charlie Mechem (Chairman) say “Taft Corp does not want brand exposure, Taft Corp wants our profit centers to receive all of that effort, Taft Corporate was not a profit center..” I was a dumb small minded IT engineer from Richmond in those days. Working for taft was a real education… When i left, I was a different person… Me leaving Taft is not a good story…. not for this discussion… .

      In my view, that business philosophy works for NASCAR….. yet Numbnuts constantly wants the Spot Light by continuously dumbing down racing and so here we are…. I realize NASCAR got started down this path after the the loss of our hero, Dale Sr. IMO…NASCAR has over reacted in much the same way we overreact in driving a car at that instant it goes our of control on say ICE or such… We over correct and that causes a wreck….

      Now we have a train wreck in progress at NASCAR……. IMO
      OK end of my soap box… at 74 I get one a year now, so that’s it for 18 …. maybe lol


  3. so it seams nascar has made the changes in the rule package for the plate races back to what we were complaining about before down draft , car driving like crabs in a cage , rear spoilers to big , to much drag so that the cars cant pass each other , i seen a few times when a car would try to pass it went straight to the back . if one car gets out front it stays there , freight trains for laps on laps . im not impressed at all the chevy seams to be a fast car again but when turdota car out with their front end they were able to push without any problems but the chevy cant . i guess we will have to see on a regular track what the chevys can do . plate racing sucks …


    1. Thanks Rulez,, enjoyed that lots Perhaps #2 best ever, to Whitney Huston’s 1991 at the Super Bowl… Great piece

      One word about Kyle Larson and Jimmie… Some said the new front end on the ZL1 Camaro is lots different and drivers need to learn how it plays in drafting… just saying …

      Again, thanks for the National Anthem piece… awesome…


      1. Jeff Gordon said that the front end us more pointed and doesn’t do well for pushing the car ahead.

        What Larson did was not a bump. It was an outright slam. He closed the gap way too quickly and ran JJ over. Pure and simple. I watched the replay 3 times.


  4. Just watched the replay.

    What a complete fucking ASSHOLE move by Larson!

    He just flat out ran Jimmy Johnson OVER!

    If I were JJ, I’d WHOOP HIS ASS back in the garage for that!


  5. Thanks for the play by play folks since I could not watch it, it not being on regular TV thanks to NA$CRAP and Fox’s greed.

    So Larson screwed team Chevy it sounds like?

    The kid wants to win pretty bad and he obviously pushed it too hard?

    Sounds like I didn’t miss much?


  6. Watched the race…did not engender much interest or enthusiasm in me….looked like nervous Nellie follow the leader most of the time…Larson better be a bit more cautious or he will make a lot of enemies.

    As far as the 88…that car is dead to me now…cannot root for it’s success w/o Junior driving it.I really would not mind if Ives dnf’d every race….decided to cheer for the 48’s # 8.


  7. heres a stink eye for the winner ,heres another stink eye for not being impressed,and heres another for larson for taking out all the chevys in the race ,nice job …see ya;ll thursday

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  8. I am not sure what “The Clash” or “Bud Shootout” attendance average is per year is but the stands look empty. I would like to think with Jr Nation not being there this has factored into this.

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    1. Mr H got that number for Chase (Bill’s old #) this year, otherwise it’s the 24 team, just different number an colors …


  9. i garrenfuckin teeyou dale jr is setting back going SOB,,, down deep in his heart hes saying damit ,i wish i didnt retire not getting to run the new chevys . just thinking what jr could have done with a car that fast , just goes to show that the team was just keeping jr safe in the back of the pack last year .

    im just alittle discusted with the showing of the 88 and the whole bs with the new and iimproved talk about how talented alex is and what a great find in such a great driver . i know its a new aera with the young drivers and all but why dont you just take the knife out my back and stuff it up our asses ,it just hurts alittle more for dale jr fans the hatters will go crasy over this

    but great job by CHEVY for building a car that will give turdota a run for the money

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    1. Meh, it ain’t the driver so much as it is the car when qualifying at plate races.
      The main reason why the car was so fast was the secrets that Junior brought with him and shared with the 88 team. Ives can’t mess up a plate race car because it’s not so much about handling like with the other races when he sets up the cars to drag the splitter like it was a breaking plow.

      I don’t give 2 shits about what any of the internet trolls say about Junior vs. Bowman.

      Fuck them.


      1. im with you , just still upset that jr is not racing and running around with a tool belt on , just my own selffesness coming out i guess

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  10. Way to go #88 crew !!!

    I know Chase changed numbers this season but I would think they kept the same chassis #. In recent years the 24 (9) & 88 were the cars to beat on qualifying day. Do you think Alan Gustafson focused more on handling this year?

    I am as guilty as anyone calling for Greg Ives head last year but I guess we will see this season how he does with a different driver. (Albeit a somewhat rookie)

    I am really anxious though to see how Darian Grubb does this season as CC. I know several of us on here has hopes of him teaming up with Dale Jr after Steve left.


  11. INTERESTING ……..

    Jeff Gluck

    57s57 seconds ago
    🚨 Very interesting comments from drivers on pit road. New package means huge runs when pushed from behind, will be tougher to defend/block those runs as leader. Plate racing will probably look different than in recent years. Cars not as stable when making moves. 🚨


    1. This is probably a good thing. It’s been difficult to pass with the Gen 6 car at plate races. Handling will come into play as well. Not only do you need to be fast but you have to have a solid car underneath you also


      1. Yes, it is! 😀

        This year Chevy and Ford are allowed to use the opening under the radiator support that NA$CRAP only allowed Turdota to have.

        Big difference when the playing field is leveled? Huh?

        Chevy’s superiority is allowed to shine again as always when NA$CRAP doesn’t allow Turdota to cheat!


  12. Thank you BuckShot for helping me get to the new page…Hope everyone is having a great weekend !!!

    1) RobBob why can’t we post photos from Photobucket any longer ? Each time I have tried to post a photo all I see is a link to my Photobucket page. Thanks

    2) Although there are plenty of drivers to choose from and follow I don’t ever see me getting as excited as I did when Dale Sr. & Dale Jr. were on the track. I don’t ever see me getting as nervous either towards the close of a race with them gone. I am definitely trying to get excited about this season so hopefully something special happens that I can grasp on to.


    1. I can relate GM, with the exception I am very curious to see how Greg does with Bowman respective of the past two years – 88 Qualifying and such….. Also, looking forward to seeing Junior manage the JRM Xfinity Gang hands-on.. Kelly in the back ground looking over his shoulder… like sisters do ….lol


  13. hey race fans cant stay away from it , ive just got the fever. the need for speed . looks like the 88 car is alittle above normal . about 16th , danica is 1st in the tracker ,,good for her .still waiting for chace to do a run , just to see what he got . ill be watching the clash tomorrow hope to see ya;ll…

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  14. Well, I don’t have cable TV or raceview this year, so I won’t get to follow any racing from now on unless it’s online, on free TV or Sirius XM.
    Oh well.
    It is what it is. Their fault, not mine!


    1. That’s obviously not true because Jimmy Johnson has been racing since the late 90’s.
      He used to race at our former short track here in the trucks back then as well as in ASA. One of my friends has a hat that he autographed for him then.

      Maybe he meant that none of them were in the cup series then?


  15. OK ….. We got Cup cars on the track …. Here’s hoping NOL can get their act together and run a realistic Leader Board this year….. It would be a first if then did do …. just saying

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    1. Twitter: 88 Teams says they wont be on the track until the 1:00 Practice …. Seems nothing has changed, we’re still timid ….. not what I was hoping for …


    2. Hendrick Motorsports Retweeted

      No. 9 Team

      After a single-car run, @chaseelliott and the @MountainDew team are second on the charts for #TheClash practice.


  16. Loved that game Connie, but have to say,.the last quarter was a nail bitter… Seen NE Pats pull it out so many times in the past…. ( Inflategate, Lip Reading, bla, bla bla)…. Really happy for the Eagles….

    For me this year.. looking forward to keeping up with the man at JRM/Xfinity/#7 Little Gator as much as Chase in the 9 for Mr H….Should be Chases’ break through year… i will miss Junior not being on the track. Actually, anxious to see how Greg Ives does with his new driver… but for me its not the same if Junior aint on the track…. just saying

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  17. Let the season begin !!!! Still on a wonderful high from my Eagles…will probably last till September !!!!

    Thanks , Robbob , for a wonderful place to spend time with our friends !

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