Countdown to Daytona


Happy New Year, everyone! As you all know, 2018 will be the first NASCAR season without Dale Earnhardt Jr. competing full-time so it will be interesting for us all as we adjust.

I hope that 2018 is great year for you all and that we meet up here every race weekend and just enjoy the racing that we have.

Dale Jr. will be in the broadcast booth beginning at Daytona in July with NBC . . . that will be fun to watch as he grows in that role for hopefully years to come. I personally think that Dale will be great on TV, and I hope that he will be the voice that we need to call NASCAR out on their shenanigans . . . we’ll see what happens.

Daytona is just mere weeks away and I can’t wait!



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  1. GO FIGURE……….

    Danica Patrick, GoDaddy back together for ‘Danica Double’

    By Zack Albert January 18, 2018 at 8:23 am
    RELATED: Danica confirms Rodgers romance

    Danica Patrick will carry familiar sponsorship for her two-race farewell in 2018, with longtime backer GoDaddy reuniting for her efforts in the Daytona 500 and Indianapolis 500.

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  2. I am rooting for JJ to win # 8 for the sole purpose of giving Francypants and his cartel …. what other sport keeps changing the rules to stop a great athlete from winning ?

    As for a new driver to cheer for , do not see anyone to like so I will spend the season sticking pins in the ones I dislike the most.

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  3. About this year….. Honestly, I have a hard time getting my head around the Cup Series with Junior gone …just not the same. If I watch Cup and that’s a maybe, i’ll be cheering for Chase in the 9 car… I remember all those times his dad raced Senior and gave as good as he got…… I was taken aback when JRM signed Chase for that reason.. I learned a lot about Dale Jr when that happened…Chase has some growing-up to do but still see him as I did Dale Jr and Davy Allison in the past… Ill be rooting for Chase in Cup Series but most of my real interest aligns with Team JRM & #7,LIttle Gator (Justin Allgaier) in the Xfinity Series……whatever numbnuts call it this year….


  4. oh ,, gm dont worry about jr and the 88 that was dale jarrets number car and jr had a god relationship with jarret and that deal was sign sealed and drivin and that era is over hatters may try to bust his ball over that but jr fans know better . the only number the co-insides with any other then dale jr driving would be the bud 8 and no one can ever say they were better then jr at that time in his carrer


  5. gm ,,, i thinkfor one.. no one will consider the fact about alex doing better then jr in the 88 well the ha88ers will but true fans of nascar , know that jr beat all the drivers of old from his father on back to dw , drivers that are not racing ,but it think in time alex will do better on a certin scale with greg knowing how alex races,being his crew cheif in the nationwide series,

    second im sorry but i will not wear a 24 , hat , as far as im concerned thats jeff never liked him .

    so leaves chace and the 9 , its a maybe but i go back to how sr and bill raced each other to win ,sort of a god rivalry pure racing at it best , if thats the way the rest of the site wants to go that way then its fine with me i think chace will do us proud

    so that brings me back to kasey kahne , he got run out by the new miellienal drivers never realy cared for him but i think the under dog plays effect . just a thought … but nothing in stone yet …


  6. how the helll is yall so fur this year , its been fun , but still the same as last year glad to see buckshot back in action , but the question still stands has anyone thinking of a driver to pull for this year , i was going to just watch blaney in the 12 but he went to penske and cant stand the team ,,, i dont like what his name in the 88 , the only one to watch has to be jimmy because of hms , but other then that not even jeffery strikes me well enough to care . dont care for ford anyho , so who is thinking of who… realy i think if it would help the team at all it would be kasey kahne in the 95 throwing some money to a second or even third tier team he would be the one the car was starting to look good at the end of the year just needed a good driver ,,,,what say you ?


    1. I asked the same question last night….I want to pull for the #88 but I don’t like the thought of anyone else in Dale Jr’s car and my fear like before is if Alex Bowman comes out and starts winning everybody will question Dale Jr’s ability towards the end of his career. JJ and the #48 bunch has won enough and I would rather nobody have more championships the Dale Sr.

      That brings me to the #24 and I hope I don’t upset anyone on here…I really like William Byron and if he would have ended up in any other car that would be my driver. I still consider myself old school NASCAR when Dale Sr fans couldn’t stand anything to do with Jeff Gordon and the Rainbow Warriors. When Dale Jr ended up at HMS my dislike for Jeff Gordon softened up a great deal but I just can’t bring myself to wear anything with the #24 on it. Lol

      That leaves the #9 and Chase Elliot and although I hope the 24,88,48 do well I will be pulling for the #9

      There are several others drivers out there that I like but manufacture loyalty will not let me pull for anything but Chevy and the “Bow Tie Brigade”.


    1. this is anew era . the car is different the driver is different even the number isnt the same , this car number no longer has any tags to dale jr . and dont let the hatters confuse you


  7. WOO-WHO …. Little Gator (Justin Allgaier) IS BACK with JRM in No 7 for 2018.. That new Camaro looking pretty spiffy


  8. Hope everyone is doing well……..Since Dale Jr is sadly not racing anymore has everyone decided who you primarily are going to pull for? I am trying to talk myself into being as interested in NASCAR as I was when Dale Sr & Dale Jr was racing but I don’t think it will ever be the same to me. I’m sure all of us would like to see HMS be the team to beat but I am trying to get behind one of these drivers & teams like I did with Sr & Jr and get really interested in it.

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    1. Good to hear from you, I hope all is well with you. I wish I could be as positive as you are about Nascar., Between all the silly rule changes and the crazy broadcast schedule on to of Junior’s retirement I strongly doubt that I will be watching many races next year. Perhaps a few trips to the small local tracks.


    2. Welcome back GM…stranger…. good to see your post here…… How are things in the “Deep State” ??…
      Happy New Year GM, best to you and family living in God’s Country… Still remember that picture and still jealous here …


      1. Good to hear from you Buckshot…It has been COLD…Very COLD. I can’t ever remember the temps being this low for this long. We haven’t had very much snow this year just the single digit temps but I’m sure most on this board has had to deal with it. .


  9. Doublespeak anyone ? If Martinsville is in trouble there’s no hope for the sport at all !

    That video I referred to is on YouTube..” Technology Failure “…my niece’s name Deanne might be on it …my daughters and nieces would not let me watch the game alone after such a long , sad day….still believe it was Phil and my Mom ( worlds biggest Eagles fan ) messing with us .

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    1. From the article:

      “We’re calling it ‘facility optimization,’” Campbell told the Bulletin. “It’s not a lot of seats but at the end of the day it’s going to make the experience better for everyone in that tower because by eliminating those seats people don’t have to walk to get to the top row. It will relieve pressure on our concession stands and our restrooms in that tower, we can only build so many in there. So it’s really a win-win for everybody concerned so that’s the reason we’re taking those out.”

      More of the “right sizing” bullshit we’ve been fed before about removing seats at the other tracks?

      I’m calling it “a bullshit excuse” for PR/propaganda reasons.

      We damned well know what they’re doing.
      No need to lie to us about it.
      It makes them look foolish liars in the eyes of the fans and they’ve shot their credibility.

      That little tiny track having to remove seats to drive up the costs of tickets and make them less available is a certain death knell for the track and the sport.

      It’s the usual corporate trick, produce less, keep the product in short supply (just like oil and gas) to drive up the cost to the consumer and make more profits especially when there is no competition in the market.

      Fuck greedy corporations.

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  10. NASCAR on NBC
    ‏Verified account @NASCARonNBC
    Jan 12

    In her retirement announcement, Danica Patrick​ said she would run the Daytona 500 & Indianapolis 500. However, Chip Ganassi Racing​ confirmed it’s no longer in talks with Danica to run either race for their team.

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    1. That’s what Connie was referring to the other day when she said Danican’t was probably too expensive for Ganassi… wrecks too many cars? LOL!

      Wrecks too many cars and relationships too?!


      yeah, I’m bad. 😛

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        1. I heard what you have, that Lil’ Ricky’s parents didn’t like her rough and abrasive personality.
          Her constant cussing wasn’t very feminine to them, she acted more like one of the guys than a lady.


    1. left click on the picture in question, connie…..then move your pointer around a bit….. if the picture moves with ur mouse pointer, then you an move it here… if it dont move but creates a link to the picture, let that link post to a new blank page then repeat the above… In my experience only of the picture moves with your mouse pointer can u post it here…. but that’s just me…


        1. not sure that works for videos.. but works for me on most pictures on twitter… Face Book is a whole different game…..most of Face Book stuff wont allow u to share at other sites … at least I don’t know how… perhaps other cam help u there……


          1. but then i have a lot of trouble posting normal comments here, constantly have to hit the back key as this site constantly tell me my post didn’t post ( get a error message) and end up trying it again, with the back key ……Point is …. I have no idea…..


    1. It was weird here too, last night the local weather men for all 4 local channels drowned on an on about 3 wind swirls that might possible turn into a Tornado Watch….I get local channels want to do their part for locals, but damn all of them at same time……about nothing serious??? Totally ruined time prime (Blue Blood)… Hate that…..


      1. Also after single digit temps since New Years, the big sudden thaw of temps in the 60’s brought on plenty of water main breaks here.


    1. Hmm. Looks to me that Monster is already having buyer’s remorse and doubts after just their first year of seeing little return on their huge investment?

      Go figure?

      Waning interest, shrinking viewership and attendance and it not even being on TV anymore unless one buys two to three extra premium channels on cable or satellite to watch it?

      NA$CAR won’t pressure them because nobody else is lining up to give them the big bucks to sponsor their turd that’s circling the the toilet bowl about to go down for good.

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    1. Doubtful connie.. If memory serves…. Brian would have to get permission to purchase any NFL team…… permission as a consensus from all the other owners…… Granted, that’s a league of people way above my pay grade but imo doubt any position by the France family in the NFL would be seen as positive, given their resounding success with NASCAR in the past 20 years…. just saying

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        1. The boy King has done far too much irreparable damage to it it appears.
          He’s destroyed most of the tradition, genuineness and interest and run off most of the fans who made it what it was before he inherited the controls and sank it like the Titanic.


    1. Deja’-vu …..on YOU TUBE most of yesterday ….. but seems for some reason I’m starting to like Classical ….. Who did that happen….. especially like Johnathan and Charlotte from Britain’s Got Talent ….. amazing

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  11. dear connie so sorry to hear of your lose its truely heart braking but im glad he suffers no more , my only wish is that you thank god for the time you had together and never forget the good and bad times they are all to be charrished , just remeber hes in a better place , god bless you and him rest in peace

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  12. Sorry to tell you all that my hubby Phil passed away yesterday…finally pain-free and peacefully with all of us with him…no damn blizzard could stop us.Wish you all could have known him.


    1. Hello Connie…. sending my most sincerest condolences to you at this time… I am with you in spirit and send my love and deepest hart felt sorrow for your loss.. We were like kindred spirits in a way as I constantly thought of you and hubby over these past 4.5 years.

      I will pass along these words that I found helpful when I lost sis in 2015. She left these words for me:
      ” I am never forgotten as long as there is someone here to remember me. When there is no one left to remember me, we will all be together again.”

      God loves you Connie, and so do we…. Our hart is sad today for your loss…. He is in a better place now.. free of pain and safe from this world sickness…..

      You are in my hart and prayers today and always…. Still have no idea why Iv been so blessed but this is not the time for that conversation…. God loves you connie……. so do we….

      RIP HUBBY..

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    2. I don’t know what else to say but sorry for your loss and echo the same sentiments and wishes as everyone else here has already said?

      I too know the painful kick in the gut that it is to lose a close loved one. I’ve been down that road too many times (also recently) and it brings back all of those same awful feelings that I had then.

      May God Bless, God Rest and God Speed.

      May He give you peace and comfort in these difficult times and may you have comfort that his pain is over and that he’s in a much better place.

      We will all get to see them again.

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      1. I suspect that she already had “another iron in the fire” before she had dumped the one(s) that she already had?
        Another greener pasture?
        Got a head start?
        Two timing?


  13. WOW is this a red letter day or what !!!!!… WOO_WHOOO….

    Guess who is not only followed now but also received a personal message from my most favorite Country Singer/Entertainers ever………..

    Mark this day in history: I will have you know I am now followed by none-other than Reba Mcentire…….

    If that were not enough, she sent me a personal tweeter note saying ” Thank you with best wishes for the new year etc…etc etc……”

    My feet have not touched the floor in the last hour ….on cloud 9 here…. made my whole year…2018 is going to be a banner year…. …..


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      1. well bummer.. was not the real Reba….. actually a fake…..told her im broke, that ended that…. was fun for a bit though LOLOL

        God love me…….

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        1. Your luck is about like mine, Buckshot.

          When I saw how Charlie Brown’s luck always runs, I thought that they wrote it about me?

          I’m gettin’ pretty tired of Lucy always yanking that football away from me every time!

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          1. actually had fun with this fake….. played along constantly asking when we would actually talk on the phone since they have my phone #…. This went on for hours back and forth.. Me playing Maslow games, them avoiding my questions. Finally, last night I just blocked them….. it passed the day… waiting for the snow which is here now an still coming down….. Love to string these jerks along … did make the day go by….. LOL

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    1. Based on their names: ” Niquan Victorin, 20, Chantz Hines, 18, and Armeka Spinks, 18″ I’m betting they are not local grown boys either but that’s just me..

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