Race Weekend Chat: Dale Jr.’s Last Ride


This is it, everybody. The final Cup race of Dale Jr.’s career before he goes into retirement. I’ve personally watched him every race weekend since late 2004 and watched him win in the first ever NASCAR race I went to at Phoenix in November of 2004 when I had turned just 12 years old. Now 13 years later, after years of ups and downs, it has finally come down to this final race weekend. Like I said last week, time sure does fly.

Of course, nothing more special could happen this weekend than Dale Jr. winning in his final start of his career. But watching him drive around that old red Budweiser paint scheme on Sunday will be incredibly special in its own right. On Sunday, when lap 267 gets the checkers, it will not only be the end of the race and the 2017 championship, but more importantly the end of an era. Thank you Dale for everything. You will always be my #1 driver. 


Homestead Miami Speedway


Championship weekend 2017

TV Schedule:

Friday, Nov. 17
2:30 a.m., NASCAR Race Hub (re-air), FS1
8:30 a.m., Camping World Truck Series practice at Miami, FS1
10 a.m., Camping World Truck Series final practice at Miami, FS1
12:30 p.m., Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series practice at Miami, NBCSN
2 p.m., NASCAR America, NBCSN
2:30 p.m., NASCAR XFINITY Series practice at Miami, NBCSN
3:30 p.m., Camping World Truck Series Keystone Light Pole Qualifying at Miami, FS1
5 p.m., NASCAR XFINITY Series final practice at Miami, NBCSN
6 p.m., Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Coors Light Pole Qualifying at Miami, NBCSN
7:30 p.m., Camping World Truck Series SetUp, FS1
8 p.m., Camping World Truck Series Ford EcoBoost 200 at Miami, FS1
10 p.m., Camping World Truck Series Post-Race Show, FS1

Saturday, Nov. 18
6 a.m., Camping World Truck Series Ford EcoBoost 200 at Miami (re-air), FS1
10 a.m., Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series practice at Miami, CNBC
11 a.m., NASCAR XFINITY Series Coors Light Pole Qualifying at Miami, CNBC
12:30 p.m., NASCAR America, NBCSN
1 p.m., Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series final practice at Miami, NBCSN
2 p.m., NASCAR America, NBCSN
3 p.m., NASCAR XFINITY Series Countdown to Green: Miami, NBCSN
3:30 p.m., NASCAR XFINITY Series Ford EcoBoost 300 at Miami, NBCSN
6:30 p.m., NASCAR XFINITY Series Post-Race Show at Miami, NBCSN

Sunday, Nov. 19
11:30 a.m., NASCAR RaceDay: Miami, FS1
1:30 p.m., NASCAR America Sunday, NBC
2 p.m., Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Countdown to Green, NBC
2:45 p.m., Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Ford EcoBoost 400 at Miami, NBC
3 p.m., NASCAR Hot Pass, NBCSN
7 p.m., Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Post-Race Show at Miami, NBCSN
8 p.m., NASCAR Victory Lap, NBCSN
9:30 p.m., NASCAR Victory Lane, FS1


363 comments on “Race Weekend Chat: Dale Jr.’s Last Ride”



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    1. Thank you BBB, RULES & Chandrika love hearing the Celtic Ladies …. makes me know God is in his Heaven….. Thankful for my blessing,……


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    1. Exactly when does she get her first fire suite???? Seriously, happy for Keelan,,, sisters are the best friend ever…….


  2. Well , this is the last straw , nascar…..Coors Light is no longer the official beer or pole award sponsor !!!!!!

    Guess Brainfart wanted more money to prop up his drinking !!!!

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    1. Ha! I knew it!
      They wouldn’t last as long as Budweiser did as the sponsor! Not even close!
      Not as good tasting and selling beer and King Brian’s greed priced them right out of it fast as well as the fan’s mass exodus because of him!

      Budweiser probably would still be in it if they weren’t taken over by that Belgian company InBev?
      Seems like everyone knows that NA$CAR is a losing deal anymore? Not worth the money? What goes around, comes around.

      I sure miss that 8 car with Bud sprawled across the hood and it winning several races per year.

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      1. Well, King Brian will have to just lower his prices and go low ball for a new pole award sponsor and official beer…. there’s always Old Milwaukee, Carling’s black label or PBR… LOL!

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        It’s as if I had written it myself word for word!
        So, it looks like there is hope that King Brian may abdicate his throne soon?
        Sounds like even he knows that he’s REALLY screwed the pooch with his incessant greed and dicking around with the controls and ran off the fans?

        I nominate Humpy Wheeler and Eddie Gossage to take over NASCAR and restore it to the way that it was!

        Turn it back into a competitor and fan driven sport again instead of a rigged corporate side show. Make it open again to the little guys out there to get in and race too instead of just the rich corporate owners. It used to be that at every track when locals who could bring a car and driver that could make the qualifying cut they’d get to race and we would see new fan favorites emerge who are just like us and our neighbors down the street who raced the local short tracks instead of only rich pretty privileged playboys born into big money being the only teams/drivers allowed.


  3. merry christmas . too all a happy new year .. i hate to say it but i seen jr wearing a tool belt on his dyi network house in florida . just looks weird . but he dont have to borrow the formans tools any more ,,,lol

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    May you all have the best of health, wealth and prosperity and never be alone!

    This one is dedicated to you all:

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    1. It is snowing her in Louisville Kentucky right now.
      Light dusting is on the ground and it’s still going.

      It is an official white Christmas here for the first time in a very long time.
      The last one that I remember was way back in the early 1970’s.

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  5. Happy Days before Christmas to my buddies here. My emotions and spirits go up and down, up and down. Having some luncheons in my house and doing my part. Nice to be with friends. Trying to keep it sane. Then days alone are nice but make me nostalgic. Working on a cold. Eating too much candy. The usual. Hope things are well with you.

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    1. Good for RC!

      I wish that he had gotten a body count and scored all of the perps!

      Here’s hoping that he wounded them and they crawl away and croak!


      1. In my lifetime I’ve been told more than a few times: crooks are typically stupid…. But Geesch,
        breaking in a Board Member of the NRA takes stupid to a whole knew level…..

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  6. Did anyone see the KC Chiefs “pit-stop” TD celebration last weekend ? Pretty funny !

    Yahoo has an article about prospective buyers for the Panthers with Junior’s picture on it….didn’t read the article….figured it was fake news !

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    1. Yeah, rapper “P Diddy” is talking about buying the Panthers and hiring Kaepernick to play for them.

      I hope that he does it because he’ll go broke.

      Anybody would be foolish to buy any NFL team because the sport is rightfully going broke because of their racist thug players being boycotted and their BS politics.

      P Diddy is also a racist and deserves to become poor ASAP.


        1. Go Figure???

          Actually he has become a symbol for those in the NFL that don’t like the Don… Doubt seriously he would be successful in any part of a bid for the Panthers how ever I for one kinda hope he is. Remember… A fool and his money soon part, Same would happen if he became the QB there, attendance would all but disappear…. but that’s just me ….
          Just look at Kaepernick the same as Hollywood Nancy Policy or Chuckie-Baby Schumer… same same.

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          1. My biggest fear is that Junior gets involved with these two idiots…. Sure hope Junior continue to looks to Mr H for advise in his business matters… Then again, I did not agree with Junior’s position on Kneeling for the Anthem either…. If Junior partnered with say Mr H and Joe Gibbs that would be cool and imo successful but not with the likes of Kaepernick and P-Ditty… Agree with Rules on that one…. but that’s just me


    1. Might be because Sparkle Pony won’t be going on the road with little Ricky every week now and she won’t have her boy toy around to snuggle with as much?

      Or maybe she liked it better when she wore the firesuit in their relationship?

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        1. Did not … I’m nowhere to be found….. (I get blamed for everything, guess next, Ill get a nasty tweet from Sparkle Pony blaming me for the breakup….. 😛 😛 😛 )

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      1. I usually have to log in after I hit like and then go to the home page and come back and hit like again, That is why I sometimes don’t show up as having liked a post., I forget why I am at the home page. LOL


    1. I haven’t ever bought a die cast NASCAR race car.
      In fact I haven’t bought any NA$CAR merchandise for the last 2 years now or any Junior merchandise either. I doubt if I will ever buy anything from NA$CAR ever again other than going to a race now and then? It sure won’t be the way that it was for me now on.
      Too many changes (not for the better) and with Junior not running very well and leaving the race car makes it not much fun anymore for me.
      If/when I do watch it probably will be just to root against those drivers that I don’t like?

      Heh heh heh…… 😛

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    1. I remember Junior saying ” Accepting Pops resignation was Junior’s biggest regret .” Interview asking Junior about his career and regrets….. Pops was his fav too….

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      1. It was great of them to take the time and make the trip to do that. To state the obvious, Nationwide was great to do the tribute and donation and it took the edge off I think it would have been too awkward for them if it was an HMS event.

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      1. IMO….Lots of similarities between Dec 7 1941 & Sept 11, 2001… Both tragic and so unnecessary, both were gross statements of man’s inhumanity towards man.. .. Yet here we are again with yet another lunatic in North korea…. I know and understand this is not a political forum..I get that… but have to say… I see NK in much the same way saw Japan in 1941.. Same Mind set….. Same Dog – Different fleas ….. Makes no sense to me….. sad….


    1. He’s already 7 years old?


      Where has the time gone?

      I thought that he was about 4 or 5!

      Time flies by faster and faster when you’re gettin’ old.
      I don’t like that either!

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  7. I talked to several of my friends and co-workers about King Brian’s shitty behavior towards Truex and Junior at the awards banquet.

    They all agreed that King Brian was being a dick and that he has no class.

    I didn’t get to watch it because I had ditched cable TV.

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  8. Freakin’ Krylie had to pollute the Snowball Derby too !!!! I think I will spend next season sticking pins in the Krybaby doll….long,sharp,painful pins !

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    1. Kryle always likes being the big fish in a little pond and peeing in the kiddie’s pool.

      It makes him feel big.

      He will probably enter the Cub Scout’s local soapbox derby and dominate that too?

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    1. Great find, BobB!
      Look at all of the comments made at the bottom of the article! It’s as if I/we here wrote them ourselves!
      They are ripping King Brian to shreds telling it like it is!
      I LOVE IT! 😃

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    2. Remember that Truex was in victory lane, King Brian walked up and started giving his bloviated congratulatory speech, then handed Truex his trophy and kept on bloviating on and on into the microphone. After waiting a few seconds, Truex interrupted King Brian in mid sentence and said “Can I hold up my trophy now?” and he did. The crew and crowd started cheering loudly and King Brian couldn’t be heard bloviating anymore so he turned and walked away looking pissed for being cut off.
      Brian’s rude behavior was probably payback for that perhaps?
      And of course King Brian has no use for Junior now knowing that he’s leaving and so too are most of the remaining fans with their wallets!


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      1. I also suspect that behind the scenes where we can’t see or hear everything said by the drivers, that they’re all pretty pissed with King Brian and his ruining the sport? And he knows it? They can’t say anything publicly or criticize, but it did surprise me when Truex cut off the boy King in mid speech like that? Like, yeah, yeah, whatever you dickweed? Gimme my trophy and STFU already!


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        1. If memory serves, BBB comments a few years back play here…. “.Typically, it’s the third generation of a pass-down ownership that destroys the interest”

          It’s not unlike a hostile takeover … exploit the assets, run it in the ground, take the money and run…. So it is with NASCAR… Prolly why so many majors have left in the past two years…

          Makes me wonder what HMS, Pinski & JGR see for the future????…

          For me, I’m watching Xfinity series next year, JRM and how Junior does there …..

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  9. earth quake , you know i never even felt it , i was at home , watching tv and never noticed it , then i heard there was one and said when ,where who ,,,, only earth shaking news i heard was jr winning mpd for 15th time and all the ha88ers boohooing they wernt in jr nation

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