Race Weekend Chat: November 3 – November 5, 2017



Texas Motor Speedway


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61 comments on “Race Weekend Chat: November 3 – November 5, 2017”

        1. The better veteran drivers are no longer wanted and the usual mid pack driver types are suddenly preferred all because of the lack of money and that they are cheaper to employ.
          Yeah man, that’s sure going to add to the excitement and draw back the fans?



    1. Owners are settling for the lower tier talent now because they are cheaper to employ.
      We all know why?
      They can all thank King Brian and all of his and his yes men’s stupid ideas and sheer greed for it.

      I love it when the consumer (we the fans) vote loudly with our wallets against these uppity arrogant pricks!

      The best way to deal with such greed, arrogance and contempt for the customers is to turn these “owners” of the sport into poor people by keeping all of our hard earned money away from them.

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      1. AND…. KIng Brian definitely got that “new fan base” that he was looking for when he decided to diss the long time traditional fans who grew the sport and made him rich and worship the corporate money and their politics instead.

        Funny, that “new fan base” that he wanted when he decided “to turn the sport in a new direction to a new market” doesn’t like loud race cars, watching auto races on TV or coming out to the track as much as they like to stay inside the house and stare into their cell phones all day long and avoid social encounters/life.

        You got your politically correct corporate wussy fans King Brian and surprise surprise, their numbers are very very few!

        How’s it feel goin’ broke? Beeyotch!

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  1. So disappointed…in Junior ,in Hendrick , in nascar….I get furious when Junior says “we had a dececnt car,I was having fun “….I’m not ,I guess I am ready for golf to start !

    I am going to ask again for your prayers and good wishes…surgery number 3 tomorrow to remove the hernia on my incision…hopefully outpatient…Hubby really needs me now…love you all.


  2. so dissappointed , with the performance of the 88 team the 48 team , to cars from the same shop , jimmys car about the same as jr , no compitition for either car

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    1. Or as I say; “that’s a-crap”!

      At least Junior got to lead a few laps by not pitting.
      Pretty bad when that’s the best accomplishment for the day?
      The rest of HMS isn’t doing too well either. Best hope looks like Chase?
      JJ is struggling.

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    1. I have to say, between Junior retiring, the stage racing and playoff gimmicks, the fifty new rules per month and screaming “green flag is in the air” Rick Allen it isn’t going to be very hard to step away after Homestead.

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  3. ok let get er done , jr starting 17th , actually i hope jimmy and chace win this race , chevy all the way , but i realy waant jr to win , car is fast just to far back in the feild , just got to get to the front , long race , but i think he can do it …


  4. matt kenzeth , will not be back for the 2018 season taking time off , but not retiring just yet ,, even more so the reason i will not be watching , times are a changing , and im not playing in ,

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  5. Most of you know that I’m from Kentucky, born and raised.
    Much of my family on my father’s side are from Lawrenceburg Ky.
    My uncles worked right next door to the Wild Turkey distillery in Tyrone at the Kentucky river.
    I have been there many times myself since I was a kid.

    Matthew McConaughey is one of my favorite actors and he’s an avid NASCAR and Wild Turkey bourbon fan.
    Yesterday he visited our Wild Turkey distillery in Lawrenceburg where several of my family have worked and they still do.

    Today was his birthday and he came here to visit and hand out part of 4500 Butterball Turkeys in a promo for Wild Turkey which he is a fan of (as am I).
    What a cool thing to do!
    Click on the videos and watch him make some rural people happy!


    Not an advertisement or plug, this just hits home with me and my family is all!


    1. Well have to say that sounds like lots of fun… I to am a Matthew McConaughey fan and several of his movies are my favs….
      I don’t mean to ridicule this event, my perspective is a play on words but when anyone speaks to passing out free Turkey, I immediately think about Les Nesman in WKRP Cincinnati when he gets the new chopper to drop frozen turkey to people at a mall from 2000 feet up and the mayhem that followed ……
      It was hilarious as they could not actually show a chopper but Nesman’s coverage of frozen turkey hitting cars and such below was epic comedy and is still played on YouTube….

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      1. in reply to ur question RULEZ about Big Red… Had to, got a ticket for expired Md tags so the local boys knew to keep tabs on me.. So after Big Red sat on the parking lot for months without moving, I let her go to a salvage yard for virtually nothing… Sad,, its my first time in decades not to have a vehicle of some kind….. shit happens


        1. Oh man, sorry to hear that.
          Sounds like you need a winning lottery ticket?!

          That’s one thing we all here have in common, we all could use a lot more money!


    1. The only Sears store here in town is set to close at the end of December. 😦
      The only thing I buy from them are the Craftsman tools (other than bed sheet sets etc. because they are the only ones who have decent quality ones).

      They are always located in the malls and I don’t like having to walk almost a mile from the parking lots to shop there. I am sorry that they are closing here though.

      But I am happy that Craftsman tools will also be sold by Lowes along with Ace Hardware here!
      I need a new roll away tool box setup and was planning to get it before the store closes here for good. My old ones are getting rusty as they are 30 years old and I need a bigger set.

      I have to admit that my last two Craftsman tool purchases were from Amazon.com.
      Yeah, I know, I’m a traitor to the bricks and mortar stores here, but Amazon has what I want without having to drive around everywhere to find it.

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      1. Tools are a must have for any self respecting Car Guy…… Moving back to Richmond area included my 6′ tool chest. I chose my apartment cause it has a walk in closet where tool chest now resides….. Some things just never change ….mostly Sears Craftsman …..

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        1. One thing that I have recently discovered… Gear Wrench ratchet handles are far superior to Craftsman and all other makes there are, period. Oh, I love the Craftsman sockets, open end wrenches, too boxes, specialty tools, etc. (anything but Craftsman power tools which have always been poorly made in my opinion).
          The “newer” basic low end Craftsman ratchet handles with the lever reverse switch and coarse teeth made within the last 20-25 years are pretty much junk. The older ones are great (I inherited my dad’s), but they don’t make the parts for those anymore if they do break, so hold onto your old ones if they are working good. These “newer” ones will not always engage the ratchet lock and they will slip inside and bust your knuckles and fingers. Believe me, I know from expericnce The Craftsman higher end “professional” ratchets aren’t bad, but the ones that I’ve just bought made by Gear Wrench put all of them and all other brands to shame, even Snap-On, MAC, Matco, etc. The Gear Wrench ratchets have 80 teeth in their lock and are very fine and will lock with very little resistance and are very strong, much more than all of the other makes and they are reasonably priced.

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      1. I’m good with it because most of the field is ahead of Junior!
        Take ’em outta there!
        We need a win in almost any way that we can get it at this point! 😀

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