General Discussion Chat Room: October 23 – 26, 2017


The 88 is on a roll! Onto Martinsville!


12 comments on “General Discussion Chat Room: October 23 – 26, 2017”

  1. It was amazing to see ” The Fat Man ” in concert. Somewhere in 1984/85, I’m in AC with GF de-jour, We get comped to see the show that night. Excited but no idea what to expect, we go in this huge auditorium, they seat us on the side but close to the front.. Curtains rise and
    out walks “The Fat Man” in his short tail Tux… He walks over to the Piano, sits down, turns to the audiences and all he said was ” What do you want to hear ?”… Fat Man played for 2 hours, one after another of his long string of hits, never one repeating one of them. Didn’t talk, didn’t tell jokes, he just sang for two solid hours…. I will never ever forget that show . It was and remains one of my most fav memories…

    I loved “The Fat Man”…. HIs music was classic…

    RIP Fats Domino… This world is a better place because you were here….

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