General Discussion Chat Room: October 2 – 5, 2017



Highlights from the Race Weekend:


18 comments on “General Discussion Chat Room: October 2 – 5, 2017”

  1. im not sure if this is the name of it ,oh i looked it up the name is pure nitro x performance enhancment drug , it is leagal to buy at health food stores and nascar has baned it from use by drivers , new polices prohibit the use of this pill ,jr was fined last year and was told if he didnt retire he was going to be suspened from race for one year this came about in 2016 end of year a begining of 2017 testing started for this drug in febuary and many drivers were tested , a few driver were cautioned about this new rule ,but jr was tested for this at the end of 2016 and fined for the use


  2. so i hearing and see this story of the reason dale jr is retiring , espn , sports news , is the story true that the main reason for jr is that if he docent retire he will be suspended for a year , for using the drug called hydroxy cut , because its is being outlawed in nascar , and he was fine 25000 dollars already when the new test came out mid last year , is this legit , and realy the main reason …..thoughts …..


    1. Hate it when I see someone has no clue how to make a Photo Shoot tell the story… Not one photo of the individual cars from distance, as if your standing there looking at it … Prolly one of the shop guys took these picture…..

      I like the 9 car best, 48 wants to be a Batmobile…. don’t remember the rest so I must not liked them ???…. .


  3. just a side note ,, one of the soivineir tents are selling dale jr bud 8 car and 88 cars for 15 dollars each , so if you go to a race hit the sales tents and get you some , oh and the fanatics tent is no more , the haulers are back .


      1. Amen.. Robert was my age… I am so blessed not to have contracted Liver Cancer…

        RIP Robert Yates…..

        Sad to say my Tweeter Prayer List is one name shorter …


  4. i didnt see who was blocking chace to let kyle go by , but go figure it was newman , i was walking down from my seat and was walking toward the finish line to see the burnout by chace and here come kyle duschbag doing the burnout i said what the fuck happen that fast , i few fans of chaces was behind me and i heard that there was two cars laps down side by side , chace fell in behind them and kyle used them as a pick and snake his way around , i was so pissed , couldnt believe it ….


    1. They were not side by side but Newman raced his dirty, stayed in his way … I was glad to see Jeff Gordon let him know his dirty antic did not go unnoticed but when Newman confronted Jeff, Jeff backed down …bummer. Not like last year when Newman took Kyle Larson out …. he is a no-class person plain and simple ..


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