Race Chat

Race Weekend Chat: September 29 – October 1, 2017



MENCS logo

MENCS On-track & TV Schedule:

  • Friday – Practice @ 10:00 AM EST on CNBC
  • Friday – Qualifying @ 3:30 PM EST on NBCSN
  • Saturday – Practice @ 10:30 AM EST on CNBC
  • Saturday – Final Practice @ 1:00 PM EST on CNBC
  • Sunday – Apache Warrior @ 2:00 PM EST on NBCSN

Playoff Points Entering Dover

(Round of 16):

entering dover

22. Dale Earnhardt Jr.  … 482




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NXS On-track & TV Schedule:

  • Friday – Practice @ 12:00 PM EST on NBCSN
  • Friday – Final Practice @ 2:30 PM EST on NBCSN
  • Saturday – Qualifying @ 11:30 AM EST on CNBC
  • Saturday – Use Your Melon. Drive Sober 200 @ 2:30 PM EST on NBCSN

Playoff Points Entering Dover

(Round of 12):

xfinity entering dover


  1. wow let me begain by say , what a great race right down to the last lap when chace got block and old dusch bag got by him , i was so pissed aboiut the 18 wi=nning chace got screwed over by lap down cars , but other then that jr was up on the wheel al day , great showing for the 88 today the best thing was jr moved forward all day and not backwards , had a fast car and it showed , great day all together ,,,

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Wouldn’t be a hoot if Likin is Junior’s lucky charm, 88 takes the checker today….Likin wouldn’t speak for a month LOL .. That cloud-9 would last at least that long…..


    1. Darian is doing good for Kasey P12 now,… started back in the field… HMS has wasted a real talent ….. Shame …….


  2. dam jr is second fastest today in final practice , 2nd only to harvick , but jr has the fastest 10 lap average its gona be a good watch tomorrow .


    1. That is so cool Likin, Would be great if Junior takes the checker today and your there to see his win at his last race in Dover… That would be awesome…..

      Fingers Crossed for you, youngin …..


  3. just got back home from watching qualifiing ,at the mile , i tell ya jrs car look bad fast out there , coming off turn 4 to the finish line , very quick , not loose off like usual ,,,,


    1. Me too……….Coffee starts my day every day regardless…. Assume everyone has a WAWA in your community… Try their coffee… it’s super (their ground coffee in a bad I mean, its a bit expensive but so good)


  4. pick up my ticket for the monster mile ,turn 1 ,section 215 .row 25 seat 6 im going to wear my best jacket for the race ,i have a blue nation wide hat , green amp mountain dew jacket see if you can see me , i also going to take a dale jr throw blanket to hold up during the race , ,, get to see jr race at monster mile for the last time , just in case i see jr , im taking the daytona 500 winning car diecast my get lucky and get it signed …

    Liked by 1 person

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