Race Weekend Chat: September 22 – 24, 2017



MENCS logo

MENCS On-track & TV Schedule:

  • Friday – Practice @ 11:30 AM EST on NBCSN
  • Friday – Qualifying @ 5:00 PM EST on NBCSN
  • Saturday – Practice @ 9:00 AM EST on NBC Sports App
  • Saturday – Final Practice @ 11:30 AM EST on NBC Sports App
  • Sunday – ISM Connect 300 @ 2:00 PM EST on NBCSN

Playoff Points Entering New Hampshire

(Round of 16):

  1. Martin Truex Jr. … 2102 (advanced to Round of 12)
  2. Kyle Larson         … 2075
  3.  Kevin Harvick   … 2067
  4. Brad K.                 … 2061
  5. Kyle Busch          … 2061
  6. Chase Elliott       … 2059
  7. Denny Hamlin   … 2058
  8. Jimmie Johnson … 2046
  9. Matt Kenseth      … 2039
  10. Ryan Blaney       … 2034
  11. Jamie McMurray … 2031
  12. Austin Dillon       … 2026
  13. Kurt Busch           … 2026
  14. Ricky Stenhouse Jr. … 2022
  15. Kasey Kahne        … 2021
  16. Ryan Newman     … 2019

22. Dale Earnhardt Jr.  … 479

Up to Speed: This weekend will be Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s final race in his career at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. Dale has been inconsistent at this track over the years, going his whole career without a win here in either the Monster Energy Cup or Xfinity Series. He has an average finish of 13.7 in 18 seasons of competition at this track.

In preparation for the race, Dale and Greg Ives spent some time in the simulator to help out their efforts this weekend:

“We spent several hours in the simulator Monday trying to figure something out. I’m looking forward to @NHMS — it’s a fun track.” -@DaleJr


kentucky speedway logo

NXS logo

NXS On-track & TV Schedule:

  • Friday – Practice @ 4:00 PM EST on NBCSN
  • Friday – Final Practice @ 6:30 PM EST on NBCSN
  • Saturday – Qualifying @ 5:30 PM EST on NBCSN
  • Saturday – VisitMyrtleBeach.com 300 @ 8:00 PM EST on NBCSN

Playoff Points Entering Kentucky

(Round of 12):

  1. William Byron … 2025
  2. Justin Allgaier  … 2023
  3. Elliott Sadler    … 2020
  4. Daniel Hemric … 2009
  5. Brennan Poole … 2006
  6. Ryan Reed        … 2005
  7. Jeremy Clements … 2005
  8. Cole Custer       … 2005
  9. Blake Koch       … 2005
  10. Matt Tifft          … 2004
  11. Brendan Gaughan … 2003
  12. Michael Annett … 2001

Up to Speed: JR Motorsports had a stellar regular season in the Xfinity Series, taking the top 3 seeds and getting all 4 cars in as the series begins its Playoffs this weekend at Kentucky Speedway. William Byron, seeded 1st, has a 2 point lead over teammate Justin Allgaier and a 5 point lead over regular season champion Elliott Sadler. Michael Annett managed to take the final spot in the Playoffs and is only 4 points back of the 8th place cutoff line for the Round of 8.

105 comments on “Race Weekend Chat: September 22 – 24, 2017”

  1. I just gotta say that I’m damn proud that NASCAR and the teams aren’t getting involved in this stupid kneeling during our national anthem BS.

    Screw the NFL. The first MLB player kneeled today. If that shit spreads in the MLB and they support it then they can count me the fuck out.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. NASCAR team owners against kneeling for anthem.
      Bet King Brian supports the NFL and the kneeling?He’s a coward and usually goes along with the PC crowd inspite of the fans.
      He did on the “transgendered” perverts in the restrooms issue even before being asked by the media.
      Like those types even go to any NASCAR races? Hellooooooo?


      1. Not so sure RULEZ…. France was one of the first to support The Don early before he got the nomination… Given how NASCAR controls public comments from teams, owners probably won’t get a chance to fire someone, France would most likely ban them…. which is to say they cannot be at the track on any team ever …IMO

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    2. It really doesn’t bother me. One of the things I am most proud of is that I voluntarily put on a uniform to support all Americans rights.
      And I even had to bulk up to tip the minimum weight, easier out to use than bone spurs at the draft board.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Here’s the deal, and I believe this to be true, and I know that no one will be happy about it, but Team 88 is either the worst HMS team or battling the #5 Team for that dubious honor in possibly HMS’ worst year as an organization to date. If HMS was on top, then even being the fourth best team there would mean Top 5’s and Top 10’s. Think about it. We were all celebrating Richmond. We were the best HMS car. What did being the best HMS car mean? Running 6th. Being the best HMS car three years ago meant ending up in Victory Lane. We can throw Greg under the bus all that we want, and I’m not saying that he doesn’t deserve it, but we wouldn’t be winning races even if he was the best crew chief at HMS. The organization is just too far behind right now, and I’m not just talking about Toyota. They can’t even keep up with Kyle Larson and he runs a Chevy with HMS power. I don’t know how long it will take for them to get back on top, but it certainly looks it wasn’t in the cards for us. I’m just hoping that we can get through these last eight races without Dale getting hurt. That’s about all we can hope for now.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. I think your opinion about HMS is right on the money Steven…. I also think TRD exacerbates the situation.. One has to appreciate just how much depth TRD brings to the table…. active participation in Toyota Global Racing… That’s a huge hill to climb even for HMS… What I see is: Brian France has allowed this to happen. GM and FMC would both have to step up to this table with an equal participation ( providing engines, Aireo Support, on an on for the field to ever be level …

      IMO There is no way even HMS can compete with the Cubic Dollars of TRD ….Even if HMS was not in a rebuild year …. with several to go….. still..


  3. Umm. Well. Just another shitty race for the 88 team.

    I will say though, I do like this new “Playoff” format. It awards the regular season all the way through Homestead. However, the term “Playoffs” and NASCAR just don’t mix.


  4. almost half a race down and jr still in 18th , week after week after week ,,, same ole shit . i might have tickets for the dover race , im going to go just for the fun of the race , see if i see greg somewhere in a dark alley

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    1. I’m walking in and out of the house. Washing my truck and checking it on raceview every once in awhile.
      No sense in wasting a goid day watching Junior struggle yet again in 20th place.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Too bad that we live so far apart. I’d take you out to dinner and some drinks! Maybe a local fall festival?
          I’m a festival junkie! 😀


  5. ok , wow ,a car that was 8th fastes t iin final practice , has been adjusted to run in 19th already in the race , what did jr just let the 10 car just go by , no ,,greg has been near the car before the race started .

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  6. ok here we go , jrs car is pretty fast , qual 8th . good startting spot for this track , lets geter done , looking for a good race

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    1. Exactly and Congrats to Team-JRM… really smart race in Kentucky last night…… not counting Little Gators FUPA 10 laps in…. Super great comeback on the #7 team from two laps down….

      Sure wouldn’t mind seeing Team88 be a Tyler Reddick at New Hampshire today……… just saying

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    1. 42 Tyler Riddick w8ns in a Chevy!!!


      Listening to the Steve Miller band playing liveout in my back yard now!
      Only 2 miles away from my home!


        1. I can’t even afford to look at any of those cars there, much less bid on any! LOL
          It depresses me to look at nice expensive things that I can never have, so I try not to look.


  7. JRMotorsports 58s59 seconds ago

    Stage Two complete at @KySpeedway:

    P5: @WilliamByron
    P10: @Elliott_Sadler
    P11: @J_Allgaier
    P14: @MichaelAnnett


  8. JRMotorsports 30s31 seconds ago

    Lap 10 here at @KySpeedway:

    P3: @J_Allgaier
    P9: @Elliott_Sadler
    P10: @WilliamByron
    P22: @MichaelAnnett

    Patience GrassHopper Patience……


  9. I stayed at home and forgo-ed the race.
    Worked on my truck, installed two extra loud horns on it after I almost got crushed by a tractor trailer drifting into my lane and almost ran me into the concrete K rail in a turn.
    I laid down on the horn and the driver never reacted to it. After I slammed on the brakes and fell back, I pulled up along side of the idiot to let him know how pissed that I was.
    I laid on the horn again, nothing. He didn’t even look over. He was yawning a lot, must have fell asleep at the wheel?
    Anyhow, my black Chevy Colorado now has 3 horns on it now, no more wimpy one horn honk.
    I would have put a locomotive air horn in it if it would have fit behind the grille.


        1. I heard him he did good.. Always enjoy the National Anthem when they follow the script… So tell your cousin.. thanks for that ….


  10. JRMotorsports

    @NASCAR_XFINITY Series qualifying has concluded.

    P4: @J_Allgaier
    P6: @Elliott_Sadler
    P12: @WilliamByron
    P18: @MichaelAnnett


      1. Ryan Preece is in the 20, and I think that he’ll race you clean. The RCR drivers don’t really have a reputation of being careless. The three guys that I’m worried about Sam Hornish Jr, Brennan Poole and Ryan Reed. They race like idiots and Sam has nothing to lose. JRM definitely needs to keep the big prize in mind.


  11. Why does nbc put cup stuff on an app instead of TV ? Are the foreign soccer ratings that good ? I AIN’T GOT NO APPS !!!!!!!! I could probably watch on my computer but after 71 years of reading , sewing and TV (on 9&12 ” tvs) my eyes are about as good as my knees !!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. it’s more a function of a certain recent Globalist President’s agenda to deplete our boarders, diminish America’s Culture, make Christianity a minority religion ….. but that’s just me…

      Liked by 1 person

    2. All past American traditions, institutions are under attack by the powers that be. They want to diminish everything Americana and turn us into the same thing that they did to Europe.
      Soccer is not that popular, but they know if they force it and remove American sports from TV, the sheeple will acquiesce to it.
      These powers that be want to turn men into wussies and women into butches.


  12. wow jrm nation ,thats sound cool im in , but it will go aginst me telling my wife im done with nascar though , how to handle that one , we will see …..

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  13. JRMotorsports 17s18 seconds ago
    First practice complete at @KySpeedway:

    P5: @J_Allgaier
    P7: @Elliott_Sadler
    P14: @WilliamByron
    P19: @MichaelAnnett


    1. I was initially planning on going to this race.
      None of my friends here will be going, so if I do it will be solo.
      I doubt if I’ll even go now?
      Maybe if I don’t go, JRM will dominate? And if I do, Turdotas would instead?
      Hmmm. Decisions, decisions!

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  14. Hey RobBob …Maybe for 2018 we should change our focus here to ” Dale Jr Four Horsemen of JRM” discussion group/blog….. just saying….


  15. Copied from last thread:


    So, when is the NFL going to start removing stadium seats just like NA$CAR?

    This is what they get for doing their crap that insults and disses the fans and what they hold dear, more or less like how NA$CAR has been doing.

    We are getting tired of these rich spoiled rotten types lecturing to us all and dissing us, telling us what to believe, like or do as their greed and arrogance grows as the fan base shrinks.


    1. Super Glad to see NFL fans express their dislike for Capteneck’s conduct…. If only we could do same with the performing arts celebs (jerks) in LA/Hollywood/NYC…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. They are!

        It was on the “news” that Jennifer Lawrence’s new movie bombed big right after she opened her yap again bad mouthing the American people when she was hinting that the voters were all to blame for all the recent hurricanes.

        The public opinion on her has been so negative (due to her own remarks) that she’s decided to sit out on acting for the next 2 years!

        And that celebritard is from my own city I’m embarrassed to say,


    1. There’s no doubt that Toyota’s new car is superior, but HMS is even behind the Ford teams and their car is as old as Chevy’s current model is. SHR going to Ford really gave them a boost. Chevrolet’s dying right now. They need to either create some new teams or convert existing to their side.


  16. Think about the upheaval at HMS since the end of 2014. Letarte leaves. Jason Burdett leaves. National Guard leaves. The 88 pit crew leaves. Jeff Gordon and Kevin Meandering leave at the end of 2015. Somewhere over the course of 2015, the relationship with SHR crumbles, so that means less data sharing trying to find speed. An incredible amount of changes. It’s no wonder that they’re behind.

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