‘Tales of the Turtles 400’ Race Chat Room









THE RACE: Tales of the Turtles 400
TRACK: Chicagoland Speedway
Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Race #27 of 36
Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Playoffs race #1 of 10

Date: Saturday, September 17, 2017 in Joliet, IL
Title Sponsor: Nickelodeon Tales of the Turtles
Scheduled Green Flag (approx): 3:16 pm/et

Friday, September 15, 12:30 pm – 1:55 pm/et, TV-NBCSN;
Saturday, September 16, 11:30 am – 12:20 pm/et, NBC Sports App;
Saturday, September 16, 2:00 pm – 2:55 pm/et, TV-NBCSN

Qualifying for positions 1-40, Friday, September 15 at 6:45 pm/et, TV-NBCSN;
re-air scheduled: none

In the Booth: Rick Allen, Jeff Burton, Steve Letarte
Pit Reporters: Dave Burns, Parker Kligerman, Marty Snider, Kelli Stavast
Pre/Post-Race and Hosts: Krista Voda, Kyle Petty, Dale Jarrett
Features Reporter: Rutledge Wood
Breaking News: Nate Ryan


82 comments on “‘Tales of the Turtles 400’ Race Chat Room”

  1. http://dailycaller.com/2017/09/22/its-shocking-how-empty-the-stadium-was-for-thursday-night-football/

    So, when is the NFL going to start removing stadium seats just like NA$CAR?

    This is what they get for doing their crap that insults and disses the fans and what they hold dear, more or less like how NA$CAR has been doing.

    We are getting tired of these rich spoiled rotten types lecturing to us all and dissing us, telling us what to believe, like or do as their greed and arrogance grows as the fan base shrinks.


    1. Modification that improves aerodynamics?

      You mean like the open radiator base plate under the splitter modification that NA$CAR allows Turdota to have but not the other makes?

      That one?

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  2. This will sound a little crazy, but I want JRM to build an IndyCar for the Indianapolis 500 and put Danica in it. Apparently, you can field two full time IndyCar teams for a full season for the same price that it takes to field a Cup car for ONE race. I’m sure that JRM could fit that in the budget somewhere.


    1. Lots to ponder there but in my mind, that would be a Kelley decision… If she sanctioned it, Junior would go along as long as they can break even year one…. but not that far out though… Mr H would participate in the background… Lots of deep pockets there an TRD plays in that community ….. lots to ponder there


    2. Didn’t JRM spend enough money on hardware for her? I know GoDaddy
      paid big sponsorship money but what would be the odds of that happening again?
      JRM seems to be having some success where they are now, my vote would be
      sit tight for a few seasons and fill the coffers before the next move. There are teams that
      may be available for acquisition not too far down the road.



      1. Well Gee, there ya go being all practical and Kelley like.. Us dreamer’s can’t get a break..
        😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛

        I always thought Go-Daddy footed the bill for Danica at JRM. Doubt seriously JRM suffered any cost….. never saw Kelley as her bud so to speak…a good PR move at that time….. ( at least I though so )

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      2. If running one race doesn’t come with a huge price tag, then I think that it would be a lot easier to get a sponsor for Danica. Also, think about the intrigue of her coming back to run the Indy 500 which is her best track historically. I’m sure that someone would be interested.


    3. Kenny Wallace said this morning on Sirius XM that HMS charges their car/team’s primary sponsors $663,000 per race.

      Even with that, one can’t run Indy Car full season with a full crew to travel along on that?


  3. If I were Junior I would be in Rick’s office demanding Mack on the pit box for the last 9 races of my career…Rick must be a very ungrateful man all the money Dale made him !!!!

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      1. I agree with you but it still sucks for a Junior fan who wants to see him go out looking strong. Even more in my case because i doubt that I will have any interest without Junior driving. And JRM runs too many interlopers for me to feel good about supporting them.

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        1. Oh, there’s no doubt about it that it sucks. That’s just the way that it is. Also, I don’t know how you can still say that JRM runs too many interlopers when they’ve only run four races with Cup drivers this year. Two for Kasey Kahne and two for Dale Jr. All their other entries have been full time NXS teams.


      1. In a way it pisses me off at HMS even more, Grubb could have done a better job with the 88 this season than Poison Ives (credit Connie) ever could. And even if Junior resisted a change he would most likely do it it Mr. H put his foot down.


        1. Not me….. NO….. NO.. never….. Not once did I ever beg for Darian Grubb to take the helm on the 88TEam …. It was not me…. honest… not me…


  4. you know jr knows whats going on you can see the struggle in his eyes in his podcast and the fact he is tring to not to say what he really wants to say , but hes doing the pr kinda thing , i think he just wants the year to end , its heart braking to see ,and its like he just wants to say , what the fuck am i doing with greg , he had such a better race with travis , and greg comes back and the car is crap and he knows it but he just cant say , what he wants , its a shame ,

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    1. It’s that 88Team Game Plan for 2017, set by Mr H ” Don’t put Dale Jr in harm’s way (contention) “….. I’m sure of it …


    1. Screw Turota and Truex too I say!

      I was listening to Dave Moody crowing over and over about Turdota domination and he can KISS MY AMERICAN ASS!


  5. Running in the 20’s and a lap down.

    This shit is disgusting!
    Glad that I don’t have pay extra for TV to watch this Turdota gyp off!

    I hope that King Brian and his jester Helton are fuckin’ happy?

    They’d better wipe those Turdota fluids off of their chins…. the shameless whores.

    Sorry.. but I AM PIIIIIIISSED!


  6. im almost done watchin this race , it is a fuckin discrase nascar has done by giving turds so much advantage over every one else it rediculous to have in such a short time have beter then half the feild a lap down , at this track i dont think i going to watch much longer , havick is the 2nd fastest car on the track and he is over 5 seconds back and loosing 1,5 seconds a lap

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  7. already 24 car on lead lap . jr 19th lap time is 31 201 , kyle in 1st lap time 29 134 , it wont be long for jr to be a lap down


  8. turds are fast again today , and ruining this sport , or should i say spoilling the sport , cheat to win and your in lap 18 jr p20th .. way to go greg still good at the 20’s or so

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  9. Does anyone think Brad The Mouth is smart enough to realize Penske is a car dealer and Toyota makes cars for retail? I agree Nascar is turning their backs on some rules for them but the dimwhit should have checked with the boss before flapping his jaw. Maybe Rick Hendrick saw something when he didn’t hire him.

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      1. Loved that last restart: “Little Gator” in P1 nailed it, walked off and left the field… I honestly think Little Gator is the best at JRM for now… Byron is coming though.

        I expect to see the Little Gator take the Xfinity Championship but also expect to see a real battle within the JRM stable, has to make Kelley and Junior happy campers to start out their play off season…

        Looking forward to Greg back at JRM and who he is paired with in 2018…Like he did with Chase two years back…. IMO Greg Ives & Byron would be formidable..

        Looking forward to JRM in Xfinity next year ……..

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        1. PS: If Kelley builds brand for JRM Xfinity like she did for Dale Jr in Cup, they will be dominate until TRD steps in like they have in Cup… This will yet again prove traditional US Factory support can not compete with TRD …. the TRD expertise is just to great for local stables to go against …. IMO ….


  10. JRMotorsports 4m4 minutes ago

    Lap 30 rundown:

    P6: @Elliott_Sadler
    P8: @J_Allgaier
    P15: @MichaelAnnett

    @WilliamByron has come to pit road for mechanical issue.


  11. UMM…… contrary to the above, the Xfinity Race is Saturday 9/16 at 3:30, Cup race is Sunday 9/17; 3:00 – 6:00: both on NBC/SN

    Cry Baby got the poll, Junior starts P20 (Greg is back) ……


  12. I’d like to see Tracy Mack at the helm & Greg going to JRM….Greg was good with Chase and I suspect that’s where he’s headed in 2018…. just saying


    1. Tracy Mack? You mean Travis? Anyway, think about what you said. You want Travis, the good guy, to take the helm of crew chief at HMS while wanting Greg, the bad guy, to go to JRM, the only thing as a Junior fan that I’m going to care about next year? Uh, how about we flip that and move Travis to JRM next year (Tyler Reddick needs a crew chief) and let Greg run Alex Bowman into oblivion?


      1. Welll ???…. I was thinking about Greg’s history with Chase in Xfinity. Then Greg’s later comments speaking to how different Cup Cars are to Xfinity… Point being…. he never caught on the Cup suspension yet did do good in Xfinity.. Also why I think Greg is headed to JRM in 2018…but that’s just me, thanks for the Travis name…getting old here…….my bad


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