‘Pocono 400’ Race Chat Room



THE RACE: Overton’s 400
TRACK: Pocono Raceway
Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Race #21 of 36
Date: Sunday, July 30, 2017 in Long Pond, PA
Title Sponsor: Overton’s
Scheduled Green Flag (approx): 3:20 pm/et

Saturday, July 29, 9:00 – 9:55 am/et, TV-CNBC;
Saturday July 29, 11:30 am – 12:20 pm/et, TV-NBCSN

Qualifying for positions 1-40, SUNDAY, July 30 at 11:30 am/et, TV-NBCSN;
re-air scheduled: none

In the Booth: Rick Allen, Jeff Burton, Steve Letarte
Pit Reporters: Dave Burns, Parker Kligerman, Marty Snider, Kelli Stavast
Pre/Post-Race and Hosts: Krista Voda, Kyle Petty, Dale Jarrett
Features Reporter: Rutledge Wood
Breaking News: Nate Ryan




105 comments on “‘Pocono 400’ Race Chat Room”

  1. wow its so bitter sweet , to me its still heart breaking to have jr retiring , to not have him or seeing him race anymore , its the end of the era of nascar for me , its still not sinking in enough to me to let go ,not of racing but dale jr is not going to be in a race car , 20 years of following him through out his carrier damit it pisses me off more then any thing , i never thought of this coming to turision , but it going to end and im not happy abiout it at all .


    1. They just unveiled his last race car for Homestead.
      It’s red with a black roof and has got the white black diagonal DEI stripes like he had on his # 8 Bud car.


      1. AND it shows again what a truly selfish arrogant BITCH that he is.
        He’s willing to shit can everyone else’s opportunities too just because he can’t get to pee in the little kid’s pool as much as he likes?
        He knows damned well that he’s the one who’s driving away most of the fans too.
        It’s always about HIM and ONLY HIM!

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  2. Here’s a scene from the movie “Joe Dirt” that NA$CAR could learn from.

    “It’s not about what you like. It’s all about the consumer”, Joe Dirt says to the Indian.

    The consumer in this case is patriotic likes and wants American car makes to win. The “good stuff”.

    NA$CAR however wants and helps Turdota to win because they like Turdota’s big money. This is snakes and sparklers to the consumers. NA$CAR tries to sell us only what THEY like.

    The consumer also likes American tradition and identifying with the drivers like them that used to be their neighbors that they knew down the street. They were fans of the ordinary guy who worked his way up from the bottom and that the sport was open to this and made the little guy like them into stars. More “good stuff”.

    NA$CAR completely shuts out “the little guy” from having any real chance to compete in their sport now to protect and coddle the big money corporate team owners. More snakes and sparklers that only THEY like.

    The consumer likes and wants to watch racing. The “good stuff”.
    NA$CAR wants us to watch and listen to shitloads of commercials instead so that they get more corporate money. More “snakes and sparklers” that only THEY like.

    NA$CAR likes and wants their own vision (snakes and sparklers) and to hell with past American tradition or what the consumer likes or wants (the good stuff that goes boom), especially when it conflicts with their tastes and corporate money interests. Then they mix in political correctness which further pisses off and alienates the traditional fans, especially southerners, rural types and rednecks who invented stock car racing in the first place (no, it wasn’t BIll France who invented stock car racing).

    They are trying to force sell/feed us “snakes and sparklers” because they hate the “good stuff that goes boom”. They believe that we will continue to buy their “snakes and sparklers” because that’s all there is left because they have removed all of “the good stuff” that we used to like and believe that we have nowhere else to go.

    We do have another place to go. It’s turning off the TV and radio and doing something else.

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    1. NA$CAR is allowing Turdota special mods to the splitter that Ford and Chevy aren’t allowed to have. The same goes for the engines.
      Numbers matter, but there’s more to it than that.


      1. Yep.
        They ditched RCR a couple of years ago when Theresa folded up her venture with EGR.

        The “smartest business woman” ever we were always told.

        Also who deliberately kept the number 8 just to piss off Junior and Kelley and also sued/blocked Kerry Earnhardt from using his own name in his house building business.

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    1. Excessive camber steals speed on the straights.

      Trying to gain more in the turns costs top end speed in the straights and eats the tires with excessive camber.


    1. Tye best part of these races is coming here to be with the members like you and everyone else here.

      Other than that, I find myself caring less and less anymore. 😉

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      1. Take care, Chandrika. 🙂

        And everyone else too!
        Sorry for being so cantankerous, but I’m running out of patience as Junior’s times left to race wane.

        I’m going to try to take advantage of the awesome weather we are having here and go outside and finish some chores, drink more beer and maybe go jump in the pool.

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  3. congrats to jr for not wrecking out and finishing the race , nice job nice call for the early pit greg [man that hurt to say . but off to watkins glen . maybe jr will win there being a road ringer that he has become seeya


  4. yea kyle such an awesome race car right , you thank nascar for your win , being allowed to cheat to win . whooopppeeeedoooo ,

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    1. WTF?
      The stupid ass made Junior take fuel under a caution and that made him have to go to the back!
      And the stupid fuck almost made him do it again!

      Ives is a fucking IDIOT!


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