‘Quaker State’ 400 Race Chat Room



THE RACE: Quaker State 400
TRACK: Kentucky Speedway
Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Race #18 of 36

Date: Saturday, July 8, 2017 in Sparta, KY
Title Sponsor: Quaker State Oil
Scheduled Green Flag (approx): 7:45pm/et


NASCAR America Pre-Race Show: at 6:00pm/et on NBCSN
NASCAR Countdown to Green Pre-Race Show: at 7:00pm/et on NBCSN
Television Race Coverage: NBCSN, 7:30pm/et

Friday, July 7, 10:00 – 11:55 am/et, TV-none, on the NBC Sports App;
Friday, July 7, 1:00 – 2:25 pm/et, TV-NBCSN

Qualifying for positions 1-40, Friday, July 7 at 6:15 pm/et, TV-NBCSN;
re-air scheduled: Saturday, July 8 at 4:30pm/et on NBCSN

In the Booth: Rick Allen, Jeff Burton, Steve Letarte
Pit Reporters: Dave Burns, Parker Kligerman, Marty Snider, Kelli Stavast
Pre/Post-Race and Hosts: Krista Voda, Kyle Petty, Dale Jarrett
Features Reporter: Rutledge Wood
Breaking News: Nate Ryan

136 comments on “‘Quaker State’ 400 Race Chat Room”

  1. For only the fourth time ever, NASCAR has a new president.

    Welcome Brent Dewar, who replaces Mike Helton as the sport’s new president effective immediately!


    What does this say about the health and future of NASCAR.. IMO NASCAR management has lost the only one there with common sense… shme

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    1. Business
      Brent Dewar promoted to fourth President in NASCAR history
      Jerry Bonkowski,NBC Sports 1 hour 21 minutes ago
      Reactions Like Reblog on Tumblr Share Tweet Email
      Brent Dewar on Thursday was promoted to President of NASCAR, effective immediately, the sanctioning body announced.

      Dewar, who has served as NASCAR’s Chief Operating Officer since joining the sanctioning body in 2014, becomes only the fourth president in NASCAR history.

      “Brent has helped lead a cultural transformation at NASCAR,” NASCAR Chairman and CEO Brian France said in a media release. “From collaborating with team owners to building the charter framework; to partnering with tracks, auto manufacturers, entitlement sponsors, and broadcasters to deliver better racing and a more dynamic fan experience; he has spearheaded some of the most impactful enhancements NASCAR has implemented in its history.

      “I couldn’t be more thrilled about the impact Brent has had on our industry and I am confident he will continue to help serve and grow our sport for many years to come.”

      In his new role, Dewar will continue to serve on the NASCAR Board of Directors. He’ll also continue working with International Speedway Corporation President Lesa France Kennedy, Brian France and NASCAR Vice Chairman Mike Helton in setting the strategic course of the sport and sanctioning body.

      Steve Phelps, Executive Vice President and Chief Global Sales and Marketing Officer, Steve O’Donnell, Executive Vice President and Chief Racing Development Officer will continue to report to Dewar.

      Dewar, who is active on Twitter (@BrentDewar), joined NASCAR after three decades as a global automotive executive, including assignments in North and South America, Brazil and Europe.

      Follow @JerryBonkowski


        1. So, this Dewar guy is the one responsible for turning NA$CAR into the politically correct greenie weenie globalist agenda crap?

          What does NA$CAR do when they see their business going over a cliff?
          They take the one who’s responsible for it, hand him another 5th of whiskey and make him the bus driver steering it?


      1. His alleged “cheat” was on the rear brakes.

        The Turdotas have much more horsepower and it’s obvious by how much that they pull away on the restarts and down the straights.

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    1. I think we have to wait and see how the talks with Mikey Waltrip and Robby Gordon go before it can be drilled down to true contenders.
      Seriously, Bowman did a good job but that is a sponsor driven ride just like ny other.
      Matt would be a choice IF it wasn’t apparent that he is a short timer. I think Brad K is too much of a wild card for several reasons, he may still have a bad taste after the Mark Martin retirement fire drill also Brad doesn’t know when to shut his mouth and I don’t think Mr. H likes that trait , lastly Roger Penske has a big checkbook also and Brad gave him a championship.

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        1. That is a good point Steven. I used to really like Matt until he went to Gibbs drank the whine aid
          and drove a Toyo. I wonder how Chevy would feel about having him and who would be interested in sponsoring him, there has been a big sponsor turn on the 30 for th last couple of seasons


    1. Thanks BBB…. Rumor has it a big part of the renovation will be a Rope Ring for the MMA/WWF. Its Brian France’s secret agenda to transition NASCAR to Professional Wrestling,
      Jeffrey may have a new future in the both arena’s …..just saying

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      1. How about a twenty lap heat race with the first and last car drivers hit the ring for three rounds.
        I would lay downas much as twenty dollars for an event like that depending on the competitors.


  2. Low downforce…high drag …blahblahblah……..we all know good consistent racing went out the window with the “car of tomorrow”…..go back to real stock car racing maybe it will be improved.

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  3. Souvenir tents… GONE.

    Haulers are back again!

    Lady for Ky Speedway said people hated the tents and being treated like shoplifters so they avoided them like the plague. (Hmm, who did you here say this first?)
    Plus is took more staff to operate the tents than the haulers which added more costs.

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  4. its a fucking travisty ,not only greg cant make a car fast enough to get out of its own fuckin way , BUT THE FUCKIN SCREWS ARE COME OUT OF THE FUCKIN WINDSHEILD [ WHAT THE FUCK ] is coming to when the fuckin car is coming apart around jr is this the fait of this team that it itself is going to pieces

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    1. It’s probably from apathy? The crew may not care anymore since they know that they have zero shot at the championship now or not much chance of winning?

      I cannot ever remember hearing about a windshield coming loose ever before in all my years watching NA$CAR?

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  5. Boring race…just glad the 18 was not the TURDOTA of choice last night. Poison Ivesy has kept his streak of ineptitude intact..not really fun watching the ticker instead of the race.

    Robbob , my young friend ,take it from someone who started their drinking career with whiskey…never mix with soda…it is the soda that makes you sick and hungover…..I prefer VO straight or with water…my 2 Italian aunts took me under their party wings and straightened me out….they also took me to the horse races and fed that vice too !!!

    Do not usually agree with Kez but he is right about the bad design of the cars…can’t wait to see the fine he gets !!!

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    1. The drivers (Brad included) convinced NASCAR to keep taking downforce away in order to make the cars harder to drive. They said that it would make it easier to pass. The problem is that the problem isn’t whether the car drives well or doesn’t drive well. It’s dirty air. Now, all that they’ve got are cars that drive bad by themselves and drive even worse around each other. What am I saying? Drivers are stupid.

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      1. Dumb ass Brad had better be more careful about what he says he wants.
        The dummy got it in spades and he got served up a big fat DNF for his troubles, so he has no right to bitch about it at all.

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        1. It’s biting Junior in the ass, too. He continuously praised how low downforce made driving more fun when the cars were a challenge to drive. Now, he’s angry all weekend and wondering why they can’t get his car to handle like he wants. He’s getting what he asked for, and it’s not turning out well for him.

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            1. I really don’t think so. Remember… NASCAR wanted the high drag package that they used at Indianapolis and Michigan in 2015. The drivers wanted the low downforce package. In fact, NASCAR hasn’t given up on the high drag package because they’re going to use a updated version of that next week in the Xfinity Series race at Indy. To be honest, if NASCAR could get that package to work, it definitely would be the way to go on the high speed tracks. With the low downforce and making the cars harder to drive, someone will hit the setup (like Truex) and completely destroy the field. That’s boring to me. As a fan, I don’t care if the drivers are having fun or not.


  6. I can’t wait for people to start calling for more downforce to be taken off of the cars. Even though, the statistics show that quality passes are down each year since 2014 even with them taking more and more downforce off of the cars year after year. Newsflash: If my car drives like shit, I’m not going to be keen on running side by side with someone down into the corner. If it’s easier to get my car to my liking and it’s more stable, I’ll run side by side with someone lap after lap. It’s common sense. Look at how awesome the IndyCar races are at 1.5 tracks. They have a ton of downforce.


    1. Well, that was the stinkiest race that I have ever seen. Truex lead by over a half of a lap roughly 15 to 18 seconds ahead of second place. Funny that NA$CAR let ot go on that long without throwing the usual phony debris cautions?

      Could it be because Turdota just gave a shitload to Kentucky Speedway to sponsor the track and gave Ford the boot? All 3 races won by Turdotas? No coincidence there? Follow the money.

      I had no internet all day so I couldn’t post or read here all day.

      All in all I have had much better times at other races. It really sucked ass here this weekend unless you were a turdota fan and loved hot humid muggy weather and being worn out.

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        1. Yeah, but what timing?

          They are holding off on them only while Turdotas are leading/dominating.

          I have been paying attention to it.


  7. 7 more races for jr to win a race before chace starts , 4 of them are very possible wins , michigan ,newhampshire , pocono ,richmaond we can only pray see ya guyes next week


  8. well well well ,, jr finishes 12th a lap down , great job greg , truex next champion ,,,,,


    1. Carl knew that the racing was going to suck ass like this and left.

      Something is going on at Gibbs that isn’t being told to the public because Kenseth is getting the boot.


    1. No internet access and hating the turdota cheatfest.

      No fucking way they aren’t being allowed some kind of a special advantage over the other makes.
      Truex and Kryle seemed to have a hundred more horsepower over all the other cars and trucks.


  9. i think bgreg needs to be told , that getting to the front is what racing is all about , he gets jr racing for the back of the pack , there was no reasoning for him to have jr pit that time , p20 . now

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  10. HI People I’m here……… Got depressed from CryBaby’s win today plus his comment to make it a double header, I had to take a nap…. Good to go …now…


  11. wow caution 2 gets loose takes out jimmy and boyer ,thnk jimmy is done


  12. end of stage one jr stuck right where he started . p13 . i hope greg dont make it worse , but what am i thinking thats gregs greatest proquo fuckin up a race car .


  13. boy i tell you martin has been kickin kylies ass on stage after stage .. dam shame hes in a turdota

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  14. on a side note i heard about amys first dyi , adventure , the house was bought for rehab , at i think like 150.000 and gave the contractor 200.000 for a budget , and i seen some where that there was major problem already , jr may have to keep racing to keep money flow for amys fucked up adventures


  15. fuck kylie blossom , she wont win today either , i hope , kenzeth in the 88 next year ,,


  16. hey guyes just checkin in before the race , im watching john wick , and yes its hard to turn that off for the race but i guess it might be worth it , but john wick movie is bad ass , and yes ive seen john wick 2 even better


  17. We had a half hour pause inthe storm… but the 2nd wave is upon us now.

    I went outside and got some awesome pics.. but the sky erupted in lightning like spider’s webs!

    Got my butt back inside!

    Rain cutting loose again with orange twilight towards the western horizon.

    I got pics.

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  18. I tried to post a half hour ago… but storms moved in . The cops rolled up and told me that the xfinity race is cancelled until noon tomorrow due to these severe thunder storms.

    This is exactly why I bought a nice heavy RV to camp in to ride these out. The wind is rockin the rv, lightning and torrential downpours right now.
    I’m all safe and dry with the AC on, TV on, satellite radio on and an ice cold beer in hand.

    Wish you all were here! 😊

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    1. Thats a real shame but we talked about this last summer, seeing principals leave
      is a sign of NASCAR’s health… I expect to see major stables cut backs for the 2018…. Thank you Brian France

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  19. RV is fixed and good to go.
    I’m worn the slap out.

    Didn’t miss much on the truck race.
    Kryle Bouche truck won.
    I was pulling for that Jones driven Silverado Chevy to pass him on those last laps.

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  20. maybe just maybe , hes smarter then that a light comes on and he says hey women im going to race the clash wether you like it or not , but them have “having and arguement already may just tell the true sign that it may not last long , being boyfriend and girlfriend is one thing ,but getting married is another , couples dont tell each other what to do , its has to work both ways , trust and respect are key , take it from me , my wife and i have been married for 35 years now and we have never once had an arguement over something ,realy ,, she has never told me i could nt do something and i never told her she couldnt , i never question her decdicions and nor she mind , i let her do what she wants and i the same . …i dont think they will last long if they have difference in opinions already ….

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      1. Amen Liken… your words are wise in both content and example … happy for you and the misses both.

        To the point at hand, I believe Dale Jr has an agenda… he wants an heir…. it’s important to him.. If Amy behaves after the baby, she’s a keeper…. If she doesn’t, here’s a few million, Thank you very much, Seeya later, Bye.. Junior has his legacy…. his heir to raise, cherish and love unlike his years growing up without quality time with his dad…..

        This works for Junior, regardless of his mental stability today or tomorrow. Junior is looking to carry his family name forward …….. but that’s just me

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    1. Congrats,Likin…hubby and I will be married 48 years next month…his stock answer is “feels like yesterday and you know how bad yesterday was ” !!!!

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  21. I’m still at home folks, waiting for the rain to stop so I can finish fixing my RV.
    I thought I had it all good for the road, test drove it last night to get the rust off of the brake rotors and man did they ever get hot! Way more than usual!
    RVs sitting the majority of the time is hard on them, parts rust and seize up, especially disc brakes.

    I wasn’t happy with how it drove and decided to test drive it again today, the left front brake caliper was partially stuck and dragging excessively to the point that the brake pads on it were burning but the other 3 wheels were okay this time. So, I had to abandon leaving out for the speedway this morning to fix that LF brake. I went to NAPA and got all of the necessary parts, but they aren’t on it yet.
    It’s been raining off and on all day, the truck race will probably be rained out tonight anyhow.

    So, with luck willing I will have the RV fixed and leave out tomorrow instead. Glad that I didn’t buy tickets in advance this time!

    It will be a double header tomorrow if the trucks get rained out tonight so I may get to see both races with one ticket!


    1. Best laid plans and all that stuff..
      Glad you took the time to check it out unlike many people you see on the sidde of the road


      1. And the repair is fighting me every step of the way! All bolts hard to remove, having to strong arm them every turn out, too tight to get in to use power tools/impact gun. Nothing is ever easy! And the new bolts in the caliper bracket assembly are different than stock, they take metric Allen wrenches instead of the factory TORX and my metric Allen wrenches are missing.
        Rain drove me inside yet again just now. And I’m very tired.

        Maximum punishment for this vacation fun.


        1. Tight bolts always remind me of Sears when you used to be able to return a four year old rachet with marks from the metal pipe you put over it and hit with a hammer to free them and they would still take it back for a new one. Loved those Craftsman tools.

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      1. Hey, you know that I also saw through Amy’s BS too here. Remember? 😉

        I’ve never been one to let a female’s good looks to blind me to their possible underlying motives!

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      1. It’s not.
        She knew that he was a race car driver, risking his life every week when she met him and accepted that fact.
        Now she wants him to stop it?
        Why didn’t she marry a rich wall street banker instead? Worst thing they can get is a fucking paper cut!

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          1. I think that Chandrika is right on the money.
            Amy wants the fame and publicity and everyone to look at her because she landed Junior.

            She could have had a wall street banker with paper cuts but those types aren’t famous as they are just rich.

            She wants the fame, publicity along with the big bucks.

            Me, I’d just prefer to be rich and anonymous to the public eye!


    1. She knew who Junior was and what came with him in the deal.

      Now she’s like most women (sorry ladies, but it’s true), trying to change him into her own image instead of accepting and loving him for who and what he was.

      Junior is officially pussy whipped.


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