‘Coke-Zero 400’ Race Chat Room



THE RACE: Coke Zero 400
TRACK: Daytona International Speedway
Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Race #17 of 36
Date: Saturday, July 1, 2017 in Daytona Beach, FL
Title Sponsor: Coca-Cola
Scheduled Green Flag (approx): 7:50pm/et


NASCAR America: at 5:00pm/et on NBCSN (NBC Sports Network)

Television Race Coverage: NBC, 7:00pm/et

Thursday, June 29, 3:00 – 3:55 pm/et, TV-NBCSN;
Thursday, June 29, 5:00 – 5:55 pm/et, TV-NBCSN

Qualifying for positions 1-40, Friday, June 30 at 4:15 pm/et, TV-NBCSN;
re-air scheduled: none

In the Booth: Rick Allen, Jeff Burton, Steve Letarte
Pit Reporters: Dave Burns, Parker Kligerman, Marty Snider, Kelli Stavast
Pre/Post-Race and Hosts: Krista Voda, Kyle Petty, Dale Jarrett
Features Reporter: Rutledge Wood
Breaking News: Nate Ryan


213 comments on “‘Coke-Zero 400’ Race Chat Room”

  1. i hear you jrrules, i believe that what you say , is to be true , i raced motor cross for years in the 70s and i never had a debillitating injury to take me out of the sport , so i cant speak to the aftermath of could have happened to my skill or will to win , but i know in 2014 with steve as crew chief we neever heard of anything about jr retiring he had the will to win and only to race untill 55 or better , so yes his conccuion was the end of it but i think she wants him for her self and wants nothing to do with it when hes done .

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  2. Just to pile on….Amy wasn’t liked by the Nascar Wags and was known to have said publicly some nasty things about “Nascar kinds of people/fans”. Was never like by fans after that except for groupies. She would look down on Nascar and belittle it…calling it “vroom, vroom” and if you live with that long enough you will lose your respect for it too. I know her type. No respect for the fact that Nascar types bought her all she has now. No character in her.


    1. Which only proves that she is definitely a “gold digger” .

      I wonder how long that she will stay with him?

      Probably until she can find a bigger multi-millionaire to leave him for?

      She’s done that once already.
      She left her husband Tommy Cook who was an assistant coach for the U of K men’s basketball team. He may not have been a millionaire but he still had big bucks.

      Junior was waiting and holding out for the “perfect girl” for all these years to marry, but I suspect that he was a bit naive from inexperience with not dating very many women and the type that he didn’t want may have sneaked in under his radar? Her last name is Reimann and it’s a Jewish German name in origin, so that might mean something in this?


      I hope that it all works out for Junior and he is happy for a long long time and my suspicions are all wrong.

      I don’t want him to have the same bad experiences with crazy and underhanded women like I have (users).

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  3. Is anyone else having a problem with this site moving all of the posts to the right side off of the screen?
    It’s happening on my desktop PC as well as my android cell phone?


    1. Yes,,, the off-set for each subsequent post on any given thread is way more than needed… Not sure RobBob has control of that. Not complaining here, just saying this place is lots more complicated than it needs to be… Id be lots happier if the fonts were adjustable, If we had a delete button or at least an Edit button.
      But then of late, some feel it appropriate to set my guidelines for what I’m allowed to post here…so I stay in ” time-out ” mode here now….

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  4. After muttering George Carlin’s 7 words under my breath for 5 minutes I realized I was not as depressed as I thought….not Junior’s misstep this time…he drove like hell to get back to 6th….there is hope yet !!!!

    Did you see Dale shilling for Amy on Twitter ? Hope she is not another LeTarte riding his coattails for her own gain !

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    1. It’s weird for me. She hasn’t done anything that I would classify as “Theresa-like”, but to be quite honest, I’m getting sick of hearing about her. As I’ve said before, they’ve been dating since 2009 and I hadn’t seen her once in the first six or seven years. But now, she’s everywhere and it’s getting a little ridiculous.

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        1. yea in 7 years she has take his pride ,focus, his will to win , she has changed him , something a good women would never do to a man unless she had stake in his walet , i remember jr say he would never have a girlfriend that wouldnt have his back when it came to racing , but i guess the sex must be off the wall to take what we had in jr to what we see now , time to get the mayo , its funny but i think its true ,she has ruined and hard drivin race car driver jr glad he has JRMto keep his sanity as a race car owner . kelly wont let her take him from that i hope …….

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          1. I’m not so sure that she has ruined him as much as Junior’s concussions/injuries and him finally realizing his mortality (like most of us guys do when we get older and have gotten injured).

            As I have said here numerous times, getting seriously hurt will knock the fearless daredevil out of most guys.
            My motorcycle wreck that got me hurt sure took a lot of that out of me!

            Kryle breaking his leg and foot, Hamlin getting his back busted up by Logano, Stewart getting his leg broken, Richard Petty’s last big wreck in NA$CAR when he went airborne and got hurt, etc. all changed those drivers forever afterward.

            Couple that along with Junior seeing how much the sport has been changed into a lottery/crap shoot where Kryle Busch won a Cup championship before he did without even running the entire season made it into a joke. A joke not risking getting hurt over to win while the deck is stacked against you? And risking permanent brain injuries for that shit? Especially when he’s a multi-millionaire?

            Where’s the risk vs reward benefit there?

            If I were him I would have quit 3 years ago.

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            1. I don’t know if I would have quit early. I definitely wouldn’t have quit three years ago. He was in the middle of 2014 then. It did start to go downhill when Greg came in, though, and it definitely started to go in that direction once Kevin Meendering left. I actually began to worry about him retiring in the first half of 2016 even before the concussion. They weren’t running well, and I knew that he wouldn’t want to keep going if a turnaround didn’t happen. Like you said, I think that the concussion made his mind up, but I personally think that he was starting to drift into that direction even before that. He first started talking about retirement in 2015. It startled me because I had never even heard him mention the word “retirement” before. I’ve pretty much had that feeling of the inevitable ever since then.


      1. For 1776 that is?

        The “We Are The Champions” song was by the rock band Queen (Freddie Mercury) for homosexuals winning “equal rights” over their so called adversity.


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