‘Toyota/Save-Mart 350’ Race Chat Room



THE RACE: Toyota/Save Mart 350
TRACK: Sonoma Raceway
Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Race #16 of 36

Date: Sunday, June 25, 2017 in Sonoma, CA
Title Sponsor: Toyota/Save Mart
Scheduled Green Flag (approx): 3:18pm/et


NASCAR Raceday Pre-Race Show: at 1:30pm/et on FoxSports1(FS1)

Television Race Coverage: FS1, 3:00pm/et

Friday, June 23, 11:00 am – 3:00 pm/et, TV-FS1;
Saturday, June 23, 11:30 am – 6:30 pm/et, TV-FS1

Qualifying for positions 1-40, Saturday, June 24 at 2:45 pm/et, TV-FS1;
re-air scheduled: none

In the Booth: Mike Joy, Darrell Waltrip, Jeff Gordon
Pit Reporters: Jamie Little, Chris Neville, Matt Yocum
In-Race Analyst: Larry McReynolds
Race Hosts: Chris Myers & Michael Waltrip


207 comments on “‘Toyota/Save-Mart 350’ Race Chat Room”

  1. daytona , is going to be the one , jr has been putting together a run of finishes to work out the bugs in the team , i like what im seen out of jr , confidence ,up on the wheel driving , and some aggressiveness witch rinds me of the old jr we know and love , i think the fire is just getting stronger , cars are better and i feel good about him again ,him going through the motions just wasnt enough for him, he wonts to go out on top , ,
    i also think him retiring is just a way for him to get awayu from hendricks and the moto of being a team member 4 cars all the same doecent alway work , with himsaying he will race for someone who needs help , means he can get into a car and run the crap out of it and get a one car team a win , no bullshit just race ,


  2. Some shocking and unexpected news. Tom Jensen, writer for NASCAR at FOXsports.com, has been let go along with everyone else on foxsports.com. Supposedly the website will be just videos now for all of their sports coverage.

    Obviously a money savings move but a very weird one to say the least. Tom was reporting for FOX Sports for 13 years.

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    1. A sign of our society , people just want to have a visual fast answer to everything. Many people don’t want to take the time to read and absorb the fine points of things. “Put it into a GIF and maybe my limited attention span can grasp it seems to be the rule.
      I was not a big fan of Tom but he did a pretty respectable job more often than not.

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    2. More proof that Fox is also circling the drain right along with NA$CAR.

      They showed fucking soccer on free broadcast TV again instead of the Cup race for cryin’ out loud?

      Fucking idiots!


    1. yes i have noticed , its because jr is still going to race at any chance he can get , i think hes also getting away from hendricks cars company policys and just race a car for anyone that will have him , so he can just cut loose and drive , i think we will see much more than we think


    1. OOPs!

      That didn’t work out as intended!

      Went on the end of the latest, before RobBob cut off the “newer” vs “older” comments divider.


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