‘AAA 400’ Race Chat Room



TELEVISION COVERAGENASCAR Raceday Pre-Race Show: at 11:30am/et on FoxSports1(FS1)
NASCAR Sunday Pre-Race Show: at x:00pm/et on FOX
Television Race Coverage: FS1, 1:00pm/et

In the Booth: Mike Joy, Darrell Waltrip, Jeff Gordon
Pit Reporters: Jamie Little, Chris Neville, Vince Welch, Matt Yocum
In-Race Analyst: Larry McReynolds
Race / Hollywood Hotel Host: Chris Myers
Analysts / Hollywood Hotel: Jeff Gordon, Darrell and Michael Waltrip

Scheduled Race Re-Air Dates/Times:
Monday, June 5 at 1:00am/et on FS1;
Tuesday, June 6 at 7:30am/et on FS2

120 comments on “‘AAA 400’ Race Chat Room”

    1. mmm?? Considering Mr H management style, I suspect he was asked to leave…

      But also, since Brian France has relegated NASCAR to a second rate gimmick show…. I look for HMS to cut their stable back to 3 or perhaps 2 depending on Mr H’s long term plans in NASCAR, his cash cow leaving at the end of this year….

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          1. Jeff has his time committed to being a color commentator for FOX.

            He won’t have the time to do both jobs plus he doesn’t want to.
            He wanted to spend more time with his family.


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