‘Go Bowling 400’ Race Chat Room


Go Bowling 400 C_non outline

NASCAR Raceday Pre-Race Show: at 7:00pm/et on FoxSports1
Television Race Coverage: FS1, 7:30pm/et

In the Booth: Mike Joy, Darrell Waltrip, Jeff Gordon
Pit Reporters: Jamie Little, Chris Neville, Vince Welch, Matt Yocum
In-Race Analyst: Larry McReynolds
Race / Hollywood Hotel Host: Chris Myers
Analysts / Hollywood Hotel: Jeff Gordon, Darrell and Michael Waltrip

Scheduled Race Re-Air Dates/Times:
Monday, May 15 at 6:30am/et on FS1


133 comments on “‘Go Bowling 400’ Race Chat Room”

  1. What did you all think of those Mountain Dew commercials ? Myself , I laughed at how stupid and unprofessional they seemed…like a 5th grade class did them as a project !


    1. Yea, didn’t see anything out of character from what we said a few days ago, before the race.. Dale Jr is on Cruse Control, its Amy’s Play Book….

      Saying ” the team is not in harmony ” is just another way of saying ” The 88Team has no Leadership “, Greg is not managing; Dale Jr could care less ” ….

      I see other Jr Nation fans on Twitter calling for Greg’s head on a platter…. Shame, Greg is following orders..

      I still say Dale Jr will be embarrassed to be at the track in September, and forget about the Chase/Play Offs…. Junior is trading in his NASCAR brand for his future well being, I don’t think we don’t know Junior’s longevity prognosis and for now that will not be made public, Its all about completing his contract….

      About this new TV show, I’m guessing Dale Jr didn’t pay attention to Mikey’s venture into the TV Production arena, I hope Dale Jr is not banking this venture….. just saying


      1. What did Mikey do on TV other than his idiot roll on the pre-race shows? As far as Junior banking his show he does own a production company and with Kelleys management skills I suspect he has a low-risk investment


        1. Gee, Cant believe you don’t recall that huge maga-Talent Show hit Mikey produced about the time he started his Toyota Cup Team.. It was so bad…… As I recall it was filmed weekly at the track for that week’s race. The theme was a Red Neck version of ” America Has Talent “. I think the name was something like ” NASCAR Has Talent “….but not sure. It lasted about 6 weeks …

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          1. Yea, I’m familiar with Hammerhead Productions….

            I’ve always thought: “When you get to the Prom, you dance with who brung Ya”….

            Launching a new TV show is not what built Junior’s brand, JRM is a safer place to sustain what will be left of Jr’s Brand……but that’s just me

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  2. sorry i left early , as i was loging out i noticed jr stayed out and was p1 on the restart i thought hell hes going for it , then all of a sudden he spins the tires and then dropped like a rock feeling a vibration and then pitted ,now 1lap down and 25th i said why did i even watch , dissappointment set in and that was it , what a joke the 88 team has become , i thought for a minute there he was gooing for it , then the typical waste of time , sad , well we will see if jr can get another top 25 at where pocono next ,


    1. Looks like he will be out of his ride for awhile then?

      That injury has to be painful?

      I’m no stranger to back injuries myself.


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