Throwback Thursday: 2002 Aaron’s 499

Mayhem ensues behind Dale Earnhardt Jr.
Time of race: 3:08:41
Average Speed: 159.022 mph
Pole Speed: 186.532 mphApril 21, 2002
Cautions: 3 for 19 laps
Margin of Victory: 0.060 sec
Attendance: n/a
Lead changes: 26

This was when DEI was at its best by absolutely dominating all of the restrictor plate races. Dale Jr. won this race after leading 133 laps of the 188 contested. This was his second straight at the track and would go on to win two more in a row for a whopping four straight victories at Talladega.

16 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: 2002 Aaron’s 499

  1. WHO KNEW:…. Apparently Jeffery is driving for JRM next year …. ???

    Dale’s mom, Brenda, takes it upon herself to find a candidate to be her son’s crew chief next season at JRM. #JRM360

    PS: Got my Mini Helmet from Nationwide88 yesterday… love it in my very small collection now

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      1. It’s about frikkin’ time!
        I think that Kerry didn’t want him driving for Junior as I remember?


    1. Where did you hear this about Jeffrey? I follow JRM on Twitter and they’ve had no mention of it. If you’re talking about the tweet that you posted, then I think that you are mistaken. Brenda is Junior’s mother. It even says, “Dale’s mom, Brenda.”


    1. $50,000 fine…2 game suspension for CC…..lost 25 driver and 25 owner points…..cannot use 5 point win bonus……looks like a really serious infraction….bout time !!!!

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      1. This is the first damned time that they ever took away the points for the win to my memory?

        They should have taken away the win and the prizes too!


    2. Brad K’s crew chief (Paul Wolfe) was already suspended from this weekends race for issues previously at Phoenix. I think the ” The Captain” had better get hold of his ship !!!

      I am glad to see NASCAR strip the win when issues like this happen.


  2. Has anyone heard what car we are taking to Talladega ? After the accident at Daytona I wasn’t sure if they would repair that car or bring another new car out.


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