‘Toyota Owners 400’ Race Chat Room




NASCAR Raceday Pre-Race Show: at 11:30am/et on FoxSports1
NASCAR Sunday Pre-Race Show: at 1:30pm/et on FOX
Television Race Coverage: FOX, 2:30pm/et

In the Booth: Mike Joy, Darrell Waltrip, Jeff Gordon
Pit Reporters: Jamie Little, Chris Neville, Vince Welch, Matt Yocum
In-Race Analyst: Larry McReynolds
Race / Hollywood Hotel Host: Chris Myers
Analysts / Hollywood Hotel: Jeff Gordon, Darrell and Michael Waltrip

Scheduled Race Re-Air Dates/Times:
Monday, May 1 at 6:30am/et on FS1;
Monday, May 1 at 9:30am/et on FS2;
Monday, May 1 at 7:00pm/et on FS1;


137 comments on “‘Toyota Owners 400’ Race Chat Room”

  1. This is a commercial for my local cable TV carrier.

    Look at the guy dressed in mummy rags who says he’s summoning the apocalypse.

    Doesn’t he look exactly like Carl “Flipper” Edwards? 😀

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  2. http://www.richmond.com/sports/auto-racing/nascar/nascar-s-fall-continues-as-sparse-crowd-attends-race-at/article_1a9d6ef9-92e5-5abb-b226-743a38b0cb89.html

    NASCAR race at Richmond that sold 112,000 tickets a decade ago is now struggling to fill 60,000 seats
    By MICHAEL PHILLIPS Richmond Times-Dispatch 17 hrs ago

    Dan Currier
    There were plenty of seats available for the Toyota Owners 400. RIR is one of many NASCAR tracks that has seen its attendance decline in the past decade.
    Inform News. Coming Up…
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    Rookie mistakes: Yandy Diaz wears wrong hat in game vs. Twins
    RTD NEWS MINUTE May 1, 2017
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    Inform News. Coming Up…
    The Craziest Hairstyles from the Met Gala

    RTD NEWS MINUTE May 1, 2017
    Richmond Times-Dispatch
    Autoplay: On | Off
    Sunday afternoon’s race delivered everything NASCAR fans say they want.

    A thrilling day of side-by-side racing came down to the final laps, with several big-name drivers jockeying for a victory that ultimately went to Joey Logano.

    The only thing missing was the crowd.

    A race that drew a sold-out grandstand of 112,029 just a decade ago mustered perhaps a quarter of that during Sunday’s running. NASCAR doesn’t release attendance figures, but the venue, which has been trimmed to around 60,000 seats, was half-full at its peak and far emptier when Logano crossed the finish line.

    “It’s 90 degrees and the coverage on TV is pretty excellent,” said Denny Hamlin, after the race.

    Attendance issues aren’t just at RIR — many NASCAR tracks are battling declining attendance. But it’s a pressing concern for track president Dennis Bickmeier, who declared after the race that “everything’s on the table,” including a potential move back to night racing.

    “We had hard racing, we had battles for the lead — what you want in a race,” he said.

    If good racing is enough to bring the crowds back, Sunday was as good a place as any to start.

    The circuit’s biggest names, including Hamlin, Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Jimmie Johnson, all figured prominently in a wild finish where the pack was scrambled four times by cautions in the final 60 laps.

    The new system of stages paid off as well, with bonus points at the 100 and 200-lap mark generating a flurry of action and maneuvering.

    Even running the race in the daytime paid dividends, with a hot track allowing four-wide racing at times. Whether all of it resonated enough to generate ticket sales is a bigger issue.

    Bickmeier added that he was encouraged by three years of sales growth in the track’s “Richmond Nation” season-ticket package, part of his team’s fan-friendly approach.

    “You see glimmers of hope, and you build on that,” he said.

    Hamlin took a long view, emphasizing that for hard-core race fans, being at the track doesn’t have the same appeal it has in the past.

    “Viewing sports is different now than what it’s ever been,” he said. “People with smartphones are watching races and games in the back of their car going up the highway. You don’t have to attend these races anymore to get a good experience.

    “We live in a different world now.”


    (804) 649-6546

    Twitter: @michaelpRTD


    1. That’s right!
      All we wanted was to see side by side racing!
      Especially from some of the most unpopular makes and drivers in the sport! WOO HOO!
      None of them has any sort of an advantage and if they do, rewrite the rules to take it away!
      Make it random! Make them all equal! Just like communism! To hell with the past American traditions!
      Nobody loses and gets to feel bad about it and motivated to try any harder!
      Everyone gets a trophy!

      These people still do not have a frikkin’ clue about what we all liked about this sport?


          1. Feel free to delete the above post Robbob if you feel that it’s too much.

            BTW, I never noticed before that King Brian’s eyes point in two different directions?
            Like a reptile?

            Another caption; “I care about the fans about thiiiiis much.” “All I want is money.”

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    1. “We’re not isolated here,” France said. “Every sport is trying to unlock the new consumption levels and fan interest by a younger demographic. Of course we love our core fan and everyone does, but every sport is thinking carefully about how to reach the millennial fan to get them excited about their sport.”

      The above taken from the article.

      What an arrogant liar and a clueless shit?

      No he does NOT love the core fan base. He never has. He only loves our money. He always takes us for granted, never pays any regard to the things that we liked as he alienates us for the demographic that he and his corporate masters find more “desirable” as customers. He has openly admitted to that fact many times over.

      Fuck Brian France. He deserves to go broke.

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      1. Oh, and the fat emperor still doesn’t get it. His “experts” that he’s hired to do the brainwashing PR bullshit are the ones who talked him into ruining the sport with all of the stupid rules changes.

        They believe that they can continue to fabricate their shit sandwich then sell it to us with their psychological PR brainwashing manipulation tactics to make us buy it expecting it to be sweet pastries?

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  3. Remember how we shut down PTI’s e-mail and such when he said nascar fixed qualifying so Junior would get the pole ? Maybe it is time for Junior nation to let Rick know that we are angry…that Junior deserves good cars and an intelligent crew chief for the remainder of his last season !!!!! Hard to watch the futility !!


  4. Hey People….. Look over to the side an click on the link Picture of Dale Jr labeled “Post Richmond”
    you have got to see that he talks about the race today in detail.. Seems he is not an was not upset with Greg at all Says Greg made some good changes just before the wreck… A must see


    1. Bullshit. You can’t tell me that someone’s not pissed when they come over the radio and ask if they even changed tires on the pit stop when they obviously did. Junior is always like that after the race. He calms down. In the heat of the moment, however, he was not shy about letting Greg know how he felt about it.

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  5. so after contimplating over a shameful performance by greg we go to talladega , restricktor plate racing , with any car jr can win here , he really docent need him just a car that can run , having the talent to run dega is all jr needs , ,can i get a talladegadaleyeah … because we need this one and to pray we get out front a stay safe , if the big one happens and jr is way away from it ,


  6. Steve LeTarte seemed to have much more common sense than Ives for the fact that when something was wrong, he didn’t repeat the same damned mistake for the entire season and always ignored the driver reminding him of the FUCKING SPLITTER ALWAYS DRAGGING ON THE TRACK!

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    1. I feel that Steve would compromise with Junior. He would try to get as much speed out of the car, but at the same time, try to do that in a way that would fit Junior’s driving style. Greg just sets the car up to get the most speed out of it regardless of Junior. I feel that’s why they keep having trouble with the splitter dragging. Greg wants as much front grip as possible, so he goes for soft front springs and low air pressure. The problem is that Junior’s driving style (especially on restarts) is to drive the car hard down into the corner and use the brakes. Doing so causes the splitter to drag. Junior could change his driving style, but the difference between Steve and Greg is that Steve would compromise around Junior while Greg just sets the car up with no regard to the driver.

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      1. I completely agree with Junior using the brakes too much into the turns.
        JJ, Kryle and Junior’s dad always let off early and let the car coast into the turns and with that setup in the cars it’s always faster when driven right.


  7. Hi guys (and gals). Farming and my business effectively took me out of the loop since Easter, and holy sh!t, a lot to catch up on at once!
    So, first, Jr’s impending retirement: well, what to say about this? For myself, and a few others here, we saw it coming, and are not really surprised. He’s taking chances with his long term health every time he straps into a race car, he hasn’t been all that competitive of late (for whatever reasons), he’s got an empire mostly built already, and a wife. I don’t blame him. I’m sure it’s still exciting for him when he’s got a good car under him and he’s riding the high line at 180+, but it seems like maybe the desire has faded a little. I know I don’t have near the devotion to the sport that I once did, and I don’t have anything invested in it. In the last 3 years, in fact, I have neither attended nor watched a single televised Winston/Nextel/Sprint/Monster Series race. I do load the leaderboard most race days and follow along as best I can, but, truth be told, my heart just isn’t in it anymore. Even when Jr posts one of his (rare) good finishes, my WHOO-HOO factor just ain’t there.

    Second, I guess, is merely this week’s poor showing at RIR, hot on the heels of a 38th place performance at Bristol. I didn’t see what happened with Johnson, not going to watch videos of the incident, frankly don’t care.

    On to Talledega…


  8. i had to go walk this one off , im so freakin pissed i cant beleive greg can fuck a car up so fast , and not have any remorse over his addjustments , no clue what so ever , like ‘ we are throwing everything at it , will find something that works ‘, and jr is furiouse , telling him whats he doing and he just says , well try something else … dumbass the car was so fast , before the first pit stop he was passing 6 cars in 10 laps , then straight to shit .


    1. You know, I go back and forth on it. Greg has proven that he can be great with a strong lead engineer (Kevin Meandering). I don’t know who he has for engineers now, but they absolutely suck. The best way to become a crew chief is to impress people as an engineer. Well, I don’t think that anybody is going to be offering them crew chief jobs anytime soon. A big part of it is Greg’s fault, too, because he’s the one who picked them to be the engineers. Steve spent years building and strengthening his team, and he had a great eye for talent.


    2. and then there was Junior’s comment saying he only had two dots showing on his digital dash… That says to me, someone didn’t calibrate the RPM tack…. and Greg is not managing the team….

      I am not looking forward to Dege and I honestly feel Junior is in for sad Swan Song for the balance of this year…..


  9. Does anyone else find it funny that Junior keeps talking about having bad luck? I find it funny because when he was with Letarte, Steve never believed in that. He believed that you made your own luck. Run like shit in the back with the one bars and you’ll be likely to get crashed. Run up front and the likelihood of that happening is much, much lower.


  10. What a day.

    I’ve been listening to incar audio all day and man oh man, Jr. has been irritated as hell, deservingly so of course. Greg Ives literally gives zero support throughout the whole damn race. Instead of being sympathetic towards his driver, he just gives him attitude or short/quick responses.


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    1. We heard this attitude before, sounds a lot like Lancie when he was in over his head. Hope Mr H steps in here…

      Its a real shame, Dega is next week..

      I really hope Dale Jr gets stinking mad after today’s race… No more Mr NIce Guy……

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    2. We used to own this track!

      HMS used to own this track!

      Chevrolet used to own this track!

      Hardly a Chevy in the top 10!

      What a fucking disgrace and embarrassment!

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  11. what a fuckin nightmare ,way to go jimmies spoter , now we are a lap down 26th


    1. This fucking 88 team only put on right sides after tge blowout?

      Should have been all 4!



  12. yea i believe that jrs retirment is becaus e of poor perfomance car and greg m he said if he was still competitive he would race for ever , but you can tell the real reason for jrs decicion greg has takin a competitive car and turned it into a car that wont race , jr is so loose ,he just tring to keep from hitting the wall . its a fuckin shame ..

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    1. and i dont want to hear anything about jr getting a speeding penalty , he was racing and having fun being agressive , and trying to win thats not why hes running 23rd , hes there because of shity addjustments on a car that was bad fast , turn to shit

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