‘STP 500’ Race Chat Room



Friday, March 31
11:30 a.m., Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series practice, FS1
1 p.m., NASCAR Camping World Truck Series practice, FS1
2 p.m., NASCAR Race Hub Weekend Edition, FS1
3 p.m., NASCAR Camping World Truck Series final practice, FS1
4 p.m., NASCAR Race Hub Weekend Edition, FS1
4:30 p.m., Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Coors Light Pole Qualifying, FS1

Saturday, April 1

5:30 a.m., NASCAR Camping World Truck Series practice (re-air), FS1
6:30 a.m., NASCAR Camping World Truck Series practice (re-air), FS1
7:30 a.m., Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series practice (re-air), FS1
9 a.m., Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Coors Light Pole Qualifying (re-air), FS1
10 a.m., Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series practice, FS1
11 a.m., NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Keystone Light Pole Qualifying, FS1
12:30 p.m., NASCAR Race Hub Weekend Edition, FS1
1:30 p.m., Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series final practice, FS1
2:30 p.m., NCWTS SetUp, FOX
3 p.m., NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Alpha Energy Solutions 250, FOX

Sunday, April 2

12:30 a.m., NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Alpha Energy Solutions 250 (re-air), FS1
2:30 a.m., Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series final practice (re-air), FS1
11:30 a.m., Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series final practice (re-air), FS1
12:30 p.m., NASCAR RaceDay, FS1

2 p.m., Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series STP 500, FS1


102 comments on “‘STP 500’ Race Chat Room”

    1. YEA !!!!! Tell me about it ???? Nothing against your Eagles Connie……

      But using Twitter, I worked every day for over a year now to get Dale Jr in a Red Skin sponsored/themed car for “Concussion Awareness” and now this??? Think about the Dale Jr/Red Skin paint scheme .. would be an immediate success and collectible…. This is an insult and BS…. Way to go HMS ….Idiots.. I give up…….


  1. At least Junior had the sense to be upset and frustrated this week about his finish.

    Why was Suarez allowed back on the track with half a car ? I thought the new rules did away with incomplete cars ?

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  2. to me it was a good day for jr and the 88 team , they did well on pit stops , they had their game face on and jr was up on the wheel . yea he said the caught him speeding out of his pit stall for a split second ,but that shows he was being aggressive . there and on the track , nice job in my oppinion . so lets see if we have some momentum going to texas . this set back put jr back to 24th in points -176 to the leader


    1. i have to say i do not like the stage points giving out points to unworthy driver for lucky spots in the feild , some will never be there again just dumb luck ,

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    2. I hope your right Liken.. I honestly do….. I know he has always liked Texas and tries to make his fan base there proud.. Hopefully, that works to the 88Teams favor this coming weekend…. I just have a hard time rationalizing the 88Team and the 24Team….. then again, the 48Team not performing either for seemingly similar issues… distractions…………. IDK ????

      On to Texas and a good weekend for our 88Team…….


      1. I hate to be a wet blanket, but Texas is another track that he usually sucks at.
        His only win there was in his DEI days in the Busch series I think?

        I hope that Junior’s team can figure out what Chase’s team is doing right and follow their lead?


        1. Your not a wet blanket RULEZ.. I wasn’t speaking to Junior’s performance in Texas, I just commented it is one of his favorite tracks. Junior has a huge fan base in Texas and he has always paid attention to them, more than most tracks…. That’s all i was saying ….. goofy 😛 😛 😛 😛


        2. He sucks at Texas? Either you aren’t watching the same races as me, or you have a very different definition of “sucks” than I do. Out of the last 11 races there, he has only two finishes outside of the Top 10. One due to a dead battery, and the other due to that other time where he tried to mow the front lawn. In fact, the three races that he’s had there with Greg as his crew chief include finishes of 3rd, 6th and 2nd.


            1. Dale Earnhardt Jr.‏Verified account @DaleJr

              Check from first win @NASCAR_XFINITY 1998 @TXMotorSpeedway. Tomorrow it’ll be 19 years.

              He hasn’t won NOT EVEN ONE FUCKING RACE there since 1998! THAT’S 19 years!

              Now that’s the very definition of SUCKS if there ever was one!


  3. IMO ….. Junior is on cruse control…the Amy Linchpin affect….. He learned lots from Senior’s loss in 2001. He has nothing to gain, nothing to prove. Brian France has gimmicked Cup Racing to the point a Championship has no real meaning….

    For now, Junior is meeting sponsor obligations with Mr H. 2018 will see Junior in four races, two each at Dega & Daytona, like Mickey for the past years…

    For all intensive purposes, Junior is retired …… just has not said as much… its all about contract obligations now….


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    1. his additude shows difference he seemed very into the race and even after the dnf he still like the racing , just bad luck


      1. I hear ya on that point but i see it differently. I see it as Junior having a good time and he is. Its just not what is needed to compete at the level Junior should be performiong at…. but like i said above. maybe its just old cynical me


        1. I think that Junior has relegated to just having fun and enjoying the big money he’s making because even he knows the game is rigged big against him ever winning the Cup championship.

          Just biding his time until he retires soon and joins the broadcast booth with Jeff Gordon and making endorsement money.

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      1. Am I the only one who sees most everything that was enjoyable about most everything suddenly all going to hell in a hand basket over the last two years?

        Is there anything left that was fun that somebody hasn’t come along and ruined?


  4. Junior happy with the car and DNF.

    Anyone who likes these new fucked upp rules of not allowing garage repairs for wrecks.. you ain’t right.


        1. Well, I am now informed…. thanks for that Stonechild13, Welcome to the Dale Jr Nation forum blog …. Please feel free to contribute here often. We look forward to your contributions along with others that want to contribute… So thanks an Welcome…

          About my comment:…. was not speaking to the accuracy of BK’s comment, rather it was just a chance to tease RULEZ for picking on BK….. U see, RULEZ is a good guy but I cant let him get a big head about his knowledge….. After all, he might get the idea his is cool and we cant ever let that happen …… 😛 😛 😛 😛

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      1. They’ve actually been built in MI by Howard Miller Co since 2004. And no, I didn’t sign in just to make that correction, lol. I’ve got more to say about the racing; lots more, but seemingly no time in which to say it. I look forward to being a more involved member in the weeks and months to come.


        1. Welcome Stonechild13!

          Feel free to weigh in anytime! 🙂

          So, not even the grandfather clocks are from Ridgeway anymore?
          I was told by a rep there at the Martinsville track when I was last there about 4 years ago that they were all hand made there in Ridgeway?

          I was drooling over a display they had and was trying to figure how I could fit one inside of the RV to take home, (well after getting over the price sticker shock)?

          Just like their famous hot dogs aren’t even made in that area for Martinsville Speedway either?

          Sheez, isn’t there anything genuine or authentic there anymore?

          I just learned yesterday that the Wood Brothers shop isn’t even down the road in Stuart anymore?
          It’s in Concord North Carolina now?
          I was planning on taking a tour of it there the next time that I was going to Martinsville?


          1. I guess that I should have Googled “Ridgeway clock history”?


            It says that Ridgeway clocks are owned by the Howard Miller company out of Michigan since the late 1990’s.
            One can assume that they are made there too, but I couldn’t find any article that stated that they were for sure or not?

            I stand corrected on my pas comments on this.

            I should have known better than to trust the word of a rep that I have never met before trying to sell me such an expensive item.


  5. To make things worse it wouldn’t surprise me if Dale Jr doesn’t get fined by NASCAR by dropping that F-Bomb. I don’t think the season could get any worse.


    1. thats not his fault , they wasnt using the 7second delay its fs1 ‘s fault on that one . or fox tv.s fault


  6. yep jr in the garage we done , funny restart was on the lap 88 . jr said wtf happened , we have no good luck ,,, said fuck and the radio caught it , see ya at texas , jr was doing realy good till the speeding penalty ,so we will take some of that to texas ,,,


    1. well that just cost us 3 spots in the points , to 24 . -174 to the lead …


  7. fuck jr gets nailed , radiator is gone , jr will be done , hamilin gets loose takes out 4 cars pillup jr gets the worst of it ,


  8. caution 32 goes around , now thats good for jr m he can get back in front of the cars that are laps down , p20


  9. caution out 110 to go , jr p9 ,pitting 4tires and fuel ,jrs car seem s really good on the short run , pit in 9 back out p9


    1. restart p10 on the out side jr let larson go ahead to get position ,,, jr gets caught speeding back to the back , may have just screwed the pouch , we got a good car lets see what he can do ,,


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