‘Auto Club 400’ Race Chat Room 



Friday, March 24
1:30 p.m., Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series practice, FS1
3 p.m., NASCAR XFINITY Series practice, FS1
4 p.m., NASCAR Race Hub Weekend Edition, FS1
5 p.m., NASCAR XFINITY Series final practice, FS1
5 p.m., NASCAR Race Hub Weekend Edition, FS1
6 p.m., NASCAR Race Hub Weekend Edition, FS1
7 p.m., Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Coors Light Pole Qualifying, FS1
8:30 p.m., NASCAR K&N Pro West Series: Tucson (taped), NBCSN

Saturday, March 25

8:30 a.m., NASCAR XFINITY Series practice (re-air), FS1
9:30 a.m., NASCAR XFINITY Series final practice (re-air), FS1
10:30 a.m., Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Coors Light Pole Qualifying (re-air), FS1
11:30 a.m., Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series practice, FS1
12:30 p.m., NASCAR XFINITY Series Coors Light Pole Qualifying, FS1
2 p.m., NASCAR Race Hub Weekend Edition, FS1
2:30 p.m., Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series final practice, FS1
3:30 p.m., NASCAR RaceDay XFINITY, FS1
4 p.m., NASCAR XFINITY Series NXS 300, FS1
6:30 p.m., NASCAR XFINITY Series Post-Race Show, FS1

Sunday, March 26

1 a.m., NASCAR XFINITY Series NXS 300 (re-air), FS1
3:30 a.m., Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series final practice (re-air), FS1
8 a.m., NASCAR XFINITY Series NXS 300 (re-air), FS1
10:30 a.m., Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge: Sebring (taped), FS1
12:30 p.m., Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series final practice (re-air), FS1
1:30 p.m., NASCAR RaceDay, FS1
3 p.m., Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Pre-Race, FOX
3:30 p.m., Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Camping World 500, FOX

8 p.m., NASCAR Victory Lane, FS1


95 comments on “‘Auto Club 400’ Race Chat Room ”

  1. Weather not looking very good for practice and qualifying tomorrow at Martinsville. Jayski has rumored they will use the lights Friday night if there is a chance to get qualifying in. I sure hope we bring a good car and can produce a solid finish this weekend win or lose.

    Whether you agree or disagree with Dale Jr calling out his fans over criticism it will only get worse now if the performance remains the same.


  2. seems to me that a few weeks ago jr was telling the fans they need to start pulling for other drivers like chace and ryan , now it seems jr is critizing his fan for being to critical over his team for poor porformances , [like if you dont like what your seeing them move on ] by telling us or his fans that we are talking about his family , trying to alienate us . but that dont bother me but im sure there are some real prick fans of his that could post some shit that realy pisses him off to come back with a sentence like that , its realy a shame to have him in a situation to where he has to say those things ,i was just setting here before i read this and had an apiffiny about the next few races to witch i believe things are about to change for the better , maily because hes been on the west coast ,and the cars have just been showing for him to race , now that he is now near the shop he can have more imput to the setups , just thinking ….


    1. I’ve scrolled over the tweets and yes there are a lot of real buttholes out there who post some really rotten things about Junior and his team on his and the team member’s own twitter accounts. Criticism is okay, but the name calling and threats go too far.

      It’s just a sport, but many idiots out there take it waaaay too seriously.

      Just like how many University of Kentucky fans are sending the refs of the tournament game they lost death threats for the obviously bad calls that they made that cost them the game. This is why I’m no U of K fan (I live in Kentucky) because the school and most of it’s fans here are very arrogant assholes.


  3. Has anyone else noticed how much faster the 88 is when they start the race on their qualifying tires compared to the first time that they put sticker tires on? It could be because the damn splitter isn’t dragging! Greg puts those stickers on and lowers the air pressure to the point where Junior goes down into a corner and the splitter hits, causing him to lose momentum and positions. Why o why does Greg have to have the air pressures so low!? Having the pressures so low makes even less sense with the stages that they have now. Yeah, the Stages on Sunday were 60 laps long. But, everybody was splitting them and pitting at 30 laps. Why do the air pressures have to be that low when you are only going to 30 laps? It just doesn’t make sense. Rant over.


    1. Maybe because he thinks that Junior uses too much brakes and heats the tires up excessively?

      Lately Junior has been really burning the shit out of his brakes.

      I do agree that Ives has a big problem using such low tire pressures. JJ/Chad even runs more air in the 48 car.


      1. He’s been having a lot of brake problems lately because they are going faster down the straightaways due to the low downforce package and they haven’t figured out the correct amount of cooling for the brakes. Hopefully, they’ll figure that out the more they use this package. With that said, I’m not sure if that’s the cure or if Greg needs to tell Junior to not drive the car down into the corner so hard. I go back and forth on whether a driver should adapt to the crew chief or vice versa.

        I’ve heard Junior say that his driving style is that he likes to sail the car off down into the corner. He said that’s why he likes the valence because when the valence hits, it just grinds the bottom off unlike the splitter which bottoms out and forces the car up the track. This may be the reason that they are having so much trouble with the splitter. Greg may be setting the air pressures to fit someone who doesn’t drive as hard down into the corner. See, this goes back to my “Who Should Adapt,” debate. Yeah, you could ask Junior to not so hard into the corner, but are you getting the most out of your driver if you force him to drive a way that he’s not comfortable with? I didn’t listen when Jeff and Alex where in the car last year, so I wonder if they had any splitter problems?


        1. Junior needs to drive more like his father and learn to let off the gas earlier and coast into the turns more and not use so much brake and set his car up for that kind of driving. That’s his biggest problem by far.

          Every recent past NASCAR champion in all 3 series drives using much less braking, especially JJ, Harvick, Stewart and Kez. Even Kryle uses less brake than most.


          1. Oh and the old way of driving with the old cars that Junior started out in, well those all drove better using braking to set the nose in a dive to transfer the weight onto the nose/front end to give the tires more steering grip entering the turns. That’s when they had much more front end travel with the coil binding with the rubber strike out bumper setups on the A frames. Jeff Gordon won the most races/championships when this was the case. Neither Junior or he adapted their styles well to the COT at all with the front end splitter and less travel on the front end suspensions with the bump stops on the shocks.


  4. Dale Jr. Steadfast: ‘This Is My Team. You’re Talking about My Family’

    Ron Lemasters | JR Motorsports | 3/28/2017

    Dale Jr. Dirty Mo Radio News



    MOORESVILLE, N.C. (March 28, 2017) – Merle Haggard once sang about running down his country, and how if you did, you’d be walking on his fighting side. Dale Earnhardt Jr. gave a distinct Haggard treatment to those running down members of his No. 88 Hendrick Motorsports team on social media during this week’s The Dale Jr. Download.

    After posting a 16th-place finish in the most recent race at Auto Club Speedway, Dale Jr. noticed some grumbling on Twitter about that, and wasted no time in setting the record straight for those who are walking that line.

    “We obviously understand, because we’re living it, that our car needs a little more speed,” he said. “We’re working hard trying to dig and find our weaknesses and the speed we need to get them driving better. It’s not good enough and we know it.

    “There’s been an unusual amount of, I won’t call it criticism, but concern, on social media,” Earnhardt Jr. continued. “I stay pretty close to what fans and our supporters are saying on social media, and there’s been a little bit of an unusual amount of concern especially where we finished the first few races. But one of the things that really pisses me off is when they talk about the team, the pit crew or my crew chief. You’ll see a tweet every once in a while where they’re like, ‘change this, get a new guy here, get rid of this…’ This is my team. You’re talking about my family.”

    Message delivered, line drawn.

    Earnhardt Jr. said that the team is progressing, communicating and working hard.

    “It’s not supposed to be easy,” he said of doing what he does for a living. “I’ve worked with this pit crew for a couple of years now. We’ve gotten really close, I’ve seen them perform really well and that’s why I believe in them. So, that’s a little frustrating when you see people so quick to jump to conclusions. We’re all very close, we communicate every week and we’re going to work on this to get it right as a group with who we have.

    “We’re 21st in points, and it’s been a slow climb and crawl back into relevancy, trying to get into that top 16 and the Chase. There’s a lot of room for improvement, but we’re working hard.”

    The next stretch of racing sees five tracks—Martinsville, Texas, Bristol, Richmond and Talladega—offer some pretty strong hopes for the needed advancement.

    “The next five races are all tracks where we’ve won,” Dale Jr. said. “I really enjoy Martinsville, going clock-hunting this weekend. Texas has a new configuration, Bristol…it’s always amazing. Got a lot of good tracks coming up and I’m confident we can run well at them, and we’ll be able to understand how our progression is going, if we’re getting better.

    “Heading into the summer, we need to start getting back into that top 15 in points, and if we don’t have a win then, it’s going to be close on getting into the Chase, and we’re going to be fighting some guys for that bubble spot. It’d be awesome to just go ahead and knock out a win, get it locked in.”

    With five good tracks—including Talladega, where he’s won six times—ahead, Earnhardt Jr. is definitely feeling the vibe that better performance is on the way.

    For much, much more from NASCAR’s Most Popular Driver, tune into Dirty Mo Radio and catch the rest of The Dale Jr. Download, which is also available on iTunes, Stitcher and SoundCloud, among other outlets.


    1. Nice Post Alucard……Thanks
      Not surprised to hear Junior chastise his fan base for speaking to the obvious…. Also, why I feel this is Junior’s last full year in Cup Racing.


  5. I have to say that I’m perplexed by the speed of the 24 compared to the rest of HMS. To me, that shows that the problem doesn’t lie in the HMS equipment itself. In fact, Larson has HMS engines so it’s obvious that it’s not a power problem. I think that with the loss of aero downforce that mechanical grip and the setup under the cars have become the key. That would explain why the 24 is so much faster. Alan has his setups down. If you really think about it, as a crew chief, Alan has always done better at the tracks where mechanical grip was more important than aero. Now, with this package, it’s more important everywhere.

    Think about this: Greg’s best year as the 88 crew chief was 2015 where the cars had a ton of downforce and were down on horsepower. Have you noticed that he’s getting worse as a crew chief as they take more and more aero downforce from the cars year by year? Hmm, I wonder why.


    1. Always thought the power of HMS was in their sharing of info….obviously the other crew chiefs are too stupid or too proud to ask for help !!!! Mediocre is really getting old.


    2. A lot of Jr Nation is upset and rightfully so with the current performance of this team. Several fans called out Dale Jr yesterday on Twitter over his “Care Free” attitude and “Everything’s Great” speeches constantly. One fan asked Dale Jr if he thought Dale Sr would think everything’s great after runs like we have been having. I think we all know the truthful answer to that question.

      I agree that something is wrong when the 24 unloads faster each week and seems to have better performances. To me that narrows it down to 2 people …. Dale Jr & Greg Ives. The fault lies either with one of them or between both of them. We are struggling in every phase there is right now and If we don’t lose spots on pit road we end up losing them on the restarts. Strategy is a word that Greg Ives has no understanding of and it has shown the end of the past 2 races. It was one thing to be disappointed that Dale Jr was out of the car last year buts its anoth to be disappointed and frustrated over the performance of this team.

      In closing I think the part that pissed me off the most yesterday was when Brad K can take a wrecked race car and wear us out with it. How can HMS or Dale Jr expect his fans to spend $$$$ going to the track when you know we have no shot of winning or even being competitive.


      1. His attitude after the races does bother me. Though, I will say that he sure was pissed during the race yesterday. Sometimes, I do think that he’s not as aggressive or confident as he was before the concussion. However, I watched him on several restarts yesterday and he was really aggressive going down into the corner. The problem was that he would go down hard into the corner and the car would give up and he’d lose two to three spots because of it. Right now, I’m struggling with whether it’s him not being as good as he was before or if that’s all the car has to offer. To be honest, I’m going to give Junior a pass right now because I remember that the 88 ran just as bad at the end of last year with two different drivers EVEN when HMS had become dominant again with Jimmie and Chase leading laps every week and Kasey Kahne running in the Top 10.


        1. A lot of Jr Nation including myself don’t have access to the in car audio during the race so we have no idea what kind of mood Dale Jr is in the race during . All we see & hear before the race and afterwards is the “Everything’s Great” attitude and the usual “Had Fun”. “We’re a Team” etc. I’m sure driving a race car is fun but hell I don’t like getting beat by others driving go-karts at the beach so I wouldn’t think Dale Jr actually likes finishes like this either. I’m like you Steve I don’t want to even think any of this has to do with Jr but for pete sake at least come off to your fans that your still care. I don’t like writing negative comments each week and I sure don’t like reading all the negative stuff towards the team but if were talking this way amongst Jr Fans what do you think people that hate Dale Jr are saying?

          I hope they figure things out soon or at least make some changes while we have a chance !!!


      2. I agree, especially about Kez’s wrecked car blasting past Junior.

        Junior is getting paid, knows he has practically no chance at a championship under these fucked up rules.

        So he’s enjoying the ride and the paychecks.


    3. But the other teams all get a copy of the 24 team’s setups.
      I think it has just as much to do with the driver and their style as much as anything.
      Chase and Larson are younger and have a different feel for what they want out of their cars and their way is working better than it is for the older drivers.


  6. i would like to know how a car can come front 43 to 13 and get stoped in it tracks for the rest of the race , and how the 2 car was wreck and as brad put it tore up and still finsh 2nd . what the fuck is up with that ,exsplain that , he gets penalized for ride height s and comes out with a car that is still that fast , but jr drives his ass off all race with a fast car and cant get past the top ten , bullshit …


  7. martinsville here we come , maybe just maybe jr can put onj a show , and get to the top 5 just maybe , see ya all next week , hope im not the only one posting it hard doing the play by play , but didnt mind at all if ya missed it just read back its all there , enjoy ,,,,

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  8. well we gain 1 spot in the points , to 21 st , with 98 points and -152 fron the lead , larson in the lead


  9. its over larson wins showing jr 16th but i dont think thats final , but prolly is , hamilin gets into wall infront of jr , nothing he can do had to settle for what he got , still a fuck up mistake on greg for pitting with 7 to go , had a chance for a top ten and pissed it away jr stuck behind half ass drivers , from 11 th through 17 th ,


  10. crash again stinkhouse goes around bayne goes around too , caution out .. over time green white checker , jr p14


  11. lagono stiffs kahne ,kahen gets loose jr and kahne drop like rocks jr p20 , caution is out for a spin lajoie jr pits again , what the fuck , 3 cars atayed out , why the fuck would you pit , fuck me ,,, 7 laps to go . noit to smart . should have stayed out , there fuck ,stupid


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