‘Camping World 500’ Race Chat Room


2017 Camping World 500 3C W PIR Logo ƒ

Friday, March 17
1 p.m., NASCAR XFINITY Series practice, FS1
2 p.m., Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series practice, FS1
3:30 p.m., NASCAR Race Hub Weekend Edition, FS1
4 p.m., NASCAR XFINITY Series practice, FS1
5 p.m., NASCAR Race Hub Weekend Edition, FS1
6 p.m., NASCAR XFINITY Series final practice, FS1
7 p.m., NASCAR Race Hub Weekend Edition, FS1
7:30 p.m., Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Coors Light Pole Qualifying, FS1

Saturday, March 18

9:30 a.m., 1997 Daytona 500 (re-air), FS1
Noon, Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series practice, FS2
1 p.m., NASCAR XFINITY Series Coors Light Pole Qualifying, FS2
2 p.m., NASCAR Race Hub Weekend Edition, FS2
2:30 p.m., Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series final practice, FS2
3:30 p.m., NASCAR XFINITY Series Prerace, FOX
4 p.m., NASCAR XFINITY Series DC Solar 200, FOX
6:30 p.m., NASCAR XFINITY Series Post-Race Show, FOX

Sunday, March 19

1:30 p.m., NASCAR RaceDay, FS2
3 p.m., Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Pre-Race, FOX
3:30 p.m., Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Camping World 500, FOX
9:30 p.m., NASCAR Victory Lane, FS1


103 comments on “‘Camping World 500’ Race Chat Room”

  1. the fans a nd sponsers are starting to speak out over the changes that keep happening week after week , nascar is steeling the racing exsperince from the fans and the sponsers , now they want to shorten the races from 3day weekends to 2 day weekends , and the sponsers are pissed , how can we as fans stop this constant change of the rules and how can we take back our sport , something has to be done


      1. And again, it’s more deliberate dumbing down of the sport to attract the millennial types for “new fans” as he says who have their 4 minute attention spans according to the PR firms that the King Brian has hired.

        It ain’t gonna work.

        All that the stupid fucker King Brian will accomplish is to completely alienate/drive away the rest of us fans that are left.


  2. Was Dillon punished or is it OK to wreck after the flag now since it is OK for your pit crew to draw blood from your enemy ?


  3. http://www.nascar.com/en_us/news-media/articles/2017/3/22/penalty-brad-keselowski-kevin-harvick-after-phoenix-monster-energy-nascar-cup-series.html

    Nos. 2, 4 teams penalized after violations at Phoenix

    By Staff report | NASCAR.com | March 22, 2017 at 06.05 PM

    NASCAR levied L1-level penalties against the No. 2 car of Team Penske and the No. 4 car of Stewart-Haas Racing in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series on Wednesday following Sunday’s race at Phoenix Raceway.

    The violation for the No. 2 car is detailed in sections of the NASCAR Rule Book (post-race general inspection measurements), and driver Brad Keselowski’s fifth-place finish in the Camping World 500 is encumbered, per section 12.10 of the NASCAR Rule Book.

    Meanwhile, the violation for the No. 4 car is detailed in sections I-4 of the NASCAR Rule Book (track bar mount and supports) and driver Kevin Harvick’s sixth-place finish at Phoenix is encumbered.

    As a result of the violation, No. 2 crew chief Paul Wolfe was fined $65,000 and suspended from the next three Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series points races. The team was assessed with the loss of 35 driver points and 35 owner points. Keselowski told FS1’s “NASCAR Race Hub” that Brian Wilson will serve as the team’s crew chief.

    “Well, first off, my crew chief, Paul Wolfe, is an elite crew chief, and I feel really lucky to have him, ” Keselowski told the program. “…To lose a guy like that, it definitely hurts. He’s a great asset to our team, but this is one of those setbacks that I think every team faces and we’re just going to have to get through it. It looks like it’s going to be a handful of races and we’ll do the best we can during that time.

    “The good thing about Brian Wilson is he comes from the XFINITY side as a crew chief who just won with Joey Logano at Las Vegas. But even before that, he was on the 2 team as the lead engineer, so a lot of knowledge and experience, and we look forward to working together with him.”

    The No. 4 crew chief Rodney Childers was fined $25,000 and suspended from the next Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series points race. The team was assessed with the loss of 10 driver and 10 team owner points.

    Team Penske and Stewart-Haas Racing both have the option to file an appeal to the National Motorsports Appeals Panel.


    1. Hmmm, no details of what these violations actually were?

      But notice these are both Ford teams?

      Must be a cheat that the Ford teams were sharing?


  4. Hey all. I went to the race and it was hot as hell. I was sitting right at the entrance of turn 1 so I saw the awesome three wide pass for the lead by Chase Elliott right up close. I’m disappointed that he didn’t win.

    Junior’s car was horrendous. There were so many times where the front end of the car slid up the race track in the middle of 1 and 2. He had no front end grip whatsoever.

    I gotta say that I am loving the young guys representing of late like Ryan Blaney, Kyle Larson and of course Chase Elliott.

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    1. Glad that you had a good time in spite of the crappy car that the 88 team brought!
      And what did you think about Kryle having defeat snatched from the jaws of victory over that last caution?


        1. So of course I advised to drink plenty of ice cold adult beverages to stay cool? 😛

          I know, sometimes it’s just too hot to even drink beer.

          I’ve been at Bristol a couple of times during the day when it was in the upper 90’s and humidity over 70% and at Ky. Speedway camping in the infield at 105 degrees in the shade and it was too hot to drink anything other than water or gatorade all day long.

          I think you all remember when I was posting here for that 105 degree heat for that Ky. race?

          I still have pictures of me holding a giant thermometer with the 105 degree reading on it?
          My AC in the RV was not working due to a bad fuel pump in the generator. We sat there under the canopy drinking 6 16 oz bottled waters every hour and sweated them all out, never needed to use the restroom until night time.

          That was rough, Not fun!


  5. hms has a problem , they dont have the speed of later , not only jr with piss poor car but for the race run from chace , hes the only one this year to get top tens jimmy jr and kahne have had ill handling cars religating them to sub par top 20 finishes , as a team as a hole , they need help its the year of the fords this year last year was turdotas time it will be hell for the chevy this year . but for jr i wont blame him for any finishes so far this year , its the team as a hole . and greg is not helping . auto club speed way next week may be where we see some light in the tunnel .

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    1. Hmm, I’m not sure that I completely agree. Sure, HMS isn’t dominating right now. However, Chase won Stage 2. Jimmie probably would have finished in 5th had that caution not have come out. Kasey’s only had one bad week this year, and that was Las Vegas. His finish this week was more due to that missing lug nut. Now, what happened to Junior today is ridiculous. I’m getting a little sick and tired of Greg not being able to fix the most simple of problems. First off, he still can’t figure what the right air pressure to start the run on is. The damn splitter’s dragging! Secondly, when someone says that they are loose in and tight in the center, then you fix the loose in! It may be tight in the center because the driver has to turn right going into the corner!

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      1. Ives has always had the problem of starting out with too low of air pressure and the dragging of the splitter as the result.

        Some people are just too set in their ways I guess?


        1. It apparently is with Greg. Do you know what the real shame of today was? The 88 was the fastest car on the track during the first run of the day. It could be because they had to start on their qualifying tires with the air pressure already built up, so the splitter wasn’t dragging. It just boggles my mind that Greg has trouble fixing such simple problems. If Junior was like, “Man, I don’t know what’s wrong with this thing,” then sure, I could see having trouble adjusting it. But, when it’s a simple “loose in, tight in the center,” I just can’t understand it. Hell, I remember a few times when Junior couldn’t describe what was wrong with the car and Steve Letarte still found a way to fix it.


    1. I hope that Robbob still enjoyed himself in spite of the sucky performance from the 88 car today.
      His luck is like mine in going to the races to watch Junior anymore?


  6. well thats it , jr has just lost his brakes , driffting into the corners just riding it out to the finish p15


    1. yep im out , jr will maybe finsh top 20 , he will remain 21 st in points ,not good , see ya at auto club next week ,

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  7. caution cole witt into the wall . 55 to go ,last pit for the 88team . lets get some position back this restart , points as they run jr still 22nd and -110 to the leader .


  8. greg has just giving jr his worst finish ever here at phienox , jr has had top 3 to top5 finishes here and now we are looking at a top 20 thats bullshit i dont care what greg did for alex , alex was frsh meat in the seat , jr knows what he want to race with and greg just cant get the job done HE NEEDS TO GO

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