Rearview Mirror: 2017 Folds of Honor 500

My thoughts on yesterday’s Folds of Honor 500. Better days will come . . .

Rough day for the Nationwide NO. 88 at Atlanta

Atlanta did not go the way we all had hoped for our driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. Dale had a surprisingly good qualifying run that put him 12th to start the race but once the green flag dropped, something seemed a little off. The NO. 88 immediately fell back a few spots to P15 with a seemingly bad handling race car that was just all over the place especially in the middle of the turns. Dale was specifically saying that the 50%-60% mark was where he needed help with more grip.

After falling back to P15, Earnhardt Jr. was able to get it back to P13 by working the top of turns 1 and 2 and the bottom of turns 3 and 4. The first green flag pit stop of the day took place around lap 35 and that’s where his trouble started. Dale was caught for speeding coming into pit road in multiple segments of pit lane so a drive through penalty was assessed. The NO. 88 went a lap down as a result, but thankfully the race was still in its early going and the possibility of recovering with the lucky dog or wave around at the end of the first stage was a possibility … until trouble struck again. While improving his position to P25 and only a few more cars to pass to get into the lucky dog spot, Dale had a tire go down that forced him to make an unscheduled pit stop. This was the nail in the coffin for Dale and the Nationwide team as they were never able to recover; floating around P30 and as far back as P34 and multiple laps down.

Despite being completely out of contention and multiple laps down, Dale did say over the team radio that we was still having a good time and was simply enjoying being back behind the wheel. Better days will come for sure. Sunday was just another one of those days that we have known all too well over the years as Junior fans. Yesterday’s kind of race used to actually get me down and ruin my Sunday’s because I wanted Dale to just simply run well and fight for a win. But after last years serious concussion injury and the possibility looming of him never being able to get back in a race car, we can’t take his competitive days for granted anymore. We must enjoy every race day that he’s healthy and on the racetrack, even when the day goes sour.

Dale tweeted this after the race and I think it solidly summarizes exactly how I feel and how I think we should all feel in Jr. Nation –

It wasn’t the best afternoon, but I’m so happy to be back with these guys here! Win or lose, we stick together. @nationwide88

20 comments on “Rearview Mirror: 2017 Folds of Honor 500”

  1. An update on Las Vegas getting a second Cup race starting in 2018. Presumably New Hampshire will be losing it’s second date that took place in the Fall. –

    After years of teasing, pleading and politicking, Las Vegas Motor Speedway is on its way to hosting a second NASCAR Cup race in 2018.

    Las Vegas Motor Speedway has scheduled a press conference for 5:30 p.m. ET Wednesday to make a”special announcement.” The press conference will be held 30 minutes after the board of directors of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority meets to approve a sponsorship agreement that would pay the track $2.5 million a year for seven years to promote two Cup races at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.


  2. Some penalties were released today including Kyle Busch for his car failing post race inspection during the Saturday Xfinity race. –

    Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series:
    #47-Allmendinger – Violation of Sections Tires and Wheels.
    Note: Race finish is encumbered per Section 12.10 Encumbered Race Finishes.
    Lug nut(s) not properly installed.
    Crew chief (Randall Burnett) has been fined $65,000 and suspended from the next three Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series points events. Team has been assessed with the loss of 35 driver and 35 owner points.

    #18-Kyle Busch – Violation of Sections Post-Race Front Body Inspection Heights
    Note: Race finish is encumbered per Section 12.10 Encumbered Race Finishes.
    Post-race height measurements were outside NASCAR allowed tolerances.
    Crew chief (Scott Graves) has been fined $10,000 and suspended from the next NASCAR XFINITY Series points event. Team has been assessed with the loss of 10 NASCAR XFINITY Series owner points.


      1. The link goes to an emoticon that I found for “WTF”… a disgusted looking smiley.
        Hmm, the pic didn’t post like it used to here?
        Again, I miss my ol’ edit button!


    1. I sure hope that SiriusXM didn’t pay NA$CAR for these rights in advance?
      By the way King Brian is working, NA$CAR might not even be around by 2022!


  3. Some positive TV rating news. –

    FOX Sports PR‏ @FOXSportsPR Mar 7
    Truck ratings: Saturday’s @NASCAR_Trucks race on @FS1 from Atlanta up 6% in average viewership over 2016 (1,229,000 vs. 1,157,000) #nascar

    FOX Sports PR‏ @FOXSportsPR Mar 7
    BIG JUMP: #NASCAR #RaceDay on @FS1 scored 848k viewers on Sunday from @AMSUpdates, up 28% from last year’s 662k @NASCARonFOX @FOXSports


  4. Good Morning everyone….going back in the hospital this AM for my “Humpty Dumpty” surgery…putting me back together again!! Thank you for all your support and I ask again for your prayers and good thoughts.

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  5. The fans are shooting NA$CAR down big time on Twitter about putting mufflers on the race cars:

    So, my bet is that NA$CAR will do it anyway exactly because this is what we don’t like.
    And someone did make a mention that NA$CAR was trying to appease the crybaby snowflake millennials with this to lure them out of their safe spaces and coffee shops out to the track.


  6. TV ratings starting to come in for yesterday’s Atlanta race. Some bits from Sports Media Watch report below –

    NASCAR Cup Series racing from Atlanta scored a 3.6 overnight rating on FOX Sunday afternoon, down a tick from last year (3.7), down 29% from 2015 (5.1), and the lowest for the second race of the season since at least 2000. The previous low was set last year.

    Keep in mind that with the slight decline in overnights, final ratings could still increase over last year’s 4.1.

    Despite the lower numbers, NASCAR was the top sporting event of a weekend that also included the Duke-North Carolina college basketball game (2.6).


  7. Here is a question to all of you out there about one of Junior’s former sponsors, AMP Energy.
    I can’t find their AMP original boost product in several of my local stores anymore. They just stopped stocking their shelves with it about 3 weeks ago.
    I cannot find anything on the internet saying that they are discontinued.
    Has anyone out there seen any AMP Energy products at their stores out there in Junior Nation?

    Everything that I like seems to get discontinued or goes away anymore! Sheez!


  8. Bob Pockrass calling out Harvick and his fans on Twitter over yesterday’s Austin Dillon predicament.

    Bob Pockrass Retweeted Mike MF MILLER
    If as a Harvick fan you want to criticize Austin Dillon for staying out, then what did you think about Tallladega finish in October 2015?

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    1. More on this –

      Alan Cavana’s Twitter – If I remember correctly, this idea was bounced around/came from the driver’s council at some point. Some even liked it

      Jim Noble’s response –
      Jim Noble Retweeted Alan Cavanna
      Reason number #999 why the driver’s council may be getting a big too big for its britches, in the minds of some….


    2. Of fuckcrying out loud!

      Most of us like the cars loud and the feel of the rumble of their horsepower!

      King Brian is remaking the sport for the wussy crybaby millennials!

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