‘Daytona 500’ Race Chat Room

Come chat with us during the biggest race of the season!



The wait is over! The start of the 2017 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series is finally here with the 59th Running of the Daytona 500, and the 69th season of NASCAR racing! As we all know there are some big changes with the race formats this year, so it will be interesting to see it all play out for the first time today.

But more importantly, this is the return of our fan favorite to NASCAR racing, Dale Earnhardt Jr.. After being out for the second half of the 2016 season due to a concussion, he is back and is as ready as ever to go racing. He will be starting second and going for his third victory in the Great American Race.

The Daytona 500 can be watched LIVE on your local FOX network.

LIVE Leaderboard can be found at NASCAR.com

Green Flag at about 2:31 PM EST / 1:31 PM CST / 12:31 PM MST / 11:31 AM PST

108 comments on “‘Daytona 500’ Race Chat Room”

  1. Alucard, I don’t see myself competent to speak to that level of performance elements so I wont go there. I see improvement in HMS Power. I would assume this improvement is more a function of Mr H having a ” Come to Jesus” discussion with the HMS engineers/management…. I saw HMS past performances issues as a result of JGR’s stealing staff from HMS, thus leaving HMS without the knowledge base they have always depended on… Now Mr H is back, he has rebuilt his knowledge base and HMS is back…. Granted, HMS is not perfect, HMS has work to do in the aireo issues and Pit Crew staff yet to satisfy. If HMS is running better in cooler temperatures, that’s way above my pay grade an I am not smart enough to recognize that… sorry…


    1. To be honest, I don’t know how to respond to this. It’s “way above your pay grade” to recognize that someone is faster compared to the rest of the field at night than they are in the day? It’s simple. HMS has more horsepower. They don’t have the handling figured out just yet. They were better at it this year, but still not completely there. When the temperatures went, the grip went up and it became more about horsepower than it did handling and HMS became dominant.


  2. I want to hear other’s thoughts on a conclusion that I’ve come to. Compared to the rest of the field, the Hendrick cars are much more dominant in cool temperatures. They have the most raw speed, but still don’t handle the best in the day. Now, they greatly improved on the handling issues this year, because they were able to be competitive in the day. With that said, I couldn’t help but notice how much faster the 24 and the 5 were compared to the rest of the field when the Sun went down and the grip came up. They’re heading in the right direction, but they still need to improve on handling during the day while maintaining their speed.


  3. Wild race. It was actually pretty good until all those wrecks in the final stage. Then those last 40 laps were very competitive with Elliott and Blaney.

    Overall the stage racing seemed to accomplish what it wanted, hard racing in parts of the race when it usually wouldn’t matter.

    Dale had a strong car and just got caught up in someone else’s problems. He’ll get it next year.

    Have a good night everyone.


  4. So Krazy Kurt pulls it off. A frikkin’ Ford.
    Chase messed up the same as Junior, got a bit too far ahead and lost the turbulence across Truex’s nose and Truex used the wall to help side draft past.

    What crazy assed race.


    1. I was getting ready to say the same thing. There definition of commercial free & mine are completely different. Before this commercial we were watching a spli screen for a Toyota ad.


  5. Good thing NASCAR started this new rules package intended to save teams money. I would love to see a true $$$ figure from all the carnage this weekend.


    1. Before what happened Thursday night I would probably be pulling for the 3 if the 5 & 24 are finished. Crazy weekend & it ain’t over.


    1. Yep!

      And I’ll bet that about 20 drivers that McMurray has wrecked today in the numerous wrecks he’s caused would like to beat his stupid ass in the hauler lot!

      What an idiot!

      Junior was cussing him earlier!


  6. Jeff Gluck
    Dale Jr. tells us he has no symptoms and is uninjured. But if not for headrest improvement, he said he may have gotten hurt again.


  7. Anyone know how to get a full beer bottle out of TV screen without damaging the beer?

    As long as Dale Jr is OK we will live to fight another day !!!

    Still proud of Dale Jr & the 88 Crew this week. It just sucks getting caught up in a wreck when your winning the race.

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  8. jr is out and so am i tough luck has bittin us from the daytona 500 . dont like these rules . but it is what it is seeya next week at ,atlanta


  9. stage 1 ,,,,,racing so far is pretty stable jr doing well ,almost fell asleep there for a minute .jr 6 points


  10. the ones to look out for , the [idiots] brad auston denny,lagano and tony oh wait hes not racing , but these are the one i bet cause a wreck


  11. Does Junior have to fall back to P40 before the flag? NASCAR leader board is showing Junior in P40 I do think they changed his engine last night, not sure of that??? Anyone Know???


  12. ok so ive had plenty of time to set here drinking my beer , NOW ITS RACE TIME DAYTONA 500 HERE WE GO ,,, TIME TO KICK THE TIRES AND LITE THE FIRES ,,,,GO JR GO


  13. So, here we are, starting our 2017 NASCAR Racing Season at Daytona…. with Four Hours of Commercials occasionally interrupted by segments of Auto Racing……..


  14. I just read that NA$CAR has warned the drivers in their meeting not to block anyone because they say that’s what caused most of the wrecks in the other races.


  15. Anyone else think ” EARLY PITTING ” works for this new Stage Race Format?? Seems pitting the last lap before NASCAR closes the pits prior to Sage end, gives that car an advantage, once the Stage 1 or 2 ends and the caution is out, pits closed…. obviously, not for Stage 3……


  16. Happy, happy to all my buds. Fox has done a good job promoting the race. Pooh was on Friday and they warned him they might have to cut him off for Trump and Jeffie said “understood” and then they did a whole story on how that contrasts with Hollywood and how patriotic Nascar is with the anthem and prayer, etc. And Nascar has been sending emails about the 500. Lots of effort into promotion.


  17. When they first announced the new “stage” rules I said it would guarantee more “big ones”….I found the truck and xfin races boring because of all the cautions and red flag down time.Granted some of them were caused by poor driving but my word that xfin race took forever to run !!! Just hope the cup guys have more self-control and smarts.


    1. Thanks to these stupid new rules with the segments/heats, we’ll be enjoying much more such colossal wastes of our time from now on.

      After every segment they wasted about 10 to 15 laps with caution laps, even with out without wrecks happening at the end of them. Even small wrecks with little debris made them piss away 10 more caution laps it seemed. That’s what I was complaining about the whole time. NA$CAR claims to want to make more efficient use of time yet they pull boneheaded crap like that?


  18. Interesting, Dustin Long tweeted this morning: ” Is it smart to be in the lead in the final laps before the checker?”
    I have to think… NO, but honestly I have no clue what is right or wrong now?? I saw last nights issue with Sadler more a JRM self inflected issue,, Sadler came out 6th??? How does that happen if he went in – in first place.. I can see loosing one or two from timing, that happens but not 5 spots back out in 6th?? JRM has work to do in the pits, they took a huge hit last night after Kasey messed up not keeping the lead… I hope last nights Xfinity Wreck Fest is not what we see today’s Cup Race…


  19. Dustin Long‏@dustinlong 6m6 minutes ago More
    #NASCAR: Today’s Daytona 500 details
    Pit road speed: 55 mph
    Stage 1: 60 laps
    Stage 2: 60 laps
    Final stage: 80 laps
    Green flag: 2:30 pm ET


  20. The Daytona 500 being sold out isn’t that much of a big deal.
    Remember that they removed over 46,000+ seats from that place?
    They are pretty desperate to make up any kind of a success story that they can anymore.

    I hope that it’s a fun race in spite of these stupid goofy new rules and Junior pulls off a win.


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