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‘Speedweeks 2017: Daytona 500 Practices, Truck Race, Xfinity Race’ MEGA Race Chat Room

Dale Jr. will start 2nd for the Daytona 500

Keep your conversations here throughout the race weekend until the big Daytona 500 Race Chat Room goes LIVE late Saturday night!

The trucks take the green flag Friday night LIVE on FS1. Xfinity starts its season with 5 JRM cars taking the green flag on Saturday afternoon also LIVE on FS1.

Sprinkled inbetween those two events are a bunch of practice sessions for the Daytona 500 which will air LIVE on FS1.


— Noon-12:55 p.m.: NASCAR XFINITY Series first practice, FS1 (Follow live)
— 1-1:55 p.m.: Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Daytona 500 practice, FS1 (Follow live)
— 2-2:55 p.m.: NASCAR XFINITY Series final practice, FS1 (Follow live)
— 3-3:55 p.m.: Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Daytona 500 practice, FS1 (Follow live)
— 4:30 p.m.: NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Qualifying (single vehicle/two rounds), FS1 (Follow live)
— 7:30 p.m.: NASCAR Camping World Truck Series NextEra Energy Resources 250 (100 laps, 250 miles), FS1 (Follow live)

— 11 a.m.: Team Penske
— 11:30 a.m.: Team Chevrolet and owners (Jim Campbell, of Chevrolet, U.S. VP, Performance Vehicles and Motorsports; Richard Childress of Richard Childress Racing; Chip Ganassi of Chip Ganassi Racing; and Rick Hendrick of Hendrick Motorsports)
— 10 p.m. (approximately): Post-NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race

GARAGECAM (Watch live)
— 11:30 a.m.: NASCAR XFINITY Series
— 12:30 p.m.: Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series


— 10:30 a.m.: NASCAR XFINITY Series Qualifying (single vehicle/two rounds), FS1 (Follow live)
— 12:30-1:55 p.m.: Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Daytona 500 final practice, FS1 (Follow live)
— 3:30 p.m.: NASCAR XFINITY Series Powershares QQQ 300 (120 laps, 300 miles), FS1 (Follow live)



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  2. Those announcer are insensitive to Reed.
    He’s a diabetic, has Lilly insulin as his sponsor and they said his win is so sweet? πŸ˜›

    Heh heh…..


  3. As everyone knows, I am not digging these long assed caution times in between the segments!


    1. I’m nervous as hell that Brad is gonna take out Sadler!
      He’s banging on his bumper like he didn’t learn a damned thing from wrecking the last guy the same way!


  4. Brad K is an idiot!
    He jacked up the back of that car and wrecked him and wondered why that happened?
    Lower spoiler, less down force ya moron!
    Didn’t you pay any attention in the driver’s meetings at all or read up in the off season?


  5. Well dang Little gator is out….#7 Justin took a hard hit on that one, he is out of the race…expensive weekend for JRM,,, feel bad for Kelley and Junior…not good


      1. Will be interesting to see if the Xfinity guys go three wide today.. No one told the Truck guys they couldn’t do that last night, so they did…. This will be interesting today…….GO TEAM-JRM GO…


    1. Glad they got the vibration issue fixed. It’s hard to really judge who has what in these practice sessions but ” We got what we go Now” and tomorrow we will find out for sure. Win or lose I hope Dale Jr has a safe race and hopefully we can come out of this with a decent finish.


  6. Good Morning …..After watching the truck race last night with all the destroyed trucks it seems the amount of money teams are spending gets worse instant of better. Each year NASCAR puts rules in affect that is supposed to cutback on the amount of money a team has to spend but I just don’t see it especially at plate tracks. Whether it’s Cup, X-finity or Trucks, to me from lap 1 it looks like there could be a wreck at any moment. I have watched several past Daytona 500 replay’s this week and watching those you just didn’t get that feel or at least not to the closing laps. I like seeings wrecks as much as the next guy but there was a ton of money lost last night and thankfully nobody was seriously hurt that I am aware of.


    1. I can relate GM, trust me, the older one gets, the more that perspective sets in.. I’m still trying to understand how Morgan Shepherd is on the track??? I like the guy and even have family that have Crew Chief for him, but IMO at 75, its time for Morgan to step away, if only for safety .

      Plus I still don’t understand how JRM is running 5 cars?? I thought the limit was 4 ?

      Point is….What do i know ……???


    2. Yeah I think a lot of that wild driving last night was due to a bunch of young guys’ inexperience. The way they were bump drafting each other was absolutely ridiculous. They were literally slamming into each other and sometimes in the tri-oval which is the worst place you can do that! Those young guys need to chill.


    1. I wanted to see Sauter win it because he was driving a Chevy.
      Well, the 2nd placer Kaz Grala another Chevy driver wins it instead!
      The Turdota and Ford went airborne!


            1. Yea, there’s that, plus apparently no one told the Truck guys Daytona is a two lane track this year….NOT.. Looks like a 3 lane to me ….. indifferent to traction…… just saying


      1. Just post the youtube video link but remove the “s” after the “http” in the link.

        See above link? Backspace away the “s” and then copy and paste the link in the reply/posting box and the video appears!
        It doesn’t matter when you remove the “s”, just so as you do it before hitting the “post comment” button with the link.


    1. Consider yourself lucky!
      I have to drink more and more just to get a nice buzz.
      You save more money than I do and have less wear and tear on your body by needing less alcohol for effect! πŸ˜€


  7. Friday: 2:00 p.m.
    Nationwide 88
    First practice of the day is over and @DaleJr finished 6th, second practice starts in an hour! #NW88JR


  8. OK…. I missed it???….. I thought there was a 4 car limit on the number of cars any stable could run?? … So, how does JRM run 5 cars in Xfinity? I don’t get that ???


  9. P3- Good Morning All….Hopefully after the race Sunday what happened last night is just a after thought. It sure could have ended a lot better for Dale Jr but it sure could be a lot worse also. I would much rather have Dale Jr’s run last night compared to the 48 Team. If I remember correctly last year Dale Jr passed Denny to win the Can Am race and Denny went on to win the 500 so hopefully roles are reversed all the way around for us.


    1. I would like to think so GM but honestly I don’t see the whole Chevy gang working together. If Austin was half as smart as Jamie, things would have worked in both races last night,,,, truth is, both of the Dillion boys are intellectually challenged prema-donna. Add to that Richard Childress and Rick Hendrick are not friends. Nothing has ever been published about it but RC wanted Dale Jr in his stable in 2008 and thought it was an automatic but Mr H got their first with the most. RC knew Juniors value, especially to the RCR Brand and yet Mr Childress was not successful in his bid. Now the Dillon boys run on their own merit… an that’s a struggle for the RCR Brand…IMO, Austin demonstrated that last night (jerk)..
      But that’s just one mans opinion (not that I would ever build false news here…LOL)


        1. I’m pretty sure that GM Chevrolet made a phone call to RCR voicing their displeasure over what Austin Dillon did last night.

          Harvick didn’t like the Dillon boys for a reason that apparently we didn’t know.

          I’ve disliked Ty Dillon from the get go.


  10. If Hamlin really was 10 MPH(or even 5) faster than the 88 doesn’t that prove Turdota has a distinctly illegal engine advantage over the other manufacturers ?


    1. Not really connie, its actually a function of the aireo package helped lots by #3 car’s (Dillon) push at a time when the 88 didn’t have momentum.. As Junior said in post race, Denny got a run and nothing he could do without endangering his car…. He made the right choice…..
      Per Mr H: the issue was that Dillon (chevy) forgot he was in a chevy, he pushed Hamlin (Toyota). Dillons push launched Hamlin into the lead ……. shame


    2. He got an extra push and added momentum. It only lasts for a short while and Hamster was lucky that it had peaked at the right time. But again Turdota is notorious for cheating. They cheated on their very first race which was at Tona when Mikey spiked the fuel in his cars.


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