‘Daytona 500 Qualifying’ Race Chat Room



Dale Jr. is looking for his second career Daytona 500 pole today in Kroger Qualifying for the Daytona 500. Jr. was 11th quick in yesterday’s marathon 4 hour qualifying practice session. The Clash made it clear that you need to be close to the front to have a chance at victory. It’ll be key that Dale Jr. qualifies in the top 15 or top 10 for a solid chance at victory on Thursday and Sunday.

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64 thoughts on “‘Daytona 500 Qualifying’ Race Chat Room

  1. “DUELS DILEMMA”…..I asked this question Sunday after qualifying and I think most of us wasn’t sure about the new rules package and bonus points. With this article below as a reference what do each of you think Dale Jr should do tonight ?

    A – Protect the Car

    B – Go all out for the win and try to bank point’s



    • Wow, way to go Junior!
      Now that you’ve made that proclamation, you’ve guaranteed yourself that you will NEVER win the championship because NA$CAR won’t ever let you knowing that you’ll leave right afterwards!
      You’re their biggest cash cow that they have left and they will milk you for every stinkin’ penny that they can get out of your popularity because you’re all that’s left holding the vast majority of the fan’s attention and them still hanging around the sport.


  2. Really enjoyed qual and the daytime clash….much better in the sun.Interesting times in nascar…who knew francypants is just a figurehead…or is that a “frig the fans head”!!!

    One thing I am already tired of is DALAMY !!! Do not want to read about Amy…want and need racing stuff !!!!And it worries me that he seems so emotionally dependent on her.


    • He and his family do have some sort of a legal grip on the company that nobody can wrest from them other that it going completely broke, which it will do eventually.
      King Brian would have been removed long ago if he didn’t have some sort of an ace in his deck already.


      • Brian holds no position in NASCAR. His sister and Uncle own 100% of all shares. Jeff’s article speaks to events and actions Brian has taken in recent years, without their knowledge or approval. That and the declining market share under his watch is why the WSJ called him out…. his incompetence…..


          • Brian sold all his shares in NASCAR stock years ago to his sister and uncle, he owns no shares of NASCAR stock… ie he has no financial position in NASCAR. Brian is CEO by contract and reports to the Board for his success or failure …. he and he alone, is accountable to sustain and/or grow market share… If he fails his responsibilities, he can be fired… Brian’s Sister and Uncle are Co-Chairs of NASCAR, a privately held corporation… Brian does not have a financial position within NASCAR, he owns nothing there….


            • I know that’s what they have said Buckshot, I don’t believe that for a second.
              This is an old angle to get around the the tax laws. It’s laundering property.
              I have known many neighbors and family that have put the ownership of their assets in their spouse’s and kid’s names to avoid/circumvent the big income taxes from it.
              King Brian is no exception.


  3. No more Jayski. No more souvenir haulers. No more NA$CAR on regular broadcast TV all of the time. No more traditional points system. No more real stock cars with factory bodies. No more single full time sponsors to identify with the driver and team. No more homegrown hometown average people driver/owners starting at the bottom on their own and earning their way to the big time. No more traditional blue collar good ole boy fans and girls like us. No more Speed Channel or their stages and Trackside live at the races for the fans. There’s more to add to this list of “no mores”.
    King Brian sure has managed to make much of what was good about the sport to go away for good.


    • This link is all that’s left of Jayski.
      ESPN killed it, probably at the request of NA$CAR I’d say? It’s bad enough that they have washed their hands of NA$CAR, but screwing over Jayski is too fucking much! Now we can’t check the real stats against NA$CAR’s propaganda anymore! No more finding who the real champion is under the original pre-chase points system! No more team member or sponsor lists! NA$CAR covers up their attendance numbers, number of ad ran etc. that Jayski always revealed and NA$CAR didn’t like it because they thought that the truth would keep people away. They never stop to think that it’s their bullshit PR propaganda that’s doing that instead of the truth?
      Again, I’m about done with all of this. I won’t be spending nearly as much time on my weekends off with this from now on when I could be doing something better.


  4. Love to see Junior win Duel #1, Chase win Duel #2.. What a great way to start the year and the weekend… What a boost to his physic’ …….just sayin


  5. Ya gotta admit Hendrick Power lit em up after all the booth-hipe about JGR & Ford. I noticed Junior’s comments after.. He was disappointed, he wanted that Pole for the Team.

    While I don’t understand whats going on the the 48, I suspect the real issue there is one of Chad gimmicks or something unique to the 48…. until I think about Amelia last year….. Go figure…….


  6. Hmm, methinks that HMS was probably just sandbagging before? Not showing their cards until the last play?
    Junior sure has been known to do that since his DEI days running these plate races.


    • In his post-qualifying press conference, he said that he and the team weren’t really sure of what they had after practice yesterday. He said that Alan and the 24 team weren’t all that confident going in to qualifying, either. They could have been sandbagging, or they could have worked their asses off between practice and qualifying. Who knows? They wouldn’t tell either way.


  7. Huge, huge improvement from what I was anticipating. Going in to qualifying, I was hoping that he would just make the Top 12. It’s really impressive that they found that much speed in the time between practice and qualifying. Also, I was really happy to see him improve from Round 1 to Round 2 on speed. Last year, Junior was P1 after the first round, but lost speed in the second round and didn’t win the pole. They actually improved this year, which is nice!

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    • My thoughts Exactly !!!… After everything Dale Jr & Jr Nation has been though I would have been happy if he would have backed up yesterday’s run of 11th. After what happened to JJ in “The Clash” I hope HMS straightens out that issue. At the same time though Alex Bowman seems like he held his own during the race with the #88. I was a little shocked to see the #48 as far back in qualifying as he was but it’s know telling where his mind was after the crash earlier today.


      • I don’t know if there is any correlation, but I did notice in the practices for the Clash that the 88 did draft while the 48 only did single car runs. I don’t believe Alex said anything about the car jumping out from under him. Honestly, HMS would have had a better shot in the Clash had they worked together like the other teams did. Chase can’t help but make it three wide instead of staying in line and making the line move.


  8. How many bonus points can be gained in the Duels race Thursday and for Chase & Dale is it worth tearing up your car and losing the front row?


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