‘The Clash at Daytona’ Race Chat Room

Come chat with us during the race!



Welcome to the first Race Chat Room of 2017!

Alex Bowman will  be driving the NO. 88 for The Clash at Daytona due to his strong efforts in the car last year when Dale Jr. was out with a concussion. The race is a 75 lap event with a competition caution thrown out on lap 50, setting up a 25 lap sprint to the checkered flag.

The green flag drops at approximately 8:10 PM EST this Saturday and can be watched LIVE on FS1.

LIVE Leaderboard can be found at NASCAR.com

FREE LIVE In-Car cams can be found at NASCAR Drive

99 comments on “‘The Clash at Daytona’ Race Chat Room”

    1. Yea Cry Baby scolded Alex for not letting him to catch Joey… Alex said Kyle had dumped him all race long, Alex went for the win, tried hard for second. Cry Baby can kiss his all….. Its great for Alex to know that 88Team has his back….

      Kudos to Alex …. I like this youngin ..


      1. Really need that edit button RobBob…Please??? ….. have to say I’m liken our new home.better and better.. love spell checker… even when i spell the wrong word correctly….old here 😛 😛 😛


      2. Dumb ass Kryle is an idiot believing that his competitors should do what’s best for his stupid ass at their expense at winning?
        Typical snotty spoiled brat entitlement mentality.
        He will never change in that regard.


    1. to it looks like the tar strip is the prob here , they both hit that black line in the turn ,a slick spot there


    1. That’s the same spot Dale Jr lost Amelia last year. I hope it’s just a big mistake on JJ’s part and not reason for future concern for HMS.


    1. This makes me nervous but again, it all comes down to his health. When he retires, it’ll be a sad SAD day for me. Racing on the weekends and cheering for dale Jr. kept me sane all throughout my junior high and high school years. Those years weren’t good to me but Dale and racing in general kept me from going crazy as I always had something good to look forward to once Friday came around.


    1. Aww crap!
      I’ll be at work and we don’t have FS1 on the TV.
      Hopefully it will be on Raceview so I can watch and listen on my phone?


  1. also i have a prize package for the game this year , a full color amp bed spread or throw blanket has dale jr on it with the amp logo along with a few 164 scale cars in the package never opened of my choice from my collection there will be an 8 car an 88 car and maybe a 3 car of dale sr,s before i make it offical i will confirm the package then present it as the prize …. so i think robbob and will be in contact with each other about the game , biggest thing is we need everyone on this blog to join the game to make it interesting ,,,its all about the win ….

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  2. so i log in to gravatar to change my avatar but i not smart enough to do what i want to do like change it , any help


    1. By the way that the radar looks right now, my bet is that the race won’t be until tomorrow.
      I’ve got to work in the morning (and I’m tired) so I can’t wait up to see it.
      So goodnight folks! If the race happens tonight, I’ll just catch up by reading the comments here in the morning.

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    1. Are they running close together (in traffic) or out there alone?
      None of the testing here matters too much unless it’s ran in traffic drafting.


  3. Good Morning Jr Nation… In less then a hour from now we get to see what we have been waiting for … The Return of Dale Jr in. Cup Car. I know we would all like to see a fairy tale story where Dale Jr wins on his first race back but I think under the circumstances I would be happy with a Top 10. Last year we all had are hopes up so high for this race with Amelia only to have them crushed. With Dale Jr’s health issues I am just hoping for a safe race for him win or lose.

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    1. I’m right there with you, man. I expected wins throughout each season for the past few years but this year I’m just hoping that Dale runs well and maybe comes away with a win or two. His health is what is most important to me and probably all of us right now. I’d hate to see him get in a real bad wreck and permanently hurt himself :/


      1. That is my biggest fear that Dale Jr gets a wreck in this first race and everything he has worked for is gone. I just wonder how much Dale Jr has thought about this and how it will affect his driving style? With these bonus points it’s gonna be hard to lay back and ride around. I am just glad he is back and NASCAR actually means something to me again !!! Have a great day………

        I have one question…..Can you edit a post if you make a typo?


        1. Don’t think so GM not that I’ve seen. Rulez said the same thing and RobBob said no, not available. but we do have spell checker now…. Just have to be carefun b4 you hit that post button. Id be happy with a delete function. At least one could delete a mistake and repost…..
          RobBob is working on it……. but it is different here for sure…

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          1. If only we could get the font reduced, so we could see more post on one screen…. That’s number one for me on my wish list ….. Just saying


  4. I found this article today via Sherry Pollex
    ” This article is incredible. Don’t think I’ve ever read a more well put together story. 👏👏👏👏”

    IMO this is a must read for everyone that is a Dale Jr Fan…… I learned a lot…

    ” A Racing Mind: Dale Earnhardt Jr. returns at Daytona after letting his brain heal from multiple concussions — and after undergoing a different sort of rehabilitation for his psyche.
    by Tommy Tomlinson 02/16/17

    Here is the link and it is well worth the read….. I enjoyed reading it lots… and Amy has made a huge difference in Dale Jr life…

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          1. Ur not helping my physie, Alucard…. Now I’m depressed… 😛

            glad to see you made it across the Great Divide, worried a bit…….

            Love we have spell checker now. Im getting there RobBob… Great job youngin…….

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  5. I’m guessing NASCAR.Com just couldn’t figure out how to show a complete Leader Board… This years version shows top 10 only …. idiots ….

    Alex #88 in P8 with 10 minutes to go in first practice…….


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    1. OK,, i got it wrong … NASCAR can show more than 10 cars at a time….

      Alex #88 ended second practice in P7…. not so shabby but have to say: JGR was strong and looks like they’re going to play a team strategy….


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