Welcome to DaleJrNation.blog

Welcome to the new home for Dale Jr. Nation! Thank you to those who have been loyal as we have grown from 88-Central.com back in 2011, to DaleJrNation.com in 2013, and now our third and final change to DaleJrNation.blog.

Dale Jr. Nation was established back in the Summer of 2011 by a group of loyal Dale Jr. fans that used to congregate each race weekend on the old NASCAR.com forums. This place was founded to give us a place where we could freely engage in conversation away from trolls and an over abundance of moderation. We share and post news stories from the world of NASCAR as well as just hang out and talk about whatever comes to mind. We have just one main rule here – Be Respectful to One Another.

If you’re a fan of Dale Earnhardt Jr. or just a big fan of NASCAR then you’re in the right place.

Welcome to Dale Jr. Nation.

4 thoughts on “Welcome to DaleJrNation.blog

  1. I think i got this but not sure….. anyone else here yet …please post a comment so we know other s made the move…


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