‘Countdown to Daytona’ Off-Season Discussion

Join us as we talk all things Dale Jr. & NASCAR in our countdown to Daytona!


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104 comments on “‘Countdown to Daytona’ Off-Season Discussion”

  1. I did it again…I am here…wish I had something smart or interesting to say . Think we will have to watch the races with pencil and paper so we can keep track of all the new stuff but I can hardly wait for REAL racing !!!


  2. Good Afternoon All……
    Can someone that understands all these new rules please help me?

    1. If a driver goes a lap or laps down in the 1st or 2nd segment of the race are those forgiven in the final segment?

    2. Since there are no officials on pit road now who will monitor whether repairs made to a car under the 5 minute rule are sufficient enough for the car to continue? My point being I can see half azz repairs being made to get the car back out and beat the clock.

    3. If a team goes over the 5 minute window what is the penalty?

    Thanks in advance for the help


    1. 1. If a driver goes a lap or laps down in the 1st or 2nd segment of the race are those forgiven in the final segment?

      IMHO: NO… Segment Restarts rules don’t change… They will restart same as a normal caution indifferent to segments.

      2. Since there are no officials on pit road now who will monitor whether repairs made to a car under the 5 minute rule are sufficient enough for the car to continue? My point being I can see half ass repairs being made to get the car back out and beat the clock.

      IMHO: There are live feed cams & monitors for every pit stall, monitors will make the call, black flag if needed… Cars would be called to the pits for inspection during active laps …. Crew Chief has the latitude to argue the case b4 recall is executed….

      3. If a team goes over the 5 minute window what is the penalty?

      IMHO: Prolly none, as the team looses positions ….same as a late return for any caution…..

      Just saying ………


        1. UW It’s just my thinking. I’m like everyone else, a ” work in progress” understanding it …Daytona is going to be interesting….


  3. Finally got back here….usually cannot access..”website not responding…Windows looking for solution”…got on today after I put the site in my favorites. Good news from doctor…won’t operate till March 7 so I will get to watch all the races at home….WOOHOO !!!!

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  4. Interesting story from Jayski –

    Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series News RSS
    Edwards getting paid to sit out? to Penske in 2018? Denied: when NASCAR star Carl Edwards announced last month that he too is retiring there was no such clarity. Edwards said only that he wanted to spend more time with his family but his press conference left most people unconvinced. Meanwhile I’m [Motorsports writer Gordon Kirby] told that Edwards is being paid more than $15 million to sit-out this year and that he will return to action next year at the wheel of a third Penske Racing Ford. Penske runs two cars for Brad Keselowski and Joey Logano and has been planning to expand to three cars. Penske currently runs a third car for Ryan Blaney in partnership with the Wood Brothers, one of NASCAR’s longest-running teams, so RP’s team is entirely prepared to run Edwards next year.(gordonkirby.com)
    UPDATE: per Motorsports writer Lewis Franck’s Twitter: “OFFICIAL Just got off the phone with a senior @Team_Penske official who said no truth to Kirby’s Carl Edwards story.”(2-13-2017)


      1. Yeah, but they picked up Shannon Spake! She’s a real cutie! She (and Jamie Little) stood right next to me at the driver’s intros of the Nationwide race at Ky. Speedway a couple of years ago. I posted pics of her and Jamie Little on our old site from that race if anyone remembers? Awesome babes! But both are already taken, dagnabbit!


          1. I’ve exchanged tweet with Danielle a few times. Last time was just before the 2015 banquet, she was in Vegas and tweeted that she got up at 5:00 A.M. that morning.. So me in my inevitable humor had to ask: ” Why would U do that in Vegas ?? “…..never expecting a reply. Danielle replied saying: I have to get up early to do AA and Larry Mac’s hair.” …. I thought that was funny ….LMAO….

            About Shannon: I had to look twice before I realized Shannon was not Danielle. She has an identical voice tones and inflections… It was 10 minutes into the show before I realized Shannon was not Danielle……

            I bet someone got into a contract dispute and that’s the real story…… but I don’t know that, its just the timing of this that makes me suspect


          2. Hey, I was just tickled that both of them smiled back at me when they caught me looking at them and taking their pics! 🙂
            If I hit on them, those smiles would have likely either turned upside down into frowns or into the look of terror and disgust! So, I quit while I was ahead! :p

            And again, both are married and I’ll bet they have smacked down more pick up lines from guys over their years than all of whack-a-mole world champions combined!

            Heh heh heh


  5. We got 5 more days to see cars on the track…… WOO-WHOOO
    — 5-5:55 p.m.: Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series first practice for The Clash at Daytona, FS1

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    1. If that link doesn’t work for anyone, try this one:


      Looks like Nature’s Bakery is welching out on their end of the bargain?
      It’s gonna be hard to squeeze blood from a turnip! Especially a dishonest one!

      I don’t know why they are having problems. I tried the free samples that Nature’s Bakery were giving out at Ky. Speedway and they were pretty good. Maybe they’re just cheapskates?


  6. NASCAR will not permit damaged race cars to return to track……..

    CONCORD, N.C. (AP) – NASCAR will not permit damaged race cars to return to the track this season unless the repairs can be made on pit road within a tight window.

    The ban on wrecked race cars continuing to compete was announced Wednesday in a series of a rule updates for the 2017 season.

    Beginning later this month at Daytona, if a car receives enough damage during an on-track incident that it must go to the garage for repairs, the team will not be allowed to repair it in an effort to get back on track. Damaged vehicles can be repaired on pit road during a five-minute cumulative time limit.

    Under the new process:

    – Body repairs are limited to the removal or reattachment of original parts with fasteners and tape.

    – Rods and supports may be used to reinforce original panels.

    – New or previously unused body panels are prohibited.

    NASCAR said the new rule prevents severely damaged race cars from returning to the track and creating a safety hazard for other teams. Under NASCAR’s new format of running races in stages, it also means a car that wrecks in an early stage won’t be eligible to return for the final race-winning stage.

    Not allowing teams to repair cars in the garage should be a significant saving on costs for teams.

    It also could have cost Jimmie Johnson the 2009 title. He was involved in an early accident at Texas Motor Speedway, and his crew worked feverishly in the garage to make enough repairs to get Johnson back on the track. That effort by the Hendrick Motorsports crew is widely considered to have saved his title chances.

    NASCAR also announced that it will have a traveling safety crew starting this season, creating a consistent medical staff that drivers have been pushing for the last several years.

    The safety crew will come from American Medical Response and ensure that a physician and paramedics are in the safety vehicle at all Monster Energy Cup events. AMR will also provide a small group that will travel to each race, and a physician who will serve as NASCAR’s primary doctor.

    NASCAR had long relied on local emergency crews to treat drivers while rival series have dedicated teams. IndyCar’s team is lauded as the best in the business, and is credited with saving James Hinchcliffe’s life when he crashed during a 2015 practice for the Indianapolis 500. That accident raised another round of calls from NASCAR drivers for a consistent and regular crew.

    “This partnership further strengthens NASCAR’s medical response capability, making our well-established, medical response system even better,” said Steve O’Donnell, NASCAR executive vice president and chief racing development officer. “AMR is a leader in the emergency services sector, and its doctors and paramedics add another layer of expertise to the immediate response team.”

    AMR will position doctors and paramedics in a chase vehicle along with two NASCAR Track Services team members for on-track incidents


      1. I still don’t understand a lot of this new rules package. Will cars that go a lap or laps down in the 1st or 2nd segment be allowed to race in the final segment?


    1. This is a very stupid rule in my opinion.
      More of King Brian’s moronic ideas.
      Many would have and will lose championships under this unneeded nonsense.
      Some who have wrecked have come back out from the garage and WON the races! It’s rare but I have watched it happen several times!


      1. Also, this gives some teams an advantage to spin out anyone who’s ahead of them in the points.
        All they have to do is to take out their rival and not wreck their own car while doing it.

        Again, this is the most retarded rule that they have come up with since the chase!

        It will be abused!


        1. They want the drivers to “go for it” every lap… but then pull this crap making them not go for it risking getting wrecked from hard racing? How stupid is that?


        1. I remember that one well because I was there! 🙂

          He also came back at Dega from 2 laps down in a spring race there a year or two before when he and Steve Park in the #1 car drafted together and flat out made it all back up. There was no “lucky dog” rule then.
          Junior won that race I think.


      1. Just imagine how many people will leave the races and turn the TV channel once that their driver gets wrecked out of the race?

        King Brian never once tries to think things through and the consequences before he comes up with yet more stupid assed knee jerk rules!

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  7. im starting to get a good feeling about this year with jr and the 88 team ,i think im going out and get me a new hat to start the year off right


  8. so ive been thinking about the game and this years prise , im thinking about haveing a amp 88 dale jr blanket full size throw … and a few select 164 scale cars in the package ,,, how dose that sound ….on a different note i have another jacket ,i bought my son a amp fullcolor hoodie jacket and he gave it back to me ,he lost alot of weight and now the jacket is to big , it is a 2x large green amp hoodie it has the mountian dew style marking /imbroadery heavy tweed in excellent shape hardly worn willing to sell very cheap, to whoever wants it ,just email me at only4e3njr8@hotmail.com with low offer we can make a deal …..


    1. to BOB B,,,on another note i have a question about the site , on the old site i had to refresh the page to get up to date post during the race to keep up with the conversation will this site stay up with the conversation or will have to be refreshed and can the comment area be put at the top of the page above the conversation so we dont have to scroll to the bottom of the page to post ,,, yes ,,no


      1. Good questions. Yes, you will have to refresh the page to see new comments. And at this moment there isn’t a way to put the comments closer to the top – I know that’s annoying and hopefully that’ll be an option down the road. 🙂


    1. Connie knows where we are at. She should be posting soon. I’ve been emailing her. Gov’t Mule I haven’t heard from but I did send him an invite and I’m pretty sure that he accepted it if I remember correctly. I haven’t heard anything from Alucard though but I’m pretty sure I sent him an email as well. I’ll double check on him. If anyone knows his email then please email me and let me know 🙂


    2. Good Evening Chandrika… Thanks for checking up on me. I am trying to figure this new page out so bear with me. Hope everyone is doing well.


  9. I finally managed to find this thread on my desktop and it was a real pain, The menus make it hard to find the active thread as compared to the old ones on the webs server.
    I couldn’t find any menu link on my cell phone that would even work here.

    I know that it’s just a few bugs from moving, hope they get worked out!

    It’s like moving to a new house, hope that we didn’t forget to pack all of our stuff and where to find or put them now? 🙂


      1. I’m gonna miss not being able to post pics like we used to.
        But in today’s world ya always gotta give up something to get something?
        Like a site that actually works for a change! :p


          1. It was exactly the same as when I switched my cel phone service from the ever reliable AT&T to “Straight Talk” wireless that they sell at Wally World (Wal-Mart) to get cheaper data for my smart phone. That was THE WORST year of cell phone internet that I ever had! It didn’t work for over 3 months and they absolutely refused to refund my money and all I got was the runaround from people in India on the phone in customer service. The Straight Talk carrier was T-Mobile and they limited my “unlimited” data big time. I’ll never use them ever again! I absolutely HATE not getting the service or product that I paid good money for well in advance! Luckily AT&T dropped their prices to compete with Straight Talk so it worked out for the better after my account ran out with them.


    1. so how will this site work will it show the race that we are watching to post comments like before ,,i hope im smart enough to handle the changes in the site how do i get my avatar back , and why is the time wrong ,the date is right but should be in bed if it s that late ,lol ,,,,


      1. Yeah I do need to figure out why the time is showing so weird. To change your avatar, you can create a WordPress account for free and change your avatar that way, or you can sign in with Twitter if you have one and it will show your avatar from Twitter. 🙂 And yes, we will have the same race posts every weekend . Everything is the same but just with a different look. Oh and the site is much more reliable


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